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Christmas with the Until Dawn group would include:

  • Everyone travelling up to the lodge for winter break
  • “Mike, you cannot chop that tree down, we already have one!”
  • Snowball fights EVERYDAY
  • “Matt, you totally just hit me in the face you ass!”
  • “Sorry babe, I was aiming for Josh’s fat head”
  • All of the girls forcing the guys to do Christmas baking
  • Chris being the only guy genuinely excited to do it (partly because Ashley is so excited too)
  • “Josh, you cannot just eat the cookie dough!”
  • “Isn’t that the point of Christmas?”
  • “Yes Josh, but two bowls? Really?”
  • Everyone quietly munching on the freshly baked treats in front of the fire
  • Jess and Hannah blasting Christmas music throughout the lodge
  • “Jess, is that supposed to be singing?”
  • “Oh my god Ashley, the best way to spread Christmas Cheer is by singing loud for all to hear! Didn’t Elf teach you anything?”
  • “I don’t know I sorta zoned out after about the 50th time of you forcing us to watch it!”
  • Debating every night about what movie to watch, with Josh always being the decider
  • Everyone waking up really early on Christmas morning and racing downstairs like little kids
  • Chris slipping on the hardwood floor in socks and crashing into the tree
  • “It’s not Christmas until Chris has destroyed something”
  • Exchanging gifts with one another in under the (crushed) tree as the sun rises
  • Josh and Chris dominating the kitchen, with Beth in charge of dessert
  • Some of them having to sit on small stools because Hannah couldn’t find enough chairs
  • “Okay so its turkey for you guys … and a nut roast for Samantha”
  • Sam using her veto power to make everyone get involved in a group photo
  • “Okay, everyone say ‘Merry Christmas!’”
  • “What’s that burning smell?”
  • “Jesus hot sauce … the Christmas cake!”
i can't fall in love without you

Description: “Jesus, Arch, girls aren’t actually Pokemon, you don’t have to collect them all,” Jughead tells Archie as he’s distracted by yet another completely ordinary but objectively attractive female walking by.

“Did you just out yourself as a nerd even more?” Archie asks, still looking at the back end of the girl he was watching.

“First of all, nerd is term meant to subjugate people with interests considered to be lesser by the people that find them intimidating. And also, I’ll have you know, Jellybean was the one who was into it.”

Rating: M

Genre: Fluff

Author: Smudge


- The Geek :)

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Today is February 2nd, 2017: exactly one year after the mysterious disappearance of Johnny Seo, 22, near Blackwood Pines Lodge in Alberta, Canada, a ski lodge owned by family friends. Friends and Family choose to stay silent on this day, but many detectives and investigators still keep up with the case, hoping to find Johnny, living or dead, and bring closure to the family.

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when you miss a qte and the character ends up dying

anonymous asked:

hey i know you may be tired of ppl asking you this but: what the fuck is sp7 and how does one go about watching it (them?) from the beggining and actually understand stuff

format wise: semi improvisational semi scripted comedic vlogs

plot wise: when steven loses his job he starts a business with his friends and because of this he gets embroiled into their Life Drama a lot. the name comes from the fact that the series focuses on the seven people who went to sugar pine lodge together.

it’s rvb-ish in the “extended period of fucking around before holy shit real plot” sense, even though it’s still mostly them fucking around with letterbox asides every few episodes. like… the majority of it is “cib loses his headband! james is secretly practicing the recorder! steven spends a day with his dad!” but ever so often it deviates from “goofy vlog with silly freeze frame stills while steven sarcastically comments on the scenario” to “shots of LA with acoustic guitar playing underneath while steven talks about how change is terrifying and how he’s struggling to deal with the fact that he knows it’s coming”

here is the link to season one in chronological order (don’t be spooked by the number of videos, they’re usually in the 5-10 minute range)

here is the link to season two in chronological order (season that’s currently airing)


ooc// i love sims 4 but there was one problem: no washington lodge. i could find a few online but so far none of them followed the in game house layout. i now know why. 

