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Psst!! Mabel and Ford bonding or Dipper and Stan bonding?

Anon! That’s a really tough one, I’ll give you credit for that! And although I love Dipper and Stan interactions, I gotta go with these two. I don’t exactly know why I love them so much I just do

#JasonPatric, star of #WaywardPines, is celebrating his 51st birthday today!

#WillForte, actor of #TheLastManonEarth, is now 47!

#MarieAvgeropoulos, #The100’s #OctaviaBlake, turns 31!

#ScottAdkins, who can be seen in #HolbyCity, celebrates 41!

#GregKinnear, leading man of #Rake, completes 54!

#JohnGallagherJr, from #10CloverfieldLane, is now 33!

#ArthurDarvill, #LegendsofTomorrow’s #RipHunter, turns 35!

#ThomasHadenChurch, Academy Award nominee for #Sideways, celebrates 57!

Happy Birthday :)


So, I’m just thinking… imagine the 3# and 4# Dipper clones getting to live full lives. 

They get out of Gravity Falls for a fresh start. They choose their own names. They meet people, make friends. And to everyone else, they are just these two twins that came out of nowhere and who are always, for some reason, carrying these big backpacks full of umbrellas, raincoats, and boots, no matter how bright the sun is shining in the sky, and it is pretty odd, buy hey, they are still nice and smart kids, so who cares, right?

They become more and more their own thing, separate to the ‘original’, still similar to Dipper but definitely not the same. Even between the two of them, they form their own separate identities.

It becomes more and more easy for them to think that they are twins for real. To forget that their existence is a big oddity, something that only ever happened because of their ‘original’, at the time nothing but a 12 year old boy, was messing around with some weird sci-fi device.

It’s sometimes harder to forget, though. Not when they can barely even come up with more plausible excuses to reject drinks and food around others, not when they can’t tell anyone why they squirm at the sight of a river and, god forbid, the sea.

Not when they still keep a good chunk of the ‘original’s’ memories. And those memories feel so odd, so distant, like they belong to them but really not, at the same time.

Yet, they manage to get by. They grow up. They form roots. And eventually, they go back to Gravity Falls and search up the Mystery Shack, to see if they can solve this problem they have once and for all. And, who knows, maybe find some sort of closure, too.

They find Soos, and through him, Stan and Ford. Ford is fascinated with the fact that these clones got to live for so long; they usually never lasted more than a week, he says. And it feels so odd for them, to be referred to as “clones”, after such a long time. It stings, just a little, but they can’t really get mad at this man when they find out that he is the Author of the journals. The ‘original’s’ obsession (theirs too, in a way),  all those summers ago.

Stan is, surprisingly, very cool with it. He figures that, ‘hey, I guess we have more family now, then!’. Though older, he seems much happier now than when they last saw him, and somehow, that makes them glad, too.

But while they are waiting in Stan and Ford’s place, waiting for Ford’s verdict of whether or not they can be ‘fixed’, they find a picture of the twins, in a pretty photo frame that could only have belonged to Mabel. The original twins.

They look happy, both of them. Looking at Mabel, older and smiling like that, fills them with the strangest sense of nostalgia and relief. Because they always spent most of their lives trying to forget their connection with Dipper, and with her, because she was not their sister. But they remembered. And, even though they never interacted, for god’s sake, they missed her.

And looking at Dipper… is such a strange thing. He looks so much like them. Of course he does. But at the same time… he’s not them. Not at all.

If looking at Mabel made them nostalgic, looking at their ‘original’ filled them with a strange sense of calmness. Not like seeing your creator, or your superior, like they feared, but an old friend you wanted to catch up with.

And then they realized that, regardless of what Ford would say, they too were happy.

Welcome home, little turtles!

A rescued loggerhead yearling is released into the ocean after being cared for at Adventure Aquarium for the past year. Footage courtesy of Virginia Living Museum. 

Yesterday staffers from 10 aquariums across the country journeyed 25 miles off the shore of North Caroline to release 47 rescued sea turtles home to the Atlantic Ocean. The company included both loggerhead and green sea turtles ranging from hatchlings to a few years old. Here are some highlights:

Aquarist Alan Young preparing to release the young loggerhead turtle that’s been cared for at the Monterey Bay Aquarium since last year. All the turtles were fitted with satellite trackers so researchers can study their travel patterns and help save this endangered species. Photo courtesy of North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher.

The turtles were carefully lowered into the ocean for their first paddle in the wild.

A rescued loggerhead hatchling from the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores swims off into the Atlantic Ocean. Footage courtesy of Virginia Living Museum.

Bon voyage, little turtles!

Stay tuned! We’ve got a new Loggerhead hatchling flying back to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for a year of care and growing bigger!