Happy Cloen/Rose rec list!

As requested, here’s a list of Cloen/Rose fics that are predominantly fluffy/happy/sappy/otherwise not about how doom and gloom their lives will be. This is a longing I understand, because after JE aired in 2008 and I started to get into fandom I just really wanted Cloen/Rose fic and everyone was writing these angsty stories about how they’d never possibly be happy together. But eventually the tide turned and more people got on board this a+ ship.

This is a pretty small sample, tbh, because it’s just based on ones I could easily find and remember, and it’s been a while. I would recommend poking around time_and_chips circa 2009. (You can also try 2008, but in 2008 I reckon there was a lot of “IS HE THE DOCTOR??? ISN’T HE???” fic.)

Anyway, in no order:

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