The vet was out today and we did a full external and then I ended up deciding to ultrasound one of Milo’s legs because it’s his “funny” foot of his two fronts (it always gets longer than the others, lower heel etc) and he was a tiny bit reactive to a pinch test.

Nothing came up that needs anything to be dealt with just preventative. We need to change how he’s being shod now since having already low heels (genetic) with long toes (partly just how his hoof his and partly from not having his feet done at all until he was 2 and then having no one cut him back enough until I found the farrier we have now) creates more concussion on the suspensory tendons, so there’s some slight roughening from an old, healed irritation that could’ve been from something as simple as him running around in his paddock as a baby with his stupidly long feet…

TDLR: Make sure you take care of you horses feet even if you’re having to pay like $250 every 4-5 weeks like I’m going to have to do probably 😂 because bad feet increase the concussion on the tendons and ligaments. And don’t be that Dick head that does trim your horses (or feed them) and ruins their feet for years to come. Also, being a worry wart pays off

I’m super glad I had the vet out and ultimately decided to ultrasound because he flexed completely fine for the flexion test and the vet even said that he thought it’d likely be okay to go without an ultrasound but now we have a better idea of how to fix his feet and yet that stupid heel higher and toe cut back even more.

Any how, Tbird is still a go because the vet said we don’t have to change anything we’re doing with him and that it’s more or less just trying to fix his feet to be more normal.

Spending money to get peace of mind and make sure that you’re doing everything right is so much better than waiting and potentially having something bad happen

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Are dog toys safe to chew on?

The short answer is no, probably not.

As for the long answer… Unfortunately products made for our furry friends are rarely manufactured with the same safety regulations and considerations as products made for humans. You can try to look for dog toys that say that they are BPA/phthalate free, as more companies are starting to move towards this trend.

True food grade silicone should be odor-free and pass the “pinch test.” If you twist it (for thicker silicone like dog chews) or pinch it and then twist it (for thinner silicone) and it stays a solid color, it is true food grade. If it turns white under the stress of the twist, it is made with other filler chemicals to make it cheaper. You can use this to test chews that are not labeled to see if they are safe. You can also google “silicone pinch test” for images for reference.

A note though, that some silicone will still have a smell anyways from the chemical they use to help the product come out of the mold when they make it. With dog toys especially, they rarely pre-wash it off, which is why most toys have that distinct “dog chew smell”, and you can usually feel the residue on it.

In the end it will be up to you, though. While I can’t personally recommend chewing on dog toys that aren’t food-grade, if it keeps you from chewing on something more dangerous until you can find something safer, it would be preferable to the more dangerous item.

I hope that helps, feel free to let me know if you have any other questions!

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to celebrate the release of fire emblem 14, how about some cute scenarios with nic, worick and striker reacting to their s/o petting their faces/hair :p

Hello! Sorry for the lack of activity, I hope this makes up for it !!

When Nicolas Brown sat down next to his partner that morning, he certainly wasn’t expecting them to start petting his hair, or pinching his cheeks to test how squishy they were (they weren’t, unfortunately). He’s surprised, and for a few seconds, he’s numb, almost unmoving. His brows are slightly raised, his eyes are wider than usual, and he shoots his s/o a questioning glance to which they just shrugged in response. He also finds that his palms are suddenly sweating and is constantly wiping them on his pants, or the fabric of the couch. Despite this, Nicolas doesn’t object at all - he sits in silence and lets his partner continue to do their… thing. Gradually, he begins to enjoy it, which he doesn’t say, of course, but his relaxed muscles and expression says it all. Yeah, Nicolas Brown might be one of the toughest twilights out there, but even for a tough guy, having someone pet your hair once in a while doesn’t sound like such a bad idea after all.

Worick Archangelo has literally no shame. Having his partner comb their fingers through the blond mob on his head so damn skillfully, all that while their other hand caressed his cheek and traced the outlines of his lips - oh man, that’s some good shit right there. He’d love it, he’d fucking love it and would make it so obvious, too. It just so happened that he was lying down, using their lap as a pillow, and immediately the man reacts by snuggling into them even further. As the act takes place, Worick is constantly humming some sort of happy tune, though sometimes, there are sounds that suggest satisfaction. Unfortunately for him, the petting session abruptly ends the minute he decides to ‘experiment’ by letting out some very sexual sounding moans and before he could count to five, he’d been mercilessly thrown off his partner’s lap. “Awh, (y/n)-chan… Why’d you stop? I was enjoying that, you know…” he’d whine, a pout sitting on his lips.

