The Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag!(Calum Edition)

1. Where and when did we first meet?

“We meet at your concert” I say first “on like a Christmas show, three years ago”

“Yeah, it’s a interesting story actually” he says getting in place to tell the story “you were wearing a Christmas suit, like an actual Christmas sweater and Christmas tights, and I was like ‘shoutout to the only girl who is reflecting the real Christmas spirit”

“Hell yeah” I chuckle “and then we talked for the first time at the venue, it  was so late, like 3 am”

“Yeah, it was fun though” he comments “and I was shocked when you told me you are a voice actress”

I laugh “you say that all the time” I pinch his cheek “you’re cute”

2. Where was our first date?

“To be honest, I don’t remember”

I say being surprised of myself.

“You don’t?” He says surprised too “i do know, we went to watch a movie together at my apartment”

I look at him and the memories come to my mind “oh that’s right!” I smile “yeah it was a nice first date, we watched the origin, remember?”

“Yep” he says “best movie ever”

3. What was your first impression of me?

“To be completely honest, I did not like you at first” I say feeling a bit ashamed “Well, at least not like romantically”  

“It was kind of the same for me” he admits “I thought you were a fun girl, but I wasn’t really thinking on getting involved with you, until like the fifth time we hung out”

4. When did you meet my family?

“When we had our one year anniversary ” I say “we flew to Australia and I met them” I start thinking “I don’t really remember when you met my family”

He nods “I think it was on Christmas”

“Yeah” I agree “our first Christmas”

5. Who said “I love you” first?

“I did” Calum said with a bright smile “on our first Christmas”

“And I cried” I add up making him laugh

“Sometimes she’s just a big baby” he scoffs and I act offended.

“Boy” I start “Listen, this is my channel, I can destroy you here and now” I say on a funny voice getting close to his ear “I’m not a baby”  

6. What dressing do I always wear?

“For you” I start looking at him up and down. “Black jeans every freaking day” I laugh “and boots”  

He nods “it’s weird not to wear them” he says

“And it’s weird to not see you in them” I chuckle “what do I always wear?” I ask him.

He looks at me and his hand goes to his chin “You always wear converse” he says kind of guessing and I nod “and Vans, you love Vans”

“Correct!” I cheer “next question”

7. Weird habit of each other?

“You laugh is weird” I say almost instantly.

He frowns and nudges me “that’s not a habit! Weirdo” he laughs.

“Yes it is!” I fight back “you used to… laugh differently”

“Not true” he denies “and you’re worst habit is talking on weird voices all the time”

I try to argue with this but I can’t  "I like doing it, it’s fun"

“It is” he nods “but admit it, it’s too much”

8. What I often do in my free times?

“You spend a lot of times just playing guitar or whatever instrument is around” I answer “I personally enjoy that a lot”

He smiles and leans to kiss my cheek “thanks baby” he mumbles “I don’t know about you though, you are always doing so much stuff” he says not being sure what to say “so I am going to say that you like read over your old scripts quite often”

“Well, yeah” I shrug “it’s fun to do it, I like it because I practice and remember stuff”

9. How long have we been together?

“2 years” we say at the same time.

10. What was our first road trip?

“Well” I chuckle shrugging at the same time “for starters, I hate road trips”

“Aw” Calum says pinching my cheek “I like them, to be honest” he said “our first one was… to vegas?”

“Yep!” I confirm “For my birthday!”

“It was incredibly wild” he comments with a smile.

“I know!” I say in a weird voice.

11. First thing you noticed about me?

“Again” he starts “as I mentioned already, we first met at my Christmas country and she was dressed… very Christmassy (maybe way too much)” he comments looking up and remembering the moment “so it would be that”

“I looked fantastic” I brag jokingly “I remember the first thing I noticed about you was your blond hair strip, I liked it a lot”

“Really?” He looks at me almost as he didn’t believed me “I mean it was okay, but i don’t know” he shrugs “not for me”

I kiss his cheek and go back to the questions.

12. What pisses you off?

“In general? Or about each other?” I ask confused from reading the question.

“In general, I don’t want to know what pisses you off about me” he says in a fake annoyed tone, rolling his eyes and pressing his lips. Making me laugh.

“Well I know that what always pisses you off is when people asks like inappropriate questions, right?” I say almost guessing

“Hm” he says thinking “not quite but I’ll take it” he says.

