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Pinches Naruto's cheek.

Naruto complained as he tried to pull the other away “ok, why are you doing this to me? I haven’t done anything yet!” He commented before crossing his arms over his chest


Say hi to Miss World 😄👑 What a beautiful person. I wanna pinch his cheeks ❤️
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I feel that struggle so hard oh my god I’m sorry :/

[pinches your cheeks bc thank you] It’ll be fine though. I’m fine. It’s fine. I, I will survive. Oh as long as I know how to love I know I’ll stay alive. I’ve got all my life to live, I’ve got all my love to give, and I’ll survive.



your fave is problematic: dan howell

- 2 squishy 4 life
- claims to be articulate but rambles a lot
- uploads videos “regularly”
- falls of his chair twice per month
- loves phil lester more than you
- also loves kanye more than you should
- legs that don’t end
- sleeps with a haru pillow wtf
- contemplates the universe facedown on the floor
- obsessed with his hair
- uses words like “spoilerino” and “hecky dizzle”
- “so my name is [dan]”
- twice as tall as a regular person
- unfairly beautiful
- why is his dimple sad
- he needs to be stopped
- who will stop this boy
- *raises fists*
- *pinches cheek v softly*
- fight me howell

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How would seventeen react to you asking them if they could hold something and then giving them your hand? (like the one you did with monsta x) Thanks! :)

I still love this scenarios bc it’s hilarious & i accidentally did it by unit oops

S.Coups: You think you’re smooth, don’t ya?

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Wonwoo: *rolls his eyes at how greasy you’re being*

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Mingyu: *would be utterly confused*

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Vernon: I’m supposed to be the cheesy one

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Woozi: Just…no

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Joshua: Jagi, you’re so cute *laughs*

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Seungkwan: *drops your hand* That’s what I’m supposed to do!

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Jeonghan: Oh my god, so cute *pinches your cheeks*

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Hoshi: *grabs your other hand* there now you can’t do anything

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The8: Nah, I’m good *doesn’t even attempt to let go of your hand though*

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Jun: *isnt used to not being the greasy one*

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Dino: YOU’RE SO CUTE STOP IT *blushes*

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So we know Anna ripped out her grace to be human. So it stands to reason that she had watched humanity for quite a while, and by quite a while, I mean a couple of centuries, at least. So she would have seen when this started:

Ok. And we also know that Cas has always been a little…off, in terms of being in angel.

Ah yes. He “came off the line with a crack in his chassis.” No matter how much he tried to be a good soldier.

So clearly, Anna would have have found this adorable. Cas is just fucking adorable ok.

And clearly, since Anna was Cas’ superior, she probably took to pinching Cas’ cheeks.

This is a thing that happened and none of you can stop me from believing this.

Dating Stiles Would Include

Requests: “Hi there! I loveeeeeee your blog!!!! And I was wondering if you could do “dating stiles would include”. If you could that would be amazing!!!!!!”

Dating Stiles Would Include: 

  • Lots of PDA
  • Hand holding in public
  • Stealing kisses from each other
  • Making each other blush
  • Stiles trying to cook dinner for you
  • But you cook better dinners for him
  • Cuddling and finding out he’s a little spoon
  • Trying to be possessive but its not working
  • Always making jokes when you’re sad
  • Pinching his cheeks in front of the pack, making him blush
  • Love making
  • Making a fool of himself in front of your parents