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There’s nothing wrong with self shipping and there’s nothing wrong with shipping an oc with a canon character.

I don’t get why some people act all snotty and entitled to their canon x canon ships and I don’t get why they think they can sneer down at people for creating ocs or self inserts. Like that shit is hard, it takes a lot of time, effort and creativity, and it’s also a whole lot of fun. 

If you want to, reblog this with info about your oc or self insert and your ship. 

Not quite an au but where

Keith sighs when Lance is exaggerating and going on in that scene when Pidge reveals her gender (transgirl! Pidge gives me life don’t take this from me) and says in that tone of voice that means he’s trying not to smile “oh cut it out Lance, we know you found out first you don’t have to rub it in”
And everyone just stops? Because what? And Keith frowns at them all making dumb faces at him and his shoulders rise in that defensive way and he just snaps “come on. You’re trying to tell me that you think Lance– the most observant member of this team– didn’t realise that the kid that he’s been protecting since our Garrison days was actually a girl? Are you crazy?”
And everyone else is even MORE confused now because since when has Lance been the most observant in the team? And even Lance is looking confused and kinda embarrassed
And Keith just. Gets really mad (and NOT because he has a ridiculous crush on the prettiest boy he’s ever met -seriously why is he so pretty)
“Of course he’s the most observant! Who do you think programmed the ship to play relaxing music in the common room when people go in there late at night?” There’s no huge reaction from the team but Keith is just getting started here.
First he confronts their leader and the man who was basically his big brother for years until the Kerberos mission
“Who do you think is the one that always covers you with blankets and puts pillows under your head when you fall asleep on the couches Shiro?
Who do you think carries Pidge back to her room in the middle of the night when she’s been working too hard with her computers that she’s fallen asleep in the hallways?
Who comforts Hunk and tries all his dishes when he’s anxious and needs to cook?
Who goes and voluntarily cleans sections of the castle with Coran when he’s feeling nostalgic so he has someone to tell all of his stories to?
Who did you think was the one that makes tea for the princess and leaves it outside her room when she’s feeling lonely?
Who leaves water and snacks for me in the training room when I’ve been working too hard and forget to eat?”
The team are starting to look shocked and kind of awed, staring at Lance like they’ve never seen him before and while this should probably calm him down it only makes the Red Paladin even madder so he soldiers on:
“He covers all our backs whenever we get in fights; he always puts everyone else’s safety above his and he’s always supporting us with his bayard! I can’t do that! The closet I can do is with my shield! He’s the sharpshooter that backs us up from a distance and always keeps us safe with his split-second tactics!
How did you think our clothes and uniforms get mended after they get run down by wear-and-tear or when they’re ruined in battles? Have you ever wondered what Lance was doing in his downtime while we’re all of training and cooking and brooding on our own? He’s been sitting down with a needle and thread and repairing all of our stuff! Of his own free will! Because he notices this shit!
Where would our morale be if he didn’t make all his stupid jokes during our missions and flirt with all those stupid aliens and reassure and encourage us all when we’re feeling down about this whole ‘saving the universe thing!’” Keith’s red in the face and breathing pretty heavily now but his message seems to have sunken in to everybody; including Lance.
The tanned boy had his hand up to his mouth as he stared at Keith and to the Korean’s confusion and slight horror the taller began to tear up and he was really starting to worry until a near silent “thanks, mullet-brain” was whispered and Keith finally let go of his anger enough to shoot a smile at the other.
Unsurprisingly it was Hunk who reacted first between the other paladins and the alteans; lunging forwards with a cry of some sort to gather Keith, Lance, and Pidge in a huge and very comforting group hug while simultaneously apologising and thanking Lance who laughed at the other and wrapped his arm around Keith’s shoulders which he chose to take as an extended 'thank-you’ so that his hopes wouldn’t get too high.

(Soon enough it would be Lance defending Keith from the team’s spite anyway, due to some unfortunate genetic ties)


Ok so you know what? I have spent a long time thinking about this and I need to share it with all gravity falls fans. I have seen countless and countless gravity falls posts and I just have to tell you guys that the fans are just amazing. I mean they are just astounding whenever I see a new post or fic or anything I am so stunned by the quality of the fandom I mean, I really don’t know how exactly to explain it

But I’ll try

First are the AUs. The wonderful incredible AUs. I mean, I know that other fandoms have AUs and blends, but nothing like gravity falls.