“What do you think it pisses me off all the time?” I ask him.

“I think it’s when you’re at the studio” he starts “and the director tells you like too many times that you’re doing awful” he explains “I’ve been there”

“Oh my god” I exclaim, it was so accurate “yes, I always put like a lot of personality in characters and I absolutely hate when they want me to make them sound boring”

“You are a good voice actress babe, don’t worry” he kisses my cheek.

13. What I’m not good at?

“You’re terrible at trivia games” I say laughing “that’s the only thing I could think of, but yeah, you’re so bad at it”

“What do you want? I dropped out of school” he chuckles “and for you I would say it is… drawing?” He guesses.

“Yeah” I nod “I suck at that”

14. What I’m good at?

“Again!” He exclaims for no reason “playing with your voice, it’s your job after all”

“Oh cmon, you picked an easy one” I pout and nudge him “it’s only fair for me to answer that you are good at music in general”

“Wise decision” he smile

15. Favourite feature about each other?

“I love that your cheeks are so squishy and voluptuous” chuckle pinching both of his cheeks on my hands “it’s fun to just play with them”

“Thanks” he mumbles taking my hands off his face “I like your eyes, and your sense of humour” he smiles to me and kisses my hands “that’s for sure my favourite things about you”

16. What do we argue about the most?

“We don’t argue often” he says confident, passing his arm around my shoulders “but if I had to say one, I’d say when we have to cook or wash dishes”

“ugh yes” I say rolling my eyes “we take turns but we mess up the order all the time”

“It’s your turn today” he chuckles looking down at me.

“No it’s not!” I exclaim in a high pinched voice too close to his ear.

17. Do I have any weird obsessions?

“You have a weird obsession with puppies” I say laughing “I don’t know why”

He nods, accepting is “they’re cute so yes”  he smiles “and you… maybe with movies? I don’t know”

“Em, not really” I shrug “to be honest, I don’t even know, so next question”

18. Nicknames for each other?

We both shake our heads no “ I don’t have a nickname for you” I say first “i can’t really think of one”

“Me neither, I just stick with sweet names and stuff” he says nodding “next question, please”

19. What is my favorite restaurant?

“Basic one” he says raising his eyebrows “McDonald’s”

“Hell yeah” I smile “and yours? Hm” I stop thinking “You like Italian restaurants” I say shrugging.

“Is that all your answer?” He raises his eyebrows.

“Yeah” I mimic him.

“You’re right and at the same time, not” he chuckles “but I’ll give you that one”

20. Complete this sentence “You’re my……..”?

“Worst nightmare” I joke leaning my head on his shoulder and rounding my arms around his waist

“Oh wow” he says laughing “how positive”

He chuckles “I’m gonna say..” he mumbles “Netflix and chill partner” he says proud of his answer “because I’m not a mean boyfriend”

As I keep my silly pose, Bob gestures me over to him. At first, I turn up my nose–not being able to hold back a chuckle–but then I finally walk over to him snootily. He kisses both of my cheeks persistently, and my giggles follow it until he lets go. I smile up at him, and he pinches my cheeks playfully.

“You look adorable–trust me.”

“You sure?” I bring back my pout-y face.

“Of course, ‘Liza.”

“Y’all,” Joselyn said. “I thought I was done being a third wheel!”

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aunt Peter Hammill?

ur aunt harriet who u hardly ever see bc shes a little out there & ur mom thinks shes a bad influence, kind of a hoarder, has a lot of weird pets like lizards & scary fish but also a lot of nice cats, pinches ur cheeks & gives u hard candy but also takes u on her motorcycle 

So I’m writing this thing and I’m putting a drawer in each character’s scenario…

YK - You knelt in front of the drawers, a determined look on your face. You had several hours before Yoosung was home, and you would clean it all up soon. When you opened the drawers…

ZEN - You needed to breathe, but he wasn’t getting the hint, thinking that the hand you pressed against his chest was sexual… So you flailed your arms about, hoping to catch his attention, but you accidentally knocked over a trophy from the drawer.

JAE - “I-I’m really sorry,” you squeaked out, guilt overwhelming you. You timidly shut the drawers that the cup had fallen from, not knowing what to do.

