pine springs

There are lots of ways to eat a pine tree.

Entrance Level: pine needles! If you’re weeksauce, you can take a handful of young needles, crush them up, and put them in boiling water to make a tea (a tisane, if you’re an asshole). The flavor is fresh and green and tastes pleasant when sweetened. If you’re hardcore and just want to eat a tree for the hell of it, you can just strip off some needles with your teeth and chew on them while maintaining eye contact with your foe. Good source of vitamin C, so be sure to bring a glade of pine trees with you on sea voyages to prevent scurvy.

Beginner Level: pine nuts! They’re technically seeds, not nuts, so few people are allergic to them. Most pines produce stupid, tiny seeds that aren’t worth the trouble, but if you find species with larger seeds, fucking go to town. They’re amazing. Eat them raw or roast them and put them in everything.

Intermediate level: pine pollen cones! In spring and early summer, male trees produce pollen cones. I guess you can use the pollen as a cooling ingredient, but you can also just bite them off the tree raw. It’s not great, but it’s not terrible. It’s also roughly equivalent to eating a tree’s…. male reproductive material.

Hardcore level: pine bark! If you strip bark from a tree, you’ve sentenced it to death, so don’t do it unless the tree is going to be killed anyway. Don’t murder a tree just to eat its skin… that’s weird. But, if a pine tree has been cut down, you can strip off the bark and eat the inner layer. If it’s hard and brown and crusty, don’t fucking eat that. The inner layer closest to the wood of the tree is softer and pale and moist. If you separate that from the outer bark, you can fry it up and eat it like a potato chip.

Inhuman level: pine wood. Humans can’t actually eat pine wood. You could be the first… I guess…. I won’t stop you from trying.

A spring in his step

it’s spring time which means baby beasties, and it looks like the love in the air is getting to newt.


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You awoke to the sun flooding through your windows translucent curtains, birdsong drifting in the air, a slight aroma of pollen and fresh flowers floating in the spring breeze.

Entirely relaxed and utterly content with the world, you stretched like a cat before pulling your dressing gown over your shoulders, the spring air still clinging to winters chill.

Padding your way to the kitchen and pulling the kettle onto the stove, as you reached to get your mug, you noticed Newt’s own tea cup still hung from its little hook on the shelf, the painted creatures that decorated the china running about and playing happily together. That was odd, it was rare for newt to sleep in, he was usually awake with the sun.

Growing worried for his health, you approached his bedroom door, knocking softly, receiving no reply, you edged the door open ever so slightly, before knocking once more. Peeking your head around the door, you found it empty.

The kettle squealed as you began to worry, where could he be? He would have left a note by your tea cup, if he was going anywhere. You were so lost in thought your mind so clouded by worry, that you weren’t looking where you were going, stumbling over the worn brown leather case, in exactly the same place that it had been when you eventually hauled yourself to bed last night. Newt insisting that he wouldn’t be much longer.

With a disapproving sigh, you made the pair of you your tea, to your liking, before making your way down into the case.

After searching the case, juggling two cups of steaming hot tea, you finally found newt, looking a little worse for wear. His auburn locks wild, as though he had been running his fingers through it, eyes wide with dark circles underneath them, his breathing was shallow coming in sharp gasps. His shirt entirely untouched, the sleeves rolled to his elbows.  Despite all of this he was positively beaming, as he paced back and forth outside of the erumpent enclosure.

“have you been down here all night, you silly man?’ you whisper shouted, not wanting to disturb the creature. Setting his tea cup on one of the fence posts.

“she went into labour just as I was coming up to bed, I didn’t want to leave her.’ He whispered excitedly, disappointment sinking your heart, ‘you should have woken me, I would have come back down, kept you company, has she given birth yet?’ Newt shuck his head, as the creature released an almighty trumpet of pain.

Newt’s panic stricken face paled, until you heard the new borns first trumpet. His face splitting into a grin, as he picked you up, spinning around as you giggled. Setting your feet back on the soft grass, grasping the tops of your arms, he dove his head, placing an excited kiss to your unexpectant lips. He froze realising what he had done, ‘y/n I’m’ he began before you cut him off ‘don’t you dare apologize, not if you meant it.’ Finally daring to show him a glimpse of the cards that you had been holding so tightly to chest for such a long time.

You knew what was riding on this moment, and the decision that Newt would make. A ten year long friendship, the possibility of rejection but also the divine chance of showing the man in front of you all of love that you held your heart for him.

Newt looked down at you with so much tenderness, ghosting his fingers over your cheek, bringing his worry bitten lips down to meet your own in a soft kiss.


Have a great day and be safe

Spanish Outdoorsy Vocab

arbusto (m) = bush, shrub
arroyo (m) = stream
barro (m) = mud
baya (f) = berry
bellota (f) = acorn
bosque (m) = woods
campo (m) = field
charco (m) = puddle
chirimiri (m) = light drizzle (rain)
ciervo (m) = deer
colina (f) = hill
corteza (f) = tree bark
cuervo (m) = crow
estanque (m) = pond
estornino (m) = starling
helecho (m) = fern
hoja (f) = leaf
maleza (f) = weed
mirlo (m) = blackbird
musgo (m) = moss
ortiga (f) = nettle
paloma torcaz (f) = wood pigeon
paloma bravía (f) = rock dove
piedra (f) = stone
piña (f) = pine cone
primaveral = spring-like
ramita (f) = twig
rana (f) = frog
rocío (m) = dew
sapo (m) = toad
seta (f) = mushroom, toadstool
tocón de árbol (m) = tree stump
urraca (f) = magpie
veraniego = summery

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