How good would it be for Striker’s partner if that was how he’d reacted? He’d been perfectly fine when his s/o’s hands were tracing his abs, but the very moment they decided to stick them in his hair and started trying to braid it, the male had immediately bristled. This got even worse when his partner started to pat his cheeks, giggling as they pinched them - he’d reacted with furrowed brows, bulging eyes and a mouth twisted into a frown. “Oi, stop that! I’m not a child!” he’d complained, pulling out the hair ties his lover had feebly attempted to attach to his head (they must have had a hard time considering how how short his hair was), completely ignoring their wails. Unfortunately for him, his partner was fucking diligent and the very moment he gets his hair back to normal, they pounce on him again. This process actually repeated a good four to five times, after which he was finally defeated and ended up letting them do his hair, but not without a scowl. Luckily, to save his pride, he’s got an excuse. “Fine then, I’ll let you play around. But not for free. If you want to make me feel like a child now then treat me like a man tonight.”

Confessions: A TailsxCC Collab Story by KBSpeeding and E-vay

Her crystal blue eyes pierced through the back of his head, watching his every move carefully as she tried to process all the possible outcomes of her words she was contemplating on saying in her head. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t come up with a for sure outcome to her daring thoughts so she figured the only way for her to find out was to just say it to him.

Her curious eyes watched his firm hands skillfully twist around the last notch on his latest invention, he stood with a confident smirk and wiped his hands together to get the dust off of them as he scanned over his now finished project, “I think I got her all tuned up and ready for the presentation to the board tomorrow! I’m sure they’ll love her-”

“I love you,” CC interrupted the two-tailed fox abruptly as she sat perfectly still on the stool behind him. Tails whirled around to face her, seeing her innocent eyes staring at him as if what she had just said shouldn’t mean a thing past trying to get a reaction from him. 

He felt a blush threatening to reveal itself on his cheeks, but he quickly turned back to his invention and began loosening the same notch only to tighten it back up a few moments later, obviously avoiding eye contact as he repeated his actions with a dull expression. 

His mind whirled with thoughts of his past, his previous lover naturally coming to mind. ‘I love you’.. The words that were the last thing he had told Cosmo before having to kill her himself. Almost hypocritical it seemed, as well as cruelly ironic. Telling someone you love them only to shoot them down moments later. A single button that held more power to change his life than any object Tails could have ever dreamt.

​His eyes remained locked on the notch as he tightened it and loosened it, tightened it and loosened it. Not blinking once as a nonchalant and almost uncaring tone escaped his lips to match his expression, “You don’t know what you’re talking about, CC.”

Now this didn’t settle well with CC.

Immediately she took offense to his accusation, angry that he would ever even suggest she didn’t know something, as if she was non-intelligent! Especially when that something was love! She felt her sensors boiling with anger, her cheeks hot to the touch as she clenched her metallic fists a bit and stood up from her stool as abruptly as she had spoken earlier. 

“How DARE you?!” she exclaimed as she huffed at him. He flinched a bit by her sudden motion, turning around to look up at her now standing figure with slightly regretful eyes. He didn’t mean to offend her, and he knew how CC could be once she had been offended. 

Her aquamarine orbs glared into his own pair of sky blue ones with an angry and frustrated gaze, her teeth gritted together in annoyance as she growled out a bit when she spoke, 

“How DARE you even suggest that I do not have the ability to know what love is!? Notice I said 'ability’ not 'knowledge’! Because love is not something you learn, it is something you feel! It is something that develops on an emotional scale rather than an intellectual scale! Love is when you see someone and you smile.. You are not sure why you are smiling but you do it anyways. Love is when you yearn to give your all to make someone happy, even if that means you yourself are not happy. Love is when you are without that person and yet all you can seem to do is think about them and hope that by any luck they are thinking about you as well..” At this point Tails’ eyes had went from wide and shocked to warm and softened. He slowly stood up in front of her, looking down at her with a soft smile as he let her continue to speak.

CC began to stammer a bit, which wasn’t normal due to her state of the art speech programming. But yet something about his eyes being locked on hers made her circuitry short out every time.