JU - He never got upset when you broke things, only ever chuckling and pinching your cheek and calling you clumsy… so when you knocked down a snow globe while digging through his closet drawer, you hadn’t expected him to get too mad either.

707 - As you huddled in the shadows, you noticed several papers seeped under the desk drawer, almost hidden out of sight. With a finger, you carefully slid it out, and you almost gasped in shock as you realized what it was.

SAE - You strolled Saeran’s office lazily, bored of having nothing to do while he typed away on his computers. A framed photo sitting on top of a drawer caught your eye, and you walked towards it curiously.

This is fun. Nobody will notice. :^) Except you guys lololol

Man. Drawers everywhere, eh?!

How to get me in little space:

🌸 Play with my hair

🌸 Pile me up with blankets

🌸 Dress me up 👗 

🌸 Spray your cologne/ perfume (or my favorite scent) on my pillow

🌸 Talk about something you genuinely enjoy

🌸 Watch a cute movie with me

🌸 Dom voice 😳😳

🌸 Hold my hand

🌸 Sing a song 🎶🎤

🌸 Tell jokes

🌸Give me pet names

🌸 Tell me about yourself

🌸 Give me a task to complete

🌸 Take me out

🌸 Do each other’s hobbies together

🌸 Help me name my stuffies 🐻

🌸 Talk to my stuffies 

🌸 Buckle my seat belt

🌸 (Bubble) baths! 

🌸 Get me my favorite snacks

🌸 Put me in your clothes

🌸 Cuddles

🌸 Pinching my cheeks (either set of cheeks works…) 💥💥

🌸 Coloring 

🌸 Putting your hand on my thigh 

🌸 Letting me sit on your lap

🌸 Commands

🌸 Counting 

🌸 Dance parties

🌸 Tea parties ☕

🌸 A newly cleaned paci

🌸 Warm sweaters

🌸 Anything cute

🌸 Colorful items 🖍️ 

🌸 Shiny things

🌸 Tying my shoes for me

🌸 Cold rooms (Idk, that’s just my thing) ❄️

🌸 Night lights 

Anyone have any more?? 🌸🌸🌸

I wonder if phil’s mum is the type of mum who jokingly favours the partner, like for example maybe she gave dan extra dessert and when phil was playfully offended she squeezed dan’s shoulders and said “ohhh he had a rough little trip, he deserves it!” and phil was like “that was a week ago!” and she said “alright you caught me it’s the dimple, how can you deny someone this cute of anything?” and pinched his cheek, and dan was like “yeah phil, how can you deny me of anything?” and phil just rolled his eyes bc he CAN’T

pretty boy ☾ peter parker

summary : you think peter is very pretty, and your duty as his girlfriend is to tell him every chance you get.

wc : 1.4k 

  Peter Parker has freckles. They’re countless in amount and infinitesimal in size, but they’re spread across his sloped nose, his cheeks, and some of them are scattered across his shoulders from the days he spends at Rockaway Beach in the summertime sun not because he likes the beach, but because you do and you drag him there almost every day throughout July. He doesn’t mind. He can’t have you taking the train there alone, and he’d rather spend time with you in the sweltering heat than leave you by yourself. If you’re sitting close enough, the way you are right in this moment, you can count each one of those stars on his cheeks and play connect the dots with a ballpoint pen, if he’d let you. He most likely would. Peter would let you get away with anything. If you were to try to kiss each individual freckle that was settled there on his skin you’d be pressing your lips to his cheeks for hours on end. He’d like to see you try such a thing. 

   Peter Parker also has the sweetest brown eyes you’ve ever had the pleasure of gazing into. They were warm and kind and they felt like home whenever he turned them on you in that loving way he held. You love the way he looks at you, often and bright with happiness. You haven’t stopped looking at him since you started all those months ago, you couldn’t anticipate a time when you would. He doesn’t mind the permanent way his eyes settle on you, but it’s the way you’re always looking at him that makes him blush and turn his face away. He’s not much to look at, in his opinion. 

    He whines a little when he catches your eye again, trained on him like a reflex once again. His face glows a red the color of a ripe strawberry as he spins around in his chair and stares at the peeling cover of his science notebook. “What’s wrong, pretty boy?” You grinned when he flushed a deeper shade of crimson, still evading the smile that crept across your face. 

