pine dew

  • Scout Aesthetics: Fresh laundry. Hot dogs for dinner. Cold pizza for breakfast. A really good haircut. A joke so funny that you cry. New shoes. The CRACK! of a baseball on a wooden bat. FOMO. Peppermint chewing gum. Runner's high. Your first crush.
  • Soldier Aesthetics: Pine trees. Cold dew on a summer morning. MRE's that don't taste like paper pulp. Cornfields as far as the eye can see. Screaming at the sky late at night. Turkey with stuffing. White bread in a plastic sleeve. Getting gum on your shoes.
  • Pyro Aesthetics: Scented candles and burnt popcorn. Fresh-cut daisies. Drawing with charcoal. Sun bleached bones. The smell of gasoline. Gel pens. Your favorite animated movie. The scapegoat. Not caring at all.
  • Demoman Aesthetics: Butterscotch and sulfur. Rolling meadows of grass. Sand in your shoes. Fried fish in a greasy newspaper. Fireworks on a warm summer evening. Wool turtleneck sweaters. Being double-dog-dared to swim in the lake during winter. The best hole-in-the-wall pub in the world.
  • Heavy Aesthetics: Dusty old books. Creaking floorboards. Fresh winter snow. A really good sandwich. Finding a new favorite novel. A handmade scarf. Getting a good grade on an assignment. First editions. Going to the natural history museum. Firmly believing why you were put on this earth.
  • Engineer Aesthetics: Breakfast foods. Campfires. The satisfying clicking of clockwork machinery. Reading bedtime stories aloud. T-shirts with math jokes on them. Tuning a guitar. Petting zoos. Knowing your limits. Learning about something that makes you really happy. A cool looking rock.
  • Medic Aesthetics: Antiseptic. Down comforters. Really round fluffy birds. Bad puns. Doing things because you can. Hot tea. Waking up before the sun does. Whistling. Dry cleaning. Fun facts about animals. Really strange nonfiction books. Windy winter days.
  • Sniper Aesthetics: Dirt and black coffee. Climbing a tree. People watching. Road trips. Going to bed and realizing you haven't spoken to anyone all day. Fairy bread. Getting caught in the rain. Really cool scars. Having a story for everything. Polarized lenses.
  • Spy Aesthetic: Vermouth and tobacco. Minimalist cuff links. Playing cards. Hair pomade. Silk ties. Your first love. A passing feeling of emptiness. Heels clicking on polished floors. Crusty dinner rolls with soft warm bread on the inside.
  • Pauling Aesthetics: Lavender hand soap. Gunpowder. Lilac polo shirts. Worn black denim. Staying up late and watching the home shopping channel because you can't sleep. Beat-up firearms catalogs. Telling your mother to return your birthday gift because your workplace has strict dress codes regarding clothing colors, even though you desperately need that new skirt. Finding drawings from when you were a child. Soft wool cardigans. Shiny silver knives. Yogurt with fruit. Hating and loving your job at the same time.

Drosophyllum lusitanicum, the “dewy pine” or “Pina Babosa” of Portugal, Spain, and Northern Morocco. This plant is an extremely effective fly-catcher, and its leaves have historically been used as a sort of fly paper in parts of its native range. 

I blame Buryoooo for her wonderful drawing of Kipper (Here) that inspired me to do this… (I might draw another crossover deary and I blame youuuu)

So, Zero Gravity AU’s design of Bill for Sock Opera, Dipper inside Bill’s body, might call him Dill (pffft dill….), or just Dew for the pronouce.

He uses Gel on his hair tho~

Now I have the mood to draw comic strip for Sock Opera _(;3JL)_

Sitting outside your tent together in the morning, eating breakfast in the cool air, enjoying each other’s company in silence. The forest is still a bit foggy around you, pine needles glistening with dew. You look across to her and feel the depth of your of love and the calmness of being alone, surrounded by the wilderness. You decide to lean in and kiss her on the forehead, the moment seems eternal, like a haven of peacefulness you never want to leave.

What the Nordics smell like

I currently smell of Gucci Guilty because I spend too much money on perfume hahahaaaa.

APH Denmark: Pastries, bakeries, warm sea breeze, fresh bread out of the oven. He sometimes smells a little bit like beer.

APH Sweden: Woodwork workshop, pine trees, furniture, dew. Occasionally does he smell like a very clean house.

APH Norway: Old books, ink, dust, coffee. He tends to smell of rainy days too.

APH Finland: Christmas, glögi, cake icing, sugar. Sometimes washing powder.

APH Iceland: Soap, freshly pressed clothes, wool, air freshener. He sometimes smells of fish.