“A-And I know it is not logical for me to speak of love because I am but a creation rather than actual flesh but.. I-I feel. And love is not based on logical things but feelings instead. Logic means nothing when it comes to love. Because logically.. I-I should not be with you. But because of love, I can not accept that fate. Because of love, I will fight for you. And I.. I trust that you will fight for me as well.. Because love makes me give my heart to you, and that requires trust. And because a heart is the symbol of life then.. I-if you decide to crush the gift of my heart then I will not live. I would rather be shut down and scrapped than be without you, Tails. So if you wish to reject my love by lowering me with words of me being unfamiliar in the ways of love then please just do me a favor and-”

Before she could even finish her sentence, Tails stepped forward and grabbed both of her cold metallic arms with his gentle but firm hands. Boldly pulling her into him so that her body was pressed against his, and before she could blink.. he kissed her.

It wasn’t just a quick peck or a small smooch. 

It was a kiss.

It was a pure, deep, passionate, emotional, fiery kiss that caused the sensors in CC’s cheeks to heat up so much to the point she could’ve sworn she was burning him.

But she didn’t care. She was finally getting what she wanted and she wasn’t stopping now for the life of her.

Tails let his hands hold her arms firmly as his lips moved and danced with hers, it was a bit sloppy at first due to both of them being inexperienced in the art of kissing but.. it quickly became perfect.

Tails honestly didn’t know what came over him. All he remembered was listening to her heartfelt words and agreeing with every single sentence she said. And then he noticed that not only did he agree with her, but he felt that with her. He felt that about her. He felt love again for the first time in years and was so blind from the past that he almost messed it all up again by denying it and pushing it aside. 

Well he had become fed up with pushing it aside. Robot or not, he felt every single thing CC said. And he felt it for her. 

CC and Tails continued kissing for quite a few moments, enjoying their first kiss to the best of their abilities. CC however had more advantages than Tails when it came to the art of kissing. 

For example, breathing.

Tails was running out of air from putting all of his soul and heart into the kiss, not really caring enough to break apart from her however. So CC had to step in after noticing this and she reluctantly pulled her lips away from his. He was panting very softly, barely enough for it to even be audible. He stared at her with questioning eyes as to why she pulled away since he was enjoying himself ever so much. CC stared back at him with an 'is this really happening’ expression, as if she was preparing to pinch herself to test and see if she was only dreaming. 

But she saw the questioning look in his eyes and answered with a breathless tone of voice, “You require oxygen.”

Tails felt his cheeks and ears flush a bit from embarrassment as he gave a soft breathless laugh from her words, shaking his head and closing his eyes as he let his forehead tilt down to rest against her own.

CC kept her eyes opened and watching him, as if she was either scared he would pass out or be gone once she closed them. Tails let his hands slowly slide off her her arms, moving to hang at his sides lazily as he chuckled nervously, “Thank you..”

CC wasn’t sure what she was being thanked for but before she could respond he spoke again.

“You know, for a smart guy I can be really stupid..,” his eyes slowly opened again to see her anxious aquarium glowing orbs staring at him as if waiting for him to continue.

He smiled at this, always finding her curiosity and lust for answers incredibly adorable and attractive. He sighed a bit as she remained perfectly still, her hands now rested on his chest as she awaited the words she ever so eagerly prayed were to come.

“I love you too,” he whispered to her sweetly, his breath tickling her fibers on her lips as she felt chills crawl down her spine. She could’ve sworn her circuitry altogether came to a stop. Excitement rushed through her metallic body, a loving grin spreading across her muzzle as she spoke casually, “You’ve had enough oxygen now.”

Without a warning, she tilted her head up a bit and let her lips meet his again to engage in another beautiful and lovely kiss, pouring her very soul into it as she let her gentle and soft lips move against his own. He was a bit taken aback but quickly obliged with a shy smirk as he kissed her back with all of his love as well.

His arms possessively and instinctively wrapped smoothly around her lower waist, slightly lifting her up as he hugged her to where she was standing effortlessly on the tips of her toes. She lightly lifted one of her feet as she had seen many girls do during their kisses in romance movies she had studied, though it just felt right more the moment. CC’s fingers slowly began to rub through his chest fur, earning a low and unexpected purr from him that caused their lips to gently vibrate together. This earned a small giggle from her and a shy chuckle from him as they kissed, each smiling into the lip-lock as her fingers continued to massage through his chest fluff.

