It really upsets me that people such as sdrcow are saying that KyoyaxL (pindakees/Kim) was justified in the way she’s acting. Saying it should have been kept to PMs when soenatte really tried to keep it to emails but was being ignored. Saying the buyer was acting out of line and “that’s why I hate selling cause of buyers like this”. I mean seriously? The buyer has been nothing but perfect in this transaction. It’s sellers like her that make me wary of buying!

If you were truly Kim’s friend and she respected you, you would be honest with her and tell her that she’s wrong and needs to take a good hard look at the way she is acting in this transaction. But no, because she’s popular you guys don’t wanna ruin your rep because she will threaten you if you so much as speak out against her (wow, she must really respect you right?). So you pat her ass and encourage her bad behaviour. Stop encouraging the silencing of problem transactions and allowing scammers to get away with this sort of thing! Just because you don’t want to hurt your idol’s fee fees. At the end of the day she is no one, just an egocentric ass who thinks they can do no wrong. If she gets angry at you then so what? No self respecting person would allow this idiot to walk all over them.

And KyoyaxL, you say you can admit when you’re wrong and your faults? You haven’t admitted a damn fucking thing (“refunding goes against my morals as I’ve done no wrong!” LOL) and tried to blame the buyer for your mistakes. And you really think that a seller can omit details that might make a sale not happen? So you can lie as long as it gets you a sale? Take your head out your ass you pompous prick and realize your popularity doesn’t mean you can shit all over people. Your bullying tactics and trying to sic your fans on people is disgusting. You’re a manipulative little weasel, don’t try and act like that isn’t what you were doing on your deviantART account.

Also lol fake lawyer/counsellor. Hey if you can afford a counsellor how come you couldn’t afford to refund the initial $70? Or was it a friend who wrote some BS for you? Just because you’re a popular doll owner don’t mean you have special privs over people who aren’t and can act like a total twat.

If you’re leaving the hobby, just leave. Don’t say it so people will beg you to come back and hate on the “mean” people. This is not the first time you’ve been horrible to people in the hobby and your attitude is disgusting. We don’t need someone like you ruining it for others. Goodbye and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. It won’t be re-opening anytime soon (and we sure as hell won’t be cutting you a key to get back in).