pincushion flowers


Lollipop by Sharon
Via Flickr:
© 2017 Sharon Boswall

More reportage from the garden… this is scabiosa a.k.a. a pincushion flower. It’s blooming like the dickens this year and follows the sun throughout the course of the day so that by early evening, they look downright bashful.


Back it Up by Sharon
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But, but, gasp… that’s a flower butt. As I said, by the end of the day, these beauties have all turned away from me and are following the sun as it slowly sets. If I was super sensitive, my feelings would be crushed…but hey, who doesn’t want to follow the sun? ☀️ 

It’s another super long weekend for me.  It’s Canada 🇨🇦 Day tomorrow and our country’s 150th birthday (as in the anniversary of Confederation) – happy Canada 🇨🇦 Day to all my Canadian compatriots.   Gros bisous de Montréal!!


On the days when Mitaka’s shop wasn’t busy with young lovers, the newly engaged, and older couples he often found the time to observe things outside of his little flower shop.

Across the street was First Order INC. a technology company run by some red head CEO. Next door to the left was New Republic Café, one of the most popular hang outs in the city. The most interesting discovery, however, was that to the right was a tattoo parlor called ‘Imperial Tattoos.’

He found out one day when this tall, super bulky, covered in tattoos, scary looking guy come into his shop. Phel thought he was going to rob him until he approached the counter with a single flower. A Scabiosa, pincushion flower.