Since CC had started this one, she figured she’d be a bit more bold. She slowly let her warm moist tongue slide out of between her lips and run along his own. This shocked Tails a bit since he wasn’t expecting that from her at all, his ears and cheeks burning red as he groaned a bit from the pleasurable feeling. 

He was also quite shocked her tongue felt so realistic and moist in the first place, trailing her own saliva along his lips as she licked them. This made him curious as to when she had the time to make this modification without him knowing but he figured he’d ask that later.

For now, he didn’t question it. His curiosity of how she tasted and felt getting the best of him rather than the curiosity of how she did it as his own lips hesitantly parted to allow her access inside his warm mouth. 

CC slowly let her tongue delicately glide along Tails’ own damp tongue, their saliva mixing as she then let her tongue begin to do tiny circles around his. His cheeks and the tips of his ears remained red as he let his tongue begin to swirl in sync around hers, performing a dance so perfect is was as if the entire thing had been rehearsed. 

Soft feminine moans and deep spine-shivering groans escaped the two lovers as they enjoyed each other’s embrace, staying this way for as long as physically possible in fear that if they let go then they would never get to partake in this rare moment alone again.

Tails felt his wall that was strengthened by heartache for Cosmo melt away as he allowed CC in. Who knew how people would react to this? A Mobian and a robot??? He didn’t care what they thought to put it bluntly. He loved her. And he knew she loved him. 

And that’s what counts.

As long as CC was capable of love then what was the problem?? 

And yes, CC was indeed capable of love.

In fact, she’s more capable than most.

And that’s why Tails loved her.

[E-vay’s note: I just want to take a minute to not only thank but to commend kbspeeding for the incredible job she did on this collab! I gave her just a few key plot points and phrases and she just took it and made it more beautiful than I could ever hope to do on my own! I am so honored to have worked on this story with her and if you do not know her work or do not currently follow her, YOU MUST! Go! Go to her page right now and read her amazing fiction! Thank you KB, you continue to amaze and inspire me!]

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I" may or may not have robbed a bank just now and please help me get away i’ll repay you in sexual favours and also cash” au for Feysand!

A/N: so this is going to end up being a little mini fic, with this being the first part and I’m kinda excited.  I already have ideas for part 2, but I can’t guarantee when it will be finished since holidays and stuff, but it WILL happen! Also special thanks to @rhysndtrash who fabulously helped me with edits and listening to me babble about ideas and being all around fab.  Let me know what you all think! [Part 2 here!]

Auxilium - Part 1

Hefting her overfilled satchel higher on her aching shoulder, Feyre pounded down the cracked pavement, sweat dripping uncomfortably down her neck and along her spine beneath her less than breathable business casual dress surely not meant for sprinting.  Shooting a glance backwards, she paused to pull her the heels pinching her toes off, testing the concrete and mentally sighing at the beautiful coolness it had, when just two months earlier she would’ve burned the soles of her feet hideously.  And just a month and a half from now, she’d lose a toe or two to frostbite.  So the gods were smiling on her for once.

At least, that was what she thought, until she spotted the meter maid trundling down the street, hawk-like eyes reading the time left on each meter, wicked ticket book in hand, ready to ruin some poor slob’s day.  Not this poor slob.

Hoping to avoid yet another ticket she couldn’t afford she secured her bag once again, gritted her teeth, and vaulted through the luckily sparse late afternoon crowd.  Between the various office buildings, coffee shops, and Hybern Bank, it would never be quiet until after business hours, but there was always a lull between lunch and five o’clock.  Which was exactly what she’d been counting on.

Sending a defiant glare toward her unknowing adversary, Feyre slowed to a stop near her car as the meter ticked to a blinking 0:00.  Pulling the back door open quickly, she tucked her bag low on the meticulously vacuumed carpet behind the passenger seat before circling the parallel parked car, mindful of oncoming traffic, and slipped into the driver’s seat. 

With a sigh, Feyre let her head drop back against the head rest, tossing her discarded heels to the right side of the car blindly.  Shifting slightly and pressing her slightly raw bare feet against the pedals, she rifled through her pockets, fingers finally closing around her keys - complete with her dorky artist easel keychain - when a rather definitive knock sounded at the window.

Groaning, she shoved the key forcefully into the ignition, “I beat you here fair and square - oh.”