20 hours + and here we are! a playable washington lodge for the sims 4, including the rooms that weren’t accessible in Until Dawn. more pictures under the cut!

if any of you guys want it, it’s uploaded to the community under the hashtag #untildawn or alternatively, username ankahumaninski

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anonymous asked:

Can you do one where the allies are decorating the tree with their s/o but the s/o trips and knocks down the tree and like breaks everything lol

America/Alfred F. Jones- After making sure you’re okay he will lose it. That is SO hilarious…you are okay though right? Otherwise he’d feel like a dick for laughing. After he snorts like six times you kinda have to laugh along too.

Canada/Matthew Williams- Oh no! Forget the tree! Are you okay?! Did any of the ornaments shatter? He as to vacuum just in case. He’ll help you up and make absolute sure you aren’t too hurt. You should relax, he’ll finish setting everything up.

China/Yao Wang- “I told you setting this up wasn’t a good idea.” Followed by and exasperated sigh. You’re alright and he’ll clean up while you check over yourself to make sure no glass, plastic or pine needles are lodged anywhere.

England/Arthur Kirkland- At first he curses the mess, but not you. Should have known something like that would happen. Making sure you’re not injured he will wait until you get back to start decorating again…he’ll take the more dangerous places, since…well…obvious reasons.

 France/Francis Bonnefoy- Also snorts in his laughter although he will never admit to it. You didn’t hear that. It never happened. Best Christmas present ever…minus getting some very oddly shaped bruises from the tree.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky- More than likely would have caught you before the fall. But if he didn’t, he feels very guilty and refuses to let you do anymore work on the tree. Not if it’s this dangerous. You may have to convince him to even keep it if it’s causing too much trouble. 

autumn candles at yankee candle 2018!

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  2. balsam & cedar, be thankful
  3. caramel apple cake, cinnamon stick, cranberry chutney, crisp fall night, crisp morning air
  4. dazzling red maple
  5. enchanted moon
  6. farmer’s market 
  7. gingerbread maple
  8. harvest, honey crisp apple cider
  9. luscious pumpkin triffle
  10. macintosh, mandarin cranberry, moonbeams on pumpkins, mountain lodge, mountain pine
  11. new england blueberry, new england maple
  12. poached pear flambe, pomegranate cider, pumpkin buttercream
  13. pumpkin pie
  14. salted caramel, silver birch, spiced berry sangria, spiced pumpkin
  15. sugar & spice, sugared cinnamon apple, sugared pumpkin swirl
  16. sun-kissed thistle, sunflower days, sunset fields, sweet fig & pomegranate
  17. tranquil mist
  18. vanilla bourbon
  19. warm luxe cashmere, warm pineapple upside down cake, white sage 
Drawing - Josh Washington x Reader

Originally posted by natchioselektra

{Credit to gif creator} 

Fandom- Until Dawn 

Character- Josh Washington {Also includes other Until Dawn characters} 

Word Counter- 1848 Words

Persona- Female 

Warnings- Spoilers kinda. Mentions of depression and trauma. Language. 

A/N- I love Josh sooo much and I wanted to write something cute for Josh to make up for all the sadness that surrounds him :3 

This has been in the drafts for ages, so I thought I’d get it finished xD 

One Year Earlier 

You were rushing downstairs, only in a towel to find Beth and Josh. Sam had run in and told you the others plan to pull a horrible prank on Hannah. You were a great friend of Beth’s and Sam was Hannah’s best friend. You dashed down the stairs to the kitchen but Beth was already gone. 

“Josh!” You say, shaking his arms, but he was drunk out of his mind. 

“Chris!” You scream, rushing round the counter to shake Josh’s best friend. 

You saw a flash of lights outside and you ran out to the living area and to the front door. 

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when Chris wasn’t in on the prank but Josh targets him the worst