With AUs, we have the canonverse which are just fics and stories that could have potentially be canon on the show  

Then it gets insane

AU where Dipper and Mabel have the personality of Gideon

AU where Dipper and Mabel have each other’s personalities

AU where Ford and Stan have each other’s personalities

AU where the series takes place in a different era, including but not limited to

  • ·         1920s
  • ·         1960s
  • ·         1950s
  • ·         1800s
  • ·         Korean Joseon Era

AU where Dipper and Mabel are the feuding grandparents and Stan and Ford are the close twin children

AU where Dipper and Mabel are the close grandparents and Stan and Ford are the feuding children

AUs where the Pines family has powers, including but not limited to

  • ·         Elemental based bending powers
  • ·         Fantastic Four Powers
  • ·         Future Vision
  • ·         Spirit Medium

AU where gravity falls are monsters, including but not limited to

  • ·         Stan, Mabel, Dipper as a gargoyle, mermaid, centaur
  • ·         Dipper and Mabel as a werewolf and vampire
  • ·         Stan as a werewolf
  • ·         Stan as a ghost
  • ·         Ford as a ghost
  • ·         Everyone as a lion
  • ·         Everyone as a bear
  • ·         The Pines family are Selkies

AU where Dipper and Mabel are aggressive fighting preteens

AU where all the teens are kids and all the kids are teens

AU where Stan and Soos have kid adventures

We have AUs where Stan goes through the portal, Mabel goes through the portal, dipper goes through the portal, Stan and ford go through the portal, everyone goes through the portal

AU where Stan is brought back from the dead

AU where Stan gets a Grim for a pet

AU where all the Journals are humans

Movie AUs, including but not limited to

  • ·         Aladdin
  • ·         Beauty and the Beast
  • ·         Parent Trap
  • ·         Jumanji
  • ·         Atlantis
  • ·         Back to the Future
  • ·         Star Wars
  • ·         Harry Potter

TV AUs, including but not limited to

  • ·         Batman
  • ·         Over the Garden Wall
  • ·         Fairly Odd Parents
  • ·         Steven Universe
  • ·         Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Along with crossovers with other tv shows and movies

AU where they are part of a circus, are pirates, run a library run a zoo, are spys, hitman, mafia, church, witches, fairy tales

AU where Dipper is the older brother

AU where Mabel is the older sister

AUs that involve time travel, including but not limited to

  • ·         Stan wishing he never existed
  • ·         Dipper and Mabel goes back to meet teen!Stan and Ford
  • ·         Stan and Ford going forwards in time to meet Dipper and Mabel

AU where Dipper was an only child, where Dipper and Mabel were raised separately, where Dipper and Mabel were raised in gravity falls

AU where Dipper becomes a Demon, Stan becomes a Demon, Ford becomes a Demon

All the human!Bill AUs

The permanent Bipper AUs

All the crack AU ideas that are so shitty it makes us laugh, including but not limited to

  • ·         Bill is corn
  • ·         Shitty Journal Art/handwriting
  • ·         Dimension where it rains mullets and everything has Stan’s face
  • ·         Bill has a mouth and no eyes
  • ·         The entire plot of Shrek

AU where the golden trio of Fids, Ford, and Stan go monster hunting


There are so many more AUs that I didn’t even mention its crazy! I’ve counted almost 200 AUs and I know that there are more out there

There is an AU where everyone sings like a regular Disney movie AND PEOPLE WRITE THE SONGS FOR IT HOW DO YOU HAVE THE TIME FOR THAT

And not only do people spend weeks, months, years developing their ideas and posting them online, they are writing fanfics, they are drawing fanart, they are commenting and building up to the point where it is so well known that no one even remembers who started

But it goes so much more beyond that. All the details, the plot, the intricacies that go in planning and creating them, painting and drawing them, writing and re-writing them. That is so much dedication but it goes beyond that

All the analysis and in-depth discussion of each episode, each character, each theory from Stan’s Death symbolism to Stan’s Twin before Ford was introduced, the time and effort put in dedicating and researching to build but these wild and plausible ideas, but it goes so much beyond that

The fact that these characters mean so much to us, we identify so much with them that the cipher hunt was even possible, that the fans had worked together worldwide to discover the location of bill cipher, that we sold out the pre-order of the journal 3 so fast that Disney printed the black-light edition TWICE for us, this sense of unity and fellowship that we have for each other, it’s just incredible

When I first started watching gravity falls, it was when Ford was first introduced. I knew about the spoiler going in, but that didn’t stop me from loving the show for its characters and stories. It was also when I first started Tumblr, so the first thing I looked up was gravity falls. I was floored by all the content, the AUs, the art, the fics, just everything. I was moved by just what a fan can do to show their support for a show they love. I have been in other fandoms, but never as immersed as I was with gravity falls.  