Upon turning to face her adversary, she noted it was not her usual squat, ticket wielding nemesis, but a tall, dark haired man with eyes that could only be described as violet - a shade that had her fingers itching for her paints - and a disarming smile, creating the overall appearance of the most beautiful man she’d ever beheld.  And he was gesturing for her to roll the window down. 

Feyre narrowed her eyes, glancing toward slowly approaching meter maid in the rear view mirror before cracking the passenger side window just enough to speak and see those lethally gorgeous eyes that much more clearly, “Speak succinctly.”

His expression sparked at her shortness, if anything appearing more intrigued than offended, before he smirked in what she’d admit in the quiet of her mind was a rather attractive manner, “Any shot you’re willing to give a fellow in need a ride, darling?”

Brows shooting up into her honey colored hairline, Feyre bit back a smile, “Are you serious, ever heard of Uber?”

The stranger propped his forearms on the top of her car, fingers brushing against the slightly rusted metal detailing as he leaned close, “I think they’re tracking my phone.”

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Time of the Month - Eisuke Ichinomiya

For @glassbeadt - I really hope you enjoy it!

#5 - I’m on my period and it sucks

“Aimi’s still in bed”.

Eisuke ran a hand through his bangs, leaning his head back as he made himself take a seat on the spacious sofa.

Baba flashed a suggestive grin from across the room as he placed his hat on top of his head, but Eisuke chose to ignore him, his thoughts dominated by worry over his fiancé.

What if something has happened? He mused, but Ota, the only other person in the room aside from Baba, was quick to interrupt his thoughts.

“Is she actually okay?” he asked, looking concerned.

Eisuke hesitated a moment, and then sighed.

“She’s probably just tired from work,” he decided in an instant, nodding his head as if this would make it suddenly true. “She works a lot,” he had to add, and he pretended not to notice Ota’s doubtful expression as he stood up restlessly, resolving to go ahead and make himself a crappy morning coffee.

I shouldn’t wake her up, he reminded himself when he wondered what the hell he was doing as the coffee machine growled at him in distaste. She needs to sleep, clearly.

“I hope Aimi’s okay,” Baba called, sounding far away.

Eisuke glanced up at them through his hazy eyes, noticing that they were making their way towards the door.

“We’re gonna go see what’s happening around the hotel,” Ota explained, but Eisuke had very little interest in the matter.

“Okay,” he mumbled just before the door shut, and the room descended into an unsettling silence, the walls seeming to whisper with uncertainty.

Eisuke forced himself to take sips of his drink, his eyes practically attached to the spiralling staircase that led to her.

What if she needs me? He thought suddenly, and then he heard it – the softest strain of a groan coming from the room in which Aimi was currently asleep!

If you ever wanted to see Eisuke Ichinomiya run, now was the time to watch, because Eisuke damn near sprinted into the bedroom as soon as the sound had processed in his brain, not even giving himself the time to catch his breath before shouting her name and pulling the covers back slightly to get a good look at her.

“Aimi!” he said again, staring down at the beautiful woman lying in bed, still beautiful despite the look of pure pain twisted onto her face, the layers of hair covering the pillow in odd patterns and the fact that she was currently curled up like a new-born baby.

Eisuke hesitated a moment, his breathing still a little less than calm whilst Aimi let out another whimper, her face contorting even more.

“…What’s wrong?”. He sounded so concerned, but it was lost on poor Aimi, who could have sworn that she was currently feeling a sneak preview of death as she curled up more on the soft sheets.

Eisuke felt his panic spreading like a disease.

“Aimi, what is it?”.

“I’m on my period and it sucks!”. Her sudden shout surprised him, but he actually sighed with the relief that she definitely was not dying. He could have collapsed with joy!

An incoming weapon knocked him out of his thoughts, and he caught it expertly just in time, surprised that Aimi had just thrown a cushion at him in a sudden outburst.

She stared at him in exaggerated horror.

“Why the hell are you so pleased about that, exactly?!”.

“Because, Aimi,” he tried to reason, placing the offending cushion back down beside her head. He sighed. “I thought you were dying”.

“It feels like I’m dying!”.

“You’re not dying, Aimi”.

“If I say I’m dying, Eisuke,” she mocked, her anger momentarily causing her pain to subside. “Then I’m dying, alright?”.

