pine appreciation

I cannot believe how perfect Chris was, from the moment we thought of him to the moment he played every second in this movie. Chris is one of the most talented actors I’ve ever worked with in my life. But also, he’s a real man, very comfortable with his masculinity, so much so that he’s not sexist at all. He completely takes other people on their own face value and is willing to leave space for them, and as a result he was a perfect boyfriend for Wonder Woman because it’s someone who could actually look at her and admire her and appreciate her and it didn’t take anything away from him. And then he just made us all laugh all the time.
—  Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman Director (source)

promo drawing for @fiddleford-appreciation-month!!! started this on monday and i wanted to get it done before the event as like a starter image but we all know i cant get anything done in a timely manner :^) 

poor Fidds, he’s overwhelmed by his caring family ;o; this is supposed to be set a lil while after the end of the show, hence the seagrunk stan, but i gave dipper his pinetree hat back bc its just,,,, such a good look for him so #iconic

So for the next week or so, I will be posting @fiddleford-appreciation-month week 4 hugs and kisses for Fidds from all his family and friends cause he now has a nice big family!

Day 1: Stan/ord Pines
Day 2: Stan/ey Pines
Day 3: Dipper and Mabel

Day 17: Graceful

“Say hup, it helps!”


Mabel Appreciation WeekDay 2: Favorite AU!

i love @sailorleo‘s Reunion Falls, mainly for the concept that is incredibly good and the good ships that exists within haha

sweater inspired by some concept art by Emmy Cicierega