   “Y/N,” he whines once more, the heat creeping up toward the tips of his ears. He turns toward you, holding his cheek in his hand and keeping his elbow propped up on the swivel chair. “You know I get all,” he squirmed around in his chair, “flustered when you call me that.” The admittance came with a great reluctancy on his part, but it only made you smile more as you walked across the room and cleared away the clutter of his desk, taking a seat there so you could continue your study in Peter Parker. “I’m not pretty.” 

    “Shhh,” you chastised, using your foot to spin him back around. “You’re very pretty, Peter.” He stretches out his hand, waiting for you to grab it and hold it as careful as always. He presses a kiss to your knuckles whenever you hold his hand, he knows you think it’s the sweetest thing ever and that every single time he does it, you swoon like it’s your first date all over again. He’s big on holding hands. It’s intimate without being too much, and the teachers can’t really scold him for holding your hand the way they can for kissing you against the lockers when you both think no one is around. Still, he kisses your hand, and you close your eyes, smiling shyly. Then, you say, “How’d I get the sweetest, prettiest boy in the universe to be mine?” 

   “Oh, god,” he takes his hand out of yours and covers his cheeks with them, feeling the warmth of his skin against his palms and squeezing his eyes shut. He can’t believe what you’ve made him. A blushing mess undone the moment you call him pretty, sweet, yours. “Feel my cheek,” he demanded, grabbing your wrist and pressing your palm to his face. You laugh. 

   “You’re burning up, babe,” you say, patting his cheek. “I can’t help it. I have to compliment you. All the time. Every hour of every day.” You tap a finger against his cute nose. 

   “I would compliment you but every time I try you swoop in and render my speech incoherent with that little nickname you have for me,” he kept his fist against his cheek as he stared up at you, your legs dangling off his desk as you extend your hands out for him. He takes them, presses them to his cheek. 

   “What nickname?” You question innocently. “Oh, oh, oh, I know which one. Pretty boy.” You held his scrunched up in embarrassment face in your hands, squishing his cheeks. “So pretty.” 

    “I’m gonna spontaneously combust.” The words came out muffled because of the position his face was in, but if he were being honest, he could feel himself light up every time you said he was pretty, as amusing as the word was to him. Even if he doesn’t think he’s much- anything, really- to be fond of, he’s happy, so happy, that you disagree. 

   You call him pretty boy every chance you get. You seize the opportunity with pride, throwing a wink his direction when you can because he has the dopiest little smile on his face for the rest of the day even if he feigns irritation in the moment. 

     You greet him every morning outside his apartment building with a cup of coffee in your outstretched hand and a sweet smile curling at your lips and a, “Morning, my pretty boy,” and Peter starts his school day with a blush, his arm around the shoulders of the girl that he loves. You lean up to kiss the corner of his mouth. He’s invincible. 

    Then, you see him in chemistry class, goggles strapped to your face and a stupid apron around your neck. His heart still stops when he sees you. You slide in the seat between him and Ned, pulling at his goggle strap before it snaps back to his head as gentle as you can manage. “Did you finish the lab conclusion, pretty boy? I’m stuck on the last sent- Ned what happened to him?” You turned to the other boy, eyebrows raised in confusion because Peter is motionless and the redness is spreading all over his neck. 

   “You called him pretty again,” Ned replied, stretching his hand across the table and waving it in front of Peter’s face. “He’s probably just offended that you didn’t greet me with a compliment.” 

   “C’mon, Ned, you know I think you’re gorgeous.” 

   “I’m actually not deaf, guys.” Peter nudged you playfully, rubbing his cheeks with the sleeves of his gray sweater. You ruffle his honey hair. 

  “We know,” you answered. “Ned’s stunning, obviously-” Ned grins at this- “but you’re forever the only pretty boy for me.” Peter scrunches his nose up. Then, he takes off his goggles, placing them next to the looseleaf paper that has his neatly compiled lab report scrawled over the page. He leans forward, scooting his chair close to you so he can remove your goggles, too. He takes your face in his hands and kisses you quick. He’d put more passion into it if the teacher wasn’t standing across the room, looking for any excuse to separate the two of you. Every teacher was the same. He pulls back after a second, his hands lingering on your cheeks when he gazes at you. 