Eisuke could only stare at her in a sort of embarrassed shock as she curled back up and turned away from him, clutching her stomach in agony that Eisuke would have done anything to soothe her of.

He didn’t mean to make her angry… he’s never really known quite what to do with her when it comes around to this dreadful time of the month.

Eisuke cleared his throat and shifted awkwardly on his feet.

“…Can I help in any way?” he inquired.

Aimi’s voice was muffled by the cushion.

“It’d be great if you could use all that money you have to find a magical cure to period pain,” she suggested. “Since, you know, painkillers hate me today”.

He didn’t laugh, out of fear that she would bite his head off – he had no idea whether she was joking or not right now, and didn’t want to upset her. That was never his intention.

“…I’m sorry I can’t be of any use, Aimi”. In the silence that followed, Eisuke’s phone chose then to ring.

He removed it from his pocket and glanced down at the screen – he needed to take this.

Guilt clouded his expression as he looked back over at the woman he loved so much, and he hated the fact that he couldn’t help her right now.

“I have to take this,” he told her gently.

“Whatever,” came the muffled reply.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” he tried reassuringly, but Aimi only clutched her stomach again, throwing the covers back over her in an act of defiance and saying nothing.


The sight of yet another crappy, not-made-by-Aimi coffee greeted Eisuke grumpily as he sat down to drink it in the penthouse lounge, completely alone.

With a heart-breaking sigh, he glanced out at the gorgeous view to find the threat of a sunset, and – as he had been doing all day – he thought again of Aimi.

She’s done nothing but lie in bed all day today, only giving one word answers and refusing to eat or drink, as if the pain has twisted her thoughts so much that she’s lost all rationality.

Eisuke’s eyes didn’t move from the setting sun.

“I can’t leave her like that,” he whispered to no one, setting the disgusting coffee down on the table with a light thud. “I promised her that I would make her happy, and so I will – always”.

A slow, deliberate grin formed across his already gorgeous features, and he strengthened his resolve with sudden eagerness, ideas formulating in his mind as to what he could do to make his fiancé smile before the day was out.


Aimi thought that maybe the pain in her tummy had been the culprit in waking her up so suddenly, but when she turned over accusingly, she realised that Eisuke – with those lovely brown eyes – was leaning over her, smoothing out her messy locks of hair and whispering her name in such a gentle voice that she could scarcely believe it.

“…Am I finally in the hallucination stage of pain?” she asked, only half-jokingly.

Her eyes were tired and there was no glow to her skin as she blinked up at him, but Eisuke only saw a goddess as he laughed somewhat gently, offering an explanation.

“I got you ice cream”. The words made Aimi’s eyes double in size, and Eisuke grinned happily at the sight of the lovely, familiar smile on her face. Then he went about removing his jacket, and then his shoes, and then his tie, watching her the entire time.

“Um…”. She attempted speech bravely whilst Eisuke climbed into bed beside her, finding the remote amongst the covers and switching the T.V on.

Aimi stared in shock as the box flickered to life, and Eisuke made quick work of finding a silly girly program that Aimi sometimes liked to watch.

What in the hell is he doing?! She thought, still not convinced that she was awake. She almost pinched herself to test the theory.

“Um, you don’t have to watch this, Eisuke-“.

“I want to watch it with you,” he replied, his voice so gentle. Aimi looked away in embarrassment, trying to collect her thoughts, whilst Eisuke reached to his side and felt around for the bowl of ice-cream that he had been so kind to prepare for the sleeping beauty.

“Here”. Aimi turned back around, almost out of her mind with surprise when she saw Eisuke, holding out a spoon close to her lips, a circle of chocolate ice-cream piled high in its centre, an expectant look on his face.

Aimi did not even attempt to not look completely and utterly confused as her fiancé stared back at her as though nothing was in the realms of extraordinary.

“…What are you doing?!”.

“I’m looking after you,” he replied, curt and completely no-nonsense. It should have sounded quite caring, but Aimi would laugh later at the all-business expression on his handsome face as he stared at her. “Hurry up, will you”.

Spurred on by Eisuke’s clear impatience, Aimi forced herself to forget pride and dignity and everything else she was to be throwing down the drain right now… and opened her mouth to except a bite of ice cream.

She didn’t look away in time, and caught the proud smile on his face, which added about ten more shades of deep red to her blush.