@saisai-chan, @thesnadger, @arodudejude, @pinesinthewoods @aroford @scribefindegil , @impishnature

You guys were like the first blogs that I’ve followed. From your fics, analysis, AUs, art, I’ve developed more appreciation for gravity falls than ever. You guys inspired me to try my hand at fics, to create my own AUs. I just have to tell you this, because, well, it would feel weird to say this shout out to everyone without addressing the source. So thank you.

I wish I could list you all, every user and blog because there is just so much more out there. But I just want to say that, to everyone who has ever written fanfic, drawn fanart, and published their AU for the world to see, I have never felt more at home, more amazed, and more inspired than I do in the Gravity Falls Fandom. So thank you for making me feel so included.

Bright One

Dipper Pines and Mabel Pines were two halves of a whole, and all their teachers knew that. All their classmates knew it. In fact, the whole town was probably aware of the inseparable, “mystery twins.” They were complementary opposites, yin and yang, black and white, sun and moon.

But then the transcendence happened. And the planets began to fall out of alignment.

Before the magic detonation exploded worldwide, the kids were predictably, well, predictable. Mabel Pines was sunshine and glitter and contained loyalty in her soul of the deepest kind. Everyone liked Mabel. And those who didn’t only detested her for her extreme optimism in any situation.

And they truly did like Mabel. She was the teacher’s favorite, always the one described as “a bright kid.”

And bright she was. But she was not Dipper Pines.

Dipper was more of a mystery to his classmates, a social predicament of the nerdy breed. But he was awkward in a curious, problem-solving way where his answers to questions only left you more confused. Mabel was “the bright kid.” But Dipper was the genius. Dipper was the seventh grader doing calculus, the one who left everyone scratching their heads at his marveling stamina and problem-solving ethics. He left teachers stunned, classmates blown away, and the town’s ultimate appreciation.

Yes, Mabel was liked. But Dipper was respected. And suddenly all of Mabel Pine’s glowing, fantastical brightness and vivid imagination and superb loyalty was dulled by the comparison of her brother, the child genius.

She wasn’t jealous of her bro-bro! I mean, he was a huge dork! She didn’t really like the idea of leading a study group or whatever, psssh, that was so not her style.

But suddenly she wasn’t just “not as good at math.” Now the whispers were calling out Mabel Pines as the ‘stupid one.’

Mabel Pines was not the mathematical Einstein. But Mabel Pines was under no circumstances stupid.


When Mabel Pines sold her soul to the devil, her future reincarnations mentally yelled at her for the stupidest decision she could’ve ever, ever made. Their silent screams begged for her to stop her in motion, after all, was she even thinking??

Mabel was thinking. Just not of herself.

She was thinking of the dead look in her brother’s eyes if she passed away. She was thinking of the blood-covered floors and Henry, staring at the wall for hours and avoiding anyone’s glance. She thought of Stan and Ford, uncles and faux-parents, pretending that nothing was wrong while avoiding staring at images they had seen of her on Dipper’s flashing wings, beat-up, cut-open, ripped apart. She was thinking of the demon that she kept tethered on a metaphorical chain, rising up and destroying the world in his own pain and agony.

Losing a sister, losing a lover, losing a friend.

Losing a soul.

The odds weren’t exactly bent in her favor. But Mabel was thinking, all right. Maybe with her heart and head, conspiring in unison.

Mabel Pines was not the mathematical Einstein. But Mabel Pines was under no circumstances stupid.


Mabel Appreciation WeekDay 2: Favorite AU!

i love @sailorleo‘s Reunion Falls, mainly for the concept that is incredibly good and the good ships that exists within haha

sweater inspired by some concept art by Emmy Cicierega

Mabel Pines Appreciation Week! Day 02: Favorite AU 

When I got into Gravity Falls, @starfleetrambo’s Demonic Guardians AU was one of the first AUs I found and it was one of the reasons why I got into the fandom and fell in love with the show lol. I love the idea of Dipper and Mabel being paired up with Bill and Tad/Dot, plus Mabel and Tad’s friendship IS THE CUTEST THING EVER AHH 

also not super happy with this (mabel looks weird for some reason ;~;) but tad looks adorable so i’m posting it for him lol