   “I love you, you beautiful and lovely and wonderful girl of mine.” Triumphantly, he removes his hands and places them back down on the desk. He catches it before you turn away toward Ned, and for a brief and fleeting moment, it’s there on your cheeks. “Oh, oh, what’s that I see? Is that a blush?” He jumps around to Ned’s spot, a stupid, prideful grin on his face as he savors the moment for himself, commits the pretty sight to memory. “Pretty girl, are you blushing?” He pressed his hands to against your face, pinching your cheek gently, lovingly. You punched him in the arm, a warning behind your eyes, but Peter didn’t care in the slightest. 

   “Yes, you big idiot,” you mumbled. “Happy now?” 

   “Oh, I’m very happy.” 

   “I hate you.” 

   “Do you really?” Peter raised his eyebrows, resting his palms against your shoulders and rubbing his thumb along the place where your collarbone peeked out of your shirt. 

   “Of course not,” you said, a grumble in your tone. “I love you and your pretty boy face, sweet little freckles and all.” You poked a couple of his freckles and kissed the one by his mouth. Peter sighed, still smiling brightly because no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t pretend to be annoyed at you when you called him that name. He’d wear it with like a badge of honor, grateful for it. He had an effortlessly gorgeous love that thought he was the prettiest thing she had ever laid her eyes on, so what more could he ask for? 

bts scenario: they're protective/possessive

thank you for your request!! hope you enjoy it! protective/possessive bts is my kink xx

requests: open



~at an awards show~

jin: when jin saw you with another man’s arm around you, a feeling of dread filled him, a feeling of not being good enough. jin’s shoulders sagged as he sat by himself a few tables over from where you were greeting the group of guys who were also attending the award show. noticing jin’s downcast appearance, you went back over and sat down on his lap. “hey jinnie,” you said placing a kiss on his cheek, jin grumbled and wrapped his arms around you tightly, not wanting to let you go. “don’t be jealous jinnie~ i love you.” 

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yoongi: yoongi would be all glares and snarls. the second he saw you with another guy, he’d be with you with his arm around your waist or shoulders in seconds. the guy you were talking to would immediately become uncomfortable and excuse himself. “yoongiii,” you said with your voice full of desperation, but still falling into his protective embrace. “you know i don’t like it when you talk to other guys dressed like that, kitten,” he said full well knowing his intentions with the pet name, “daddy’s gonna have to teach you who you belong to tonight.” 

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hoseok: hoseok would be filled with sadness, he’d begin to compare himself to the guy you were talking to. he had better hair, he’s taller, much prettier than me, he would think. hoseok would wait for you to sit down next to him at BTS’s table before he quickly took your hand in his and placed a soft kiss on your knuckles. “are you okay hobi?” you would ask gently and you intertwined your fingers. “yeah, i just love you a lot,” he said with a smile hoping to bring up the mood. “i love you too hobi,” you would respond, “forever.” that statement would clear all apprehension he felt in his heart.

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namjoon: namjoon would walk up next to you, discreetly taking your hand in his and greeting the other guys, GOT7, politely, but you knew what this meant. he was jealous. namjoon spoke with the guys a few more minutes, wishing them luck, before heading back to your table. “joonie~” you teased him, poking his dimple as he smirked, “you don’t have to be jealous.” he nodded, “i know, i know, i just get scared you know? i don’t wanna lose you,” he’d trail off in the end. you’d lean in and place a kiss on his cheek, “you’re not gonna lose me. not with how good you treat me,” you winked pulling a flushed namjoon closer to you. 

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jimin: jimin would practically tear you away from the boys, insisting that there was something more important he had to show you. turns out, it was only taehyung trying to balance a spoon on his nose. “jiminie i was talking,” you said trying to pull your hand out of his. “but you’re talking to me now,” he said pulling you into his lap and starting a conversation with the maknaes, you huffed but decided to give up. glancing at jungkook he gave you a wink, confirming your thoughts that jimin was jealous. you returned his action with a smile, pulling jimin’s arm that was around your waist tighter against you. 

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taehyung: taehyung would be quite the show-off. he’d immediately put an arm around your shoulders and pull you close to him. “trying to steal my girl, yeah?” he’d tease but you knew there was some underlying jealousy and protectiveness. the other man in question quickly shook his head before saying his goodbyes and leaving. taehyung would growl into your ear before biting down on your earlobe and giving it a tug. “you’re mine,” he would say leaving a few kisses on your neck. putting a hand on his chest, you lightly pushed him back while chuckling, “i know tae, i know, i’m yours don’t worry.” 