“How is it?” he asked, sounding oh so smug. She had to admit, the ice-cream was a nice touch.

“It’s…”. She nodded vaguely. “Surprising”. He let out a laugh, and Aimi didn’t dare look at him as she stole the bowl out of his hands, and the spoon, too, for that matter. “I can definitely feed myself, Eisuke”. It was supposed to sound strong, but her blush betrayed her still.

Eisuke rolled his eyes in a way that Aimi didn’t get to see.

She’s so stubborn.

He’s so strange.

Eisuke reached out for her, bringing her in close to his chest suddenly. She didn’t protest, but her eyes were wide when she finally came to rest against him, in her most favourite place in all the world.

He buried his face in her hair momentarily, as if the scent was keeping him alive, and asked a surprising question.

“Why is she wearing so much make-up?”. He was referring to the program he had put on for the two of them to watch. Aimi felt like laughing, but before she had the chance to answer his question… her trail of thoughts was cut off completely by the feel of Eisuke’s cold hands, coming up to caress her tummy.

She almost gasped at the cold sensation, those healing hands seeming to suck away the cramps and the aches as Eisuke rubbed soft circles into the bubbles of pain in her stomach.

This feels better than any hot water bottle ever could, she found herself thinking, her thoughts trailing off in a weird direction.

Instinctively, she leant into him some more, raising the spoon to her mouth for another bite of cold, cold ice cream, and then there were Eisuke’s hands and his presence and she almost forgot what time of month it was in that moment.

“…Are you feeling any better, now?”.

Aimi nodded, sure of it.

Thank God, Eisuke thought to himself, leaning his head down to press a kiss to her cheek, light as ever.

They lay there in silence for a few moments longer, and Eisuke seemed to be genuinely enjoying the program, from the seriousness evident in his expression, but Aimi’s thoughts were elsewhere.

He must have had so much to do today, she kept thinking, a frown causing her smile to fade. How much has he put off to be with me right now?

Sneaking a glance over at her man, she felt herself smile.

He’s being so sweet, too! Even though I was so mean to him earlier…

Turning in his arms very suddenly, Aimi sat up slightly to kiss him, their lips meeting in a long, passionate kiss that definitely did more than surprise Eisuke.

Once she pulled back slightly, he only blinked at her in shock, his eyes alight with wonder and less of that usual smugness. Aimi bit her lip and looked down at the white sheets underneath them, suddenly embarrassed.

“Thank you-“.

“I only did what I should have-“. But Aimi was dissatisfied with his nonchalance for now.

Leaning in to kiss him again, and for longer this time, when she pulled away she raised an eyebrow, daring him to argue, smiling despite herself.

“…Thank you,” she tried again, and this time, against his better judgement, Eisuke only ruffled her already messy hair and whispered “you’re welcome” against her lips.

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For the AU where Breha Organa lived and adopted Luke and maybe Han too; how does she react when Luke finds out that Vader's his (and Leia's) dad? For that matter, does Luke accidentally let slip to Vader that Leia's his sister? Or does Vader already know? Aaaaaaaa.

“Many thanks,” Breha says graciously to the service droid as it passes her the tea tray. She has to resist the urge to gag every time she inhales and catches the scent of bacta and antiseptic at the back of her throat. The medical frigate is largely empty, especially now that Master Calrissian and Chewbacca have departed—just Breha and her daughter and her brother, the meddroids and the pilot.

It somehow makes it all more horrible, the empty corridor, the silence only punctured by the whine of the engines.

She has a horror of medcenters, from a bout of Zhysul fever that nearly killed her as a youngling. Quarantine and needles and heat boiling in her brain, dehydration so severe she couldn’t even cry. (Breha mostly remembers because thirty-odd years later, Leia had an infection—minor, they’d only had to take her tonsils out in the end—but Breha had nearly plunged the whole medcenter into chaos over it. A queen out of her mind with fear and worry and love was…less than effective.)

But it isn’t Leia this time. It is Leia’s brother, his lips thin and pinched-white as he tests out the joints of his new hand, one by one. Leia is pacing the small room, chewing at her nails—and that, more than anything sends a spike of panic through Breha.

“What’s wrong?” Breha demands, setting down the tea tray in order to send both of them pointed looks. Leia stopped biting her nails at six, when Breha had the governess paint her nails with bitter cuorm juice every morning. (The last time Breha found her like that was just before her first day in the senate, when she commed from her suite on Coruscant with spots of blood at her fingertips.)

