• cries when he sees his baby for the first time ever
  • like, there are actual literal tears on his face
  • but they’re happy tears
  • calls his family to tell them the news the next day
  • super hard-working dad, does not mess around when it comes to taking care of the baby
  • the real mvp tbh
  • like, if he has to change diapers then he’s gonna change some diapers dang it
  • likes to sit on the floor with his baby and play with them
  • loves to pinch their lil cheeks
  • always sings lullabies to them 
  • gets carried away and starts ad libbing 
  • if he’s overworked himself he can get a lil cranky
  • “omg why is our child so LOUD” 
  • “i have no idea….wonder where they got THAT from…..”
  • *side eyes you*
  • his family visits every now and then and they can’t help gushing over your baby
  • seungkwan’s just like “well my wonderful, incredible spouse does such a great job of taking care of them” 
  • he sings praises abt you nonstop
  • and he encourages you if he notices that you’re tired or not doing well and he cheers you up
  • hugs and kisses you until your face is red and you’re like “nOT IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN”
  • seungkwan is an amazing dad and his family is his ultimate pride and joy

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Since your fans of Got7 and Bts, whats your bias list order for each group =D


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  1. JB
  2. Junior
  3. Jaebum
  4. Mark
  5. Im Jaebum
  6. Jackson
  7. DefSoul
  8. My Jaebunbun ~ can you tell who my bias is in this group or no
  9. Coco ~ jk not really shes smol and fluff so
  10. My precious maknae line~ (those three are like my children so I don’t officially count them in my bias list I guess ?? noona will pinch your cheek and make you lunch~~)

Bangtan Boys

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  1. Suga
  2. The rest of my children

I need to explain… I never really had a favorite in BTS. I’ve been in the kpop fandom too long so now I’m all motherly towards every group lol between the seven, I would pick V as my favorite but not necessary as a bias. So then I started reading more Bangtan scenarios and thanks to @an-exotic-writer, I’ve officially became Yoongi biased as of last night. So… yeah lol

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Hey sorry to bother you but would it be possible for you to link me to the video from your fodder where sehun mouths 'hi' to a fan, he's so cute T^T

hello anonnie! how are you? (=^▽^=)’re not bothering me. don’t worry! omg yasssss he is too cute i feel like pinching his cheeks awww awwww!!! o(≧∇≦o) here is the link! ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