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jungkook: jungkook wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of you the rest of the night. grasping your fingers tightly in his, pulling you closer, he’d have a hand on you at all times. “kookie?” you’d question as you sat down at the table while the food was being served. “mhm,” he’d hum in acknowledgement while playing with your fingers that were intertwined with his. “how come you’re so touchy-feely?” you’d ask and he’d immediately stiffen and begin to pull his hand away from yours. “no no kookie, i like it, i was just wondering,” you paused, “did something happen?” his lips would turn into a frown, “well, i guess you just looked so happy talking to those guys…” he trailed off. you shook your head and giggled, “you’re so cute kookie,” you pinched his cheek between your fingers in a childlike manner, to which he swatted your hand away, “i love you kookie, only you.” 

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→ through the flames (and into the lava)

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pairing → Jungkook x Reader

genre smut, fluff, slight humor, crack || dragon!jk, fantasy!au i guess

☆ warnings  public indecency, dry humping, fingering, non-penetrative sex, cumplay, i’m sorry

☆ word count  → 7.8k

Your boyfriend is a dragon.

Or so he claims.

or; the perks (and unexpected complications) of dating a fucking dragon

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Group: BTS


Summary: When you’re angry Yoongi turns the air conditioner up so you cuddle up to him.

Genre: fluff

Length: 0.8k

A/N: i don’t feel the cold so this wouldn’t effect me

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“Don’t look at me like that,” you sighed crossing your arms over your chest as you sat on the sofa, moving as far away from Yoongi as possible. He let out a heavy sigh before he stood and walked away, as you called after him, “bye asshole.”

He scoffed head peeking out from the kitchen, black fringe splayed across his head as he pushed it back, “Love you too princess.” Your heart fluttered before you forced your face back into a scowl as you stared at the movie that was playing, vibrant colours throwing shadows on your face as Yoongi leant against the doorframe watching you with a small smile on his face. As he looked at your profile and knew what he had to do to get you to forgive him.

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It’s been a while posting here! <3 AND GUESS WHO FINALLY WATCHED SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMIIIIING jshfjahfhfs

All I can say is TOM HOLLAND FREAKKIN’ NAILED AS BOTH SPIDER-MAN AND PETER PARKER. Everything is SPECTACULAR especially Daddy Tony being a grumpy dad to Peter huhu.

Anyway! Hope to see more of Tom Holland’s performances in the future MCU!

Also BONUS (and spoiler-ish):



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Tantalizing: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Ship: Jungkook | Reader
Description: Back in high school, you were nothing more than a nerd Jungkook wanted to deflower, to get a good fuck from. When he sees you at the club, though, things have changed drastically, and his dominance starts to teeter on the edge.
Warning: Cumplay, Degrading Names, Angst, Intercourse, Oral, Orgasm Denial, Thigh Riding
Word Count: 5,965

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let’s hurt tonight

hello, this was loosely based on a request that i will put below, that scene is in here but it’s definitely not the main focus of the one shot, hope you like it!!

anonymous: hiii i was wondering if you could do something where harry is eating you out but your work calls and you have to answer while he keeps going down on you???

Heels in one hand, purse and phone in the other, you skipped down the stairs to where Harry was waiting, hands in his pockets.

He turned at the sound of your bare feet padding on the hardwood and a grin stretched across his face when his eyes landed on you. You still weren’t used to that look; his eyes flaming with desire as they made their way across your body. You would never admit aloud what that look did to you, but you were sure Harry knew anyway.

His eyes slowly made their way back up to yours, but darted traitorously to your mouth, “I like your lipstick.” Was all he said as he admired the redness of your mouth as it stretched into it’s own grin.

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Flirt (Intro)

intro one two three four
fuckboy!jungkook, college!au, smut?, angst?
words: 1.9k
member: jungkook (ft. taehyung)

despising jeon jungkook as he hooks up and steals your best friend away from you. 

(credits to gif owner for the gif that kills all)

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Jeon Jungkook.

The man who every girl on campus had an eye on, along with his crew of other fuckboys. He would show up on campus with different girls everytime, wrapping their arms around his frame, “claiming him”.

You despised him though, because his next target was your best friend.

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