Exhibitor Interview: Colette Bates - Pincinc

Preferred Medium(s):

Vector –Adobe Illustrator

Years active:

Under the name Pincinc – 5 years

But while studying I was interested in the same style so 5-7years

Can you give us a bit of insight into your background and how you got into the arts?

Well it started with studying graphic design where I realised I most enjoyed drawing characters in illustrator. I developed this style I enjoyed (Cutesy/Kawaii Japanese inspired) which slowly evolved into creating cute merchandise. I feel happy when I am drawing like I can go to my own happy little world and I feel good when people see my stuff as it makes them smile also :)

When I was a kid I would draw fortnightly Pokemon magazines for my friends. I would love drawing Pokemon and got really good at it! Maybe that’s where the Japanese fixation began.

Business Card/logo.

What does a typical day look like for you? Can you give us a quick intro to your creative practice/ process?

I work fulltime during the day in a graphic/product design role.

So my own creative practice doesn’t really begin until I get home which sometimes can be late! It can also be hard to be creative after work I can feel quite drained from having to be creative all day at work…

I don’t have a particular process in how I do things, sometimes I will sketch an idea in my drawing book first. But most often I go straight to my Mac and start drawing into illustrator.

Deer to Dream - This is a recent illustration, the idea is that the deer dreams of becoming a unicorn that anything can happen you just have to believe it will. Just how I dream that Pincinc will one day be my day job!

What’s your favourite piece of art/ project/ biggest creative achievement to date?

I don’t really have a favourite piece of art or biggest achievement (as I do like quite a lot of them).

I am just more proud of how far I have come, I never thought I would have my own website where I sell merchandise with my own illustrations on them. I use to be very shy of putting my artwork out there, afraid of what people thought being of it like it being “childish”. But now I just don’t really care, it makes me happy and others also.

It is a dream to expand Pincinc and become even bigger in the future and become my day job one day :)

Armageddon Auckland Booth- I feel like being at this show has been my biggest achievement to date. It was hard work to get enough product made but also on a financial level it was very stressful! But I was so proud of myself for doing it and pulling it off!

 If you could give one piece of advice to yourself on day 1 of pursuing the arts, what would it be?

Start even younger… just draw, draw, draw to get better. Believe in yourself!

Waitangi Day Girl - I drew a cute Maori Girl to post to my social media followers on Waitangi Day.

 Being a first time exhibitor at Chromacon, what can we expect to see from you at Chromacon 2015?

My table will stand out in pink, so you can’t miss it. Decked out in loveable happy faces everywhere!

I will have all my regular merchandise available for sale including t-shirts, zipper pouches, jewellery, phone charms, hairclips, plushies, keyrings, tote bags, phone cases.

I plan to have some exclusive prints just available for the Chromacon event only - some even framed.

A variety of different types of Pincinc merchandise.







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