“My muse was a MONSTER. I was a PUPPET.”


Star Wars Trios by Generation 

I put this together based on different generations and how typical qualities of each generation line up with the trios in Star Wars:

Padme, Anakin, and Obi Wan aka Baby Boomers - stoic/hard-headed/bold

Han, Leia, and Luke aka Generation X - disillusioned/sacrificial/kind

Rey, Finn, and Poe aka Millennials - inexperienced/rebellious/strong


30 day summer study challenge - xxiii/xxx

design (a) motivational wallpaper(s)

… I got carried away. ( ゚∀(・-・) 

But here’s a pack of motivational wallpapers~ these dimensions are for an iphone 5(c/s) I believe. As you can see, my love for pastels in graphics is still going strong, as well as my love for icons ehehehe~ I’m planning on releasing a sticker pack soon, so you have that to look forward to as well! 

There is another reason for all the wallpapers: THANK YOU FOR 400 FOLLOWERS! I love each and everyone of you, and thank you for the random sweet messages I get! They always make my day! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°