Luke and Leia are staring blankly, and it occurs to Breha—a little belatedly—that there are a great many things wrong right now. She sighs, turns to Leia. “Tell me, princesa,” she commands.

Leia exhales. (It’s not often that Breha asks Leia to acknowledge her authority; Leia is her daughter and Breha would rather be her mother than her queen. But sometimes it is necessary her rank be felt.) “Luke was—he was—you should tell her,” Leia says to Luke. “He told you, you should…”

Luke is still flexing his fingers, one by one, almost meditatively. “Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker,” he says, and his voice is terrible, amused and full of anger, anguish, all at once. “Darth Vader is—our father.”

Breha laughs. “What? No, I told you, Anakin Skywalker died with the other Jedi when Order 66 was carried out. Bail said he died defending the temple—“

“He didn’t,” Luke says bluntly. He still hasn’t lifted his gaze from the new hand, though his mouth is turned down at the corners.

“Who told you this, Luke?” she asks gently.

“He did. Vader.”

Leia makes a frustrated noise before Breha can even formulate a response. “He could have lied to you,” Leia says. “He could have….tricked you, or misled you, there’s no reason to believe him!”

“I believe him because it’s true!” Luke snaps, his gaze flying to her. “I know he wasn’t lying, I know, the—same way I knew you were my sister, the same way I knew about the Death Star. He is our father.”

“My father—my father is Bail Organa,” Leia says, though her voice is shaking. “You know that too.”

Breha is dimly aware of the room tilting, and Leia crying, “Nanay!” as she falls to her knees. Breha is still blinking down at her hands (strange, suddenly foreign objects) when Leia kneels down beside her, eyes wide. “Mother, are you all right? Should I get a meddroid?”

“I was just a little dizzy, let me breathe.”

“You’re pale, shaking. Let me get a droid—”

Jendeh yo ta entende,” she says in Acano, reaching out and cupping Leia’s face in her hands. “He hurt you. If you are his daughter, why would he hurt you? Wouldn’t he—a Jedi would know, a Jedi…He sat at…he sat at our table on Alderaan, Leia. He made Bail laugh, with some joke about a senator. He killed your father, Leia. He took Alderaan from us.”

Leia’s hand comes up and covers hers, warmly. “I know. I know.”

Breha looks to Luke. “I remember Anakin Skywalker. Darth Vader cannot be him.”

Luke looks away.

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baby sormik fluff pleassssseee

History was full of so many fascinating things, but Sorey was beginning to realize that he was underdressed for the occasion.

While Sorey and Mikleo were often able to explore the ruins near their Elysian home, it felt somewhat off to embark on an adventure to investigate the past dressed so…modernly. Oh, the addition of a cape to Sorey’s adventuring outfit was inspired to be sure – he’d picked out the fabric himself, and threaded needles for Natalie for her to sew with, and oversaw the process so it was historically accurate. The moment Sorey tied it on, he felt ready to take on the deepest mysteries the world had to throw at him.

(Mikleo said he liked it because it was easier for him to grab on it and yank Sorey back when he leaned over ledges too far. These comments lead to a cape-yanking fight that found Sorey and Mikleo rolling down the grassy hills near the ruins, laughing and tangled hopelessly in said cloaks.)

And yet, as he grew in years, seven-year-old Sorey realized something grim that six-year-old Sorey did not: the adventure cape was not enough to make him a true archaeologist. He confessed his fears to Mikleo by the light of the lantern in their home as they cuddled up for bed – and Mikleo nodded, and spent the rest of the night awake with him to pore over their collection of books to revamp Sorey’s look. The night wore on, and Sorey yawned and rested his chin on Mikleo’s shoulder. Mikleo’s cheeks were so chubby and soft-looking. Sorey leaned in and kissed one to confirm. Yes indeed, very soft. Mikleo giggled and returned the favor, and Sorey’s heart went all soft and fluttery too. Tomorrow night, they’d revamp Mikleo’s look too. If he wanted.

(Mikleo already looked pretty, though.)

As the morning sun broke over the horizon, they too had reached a breakthrough: a lot of the cool-looking sketches of ancient frescos in their books had people wearing earrings in them. Ergo: Sorey needed his ears pierced.

The shopping list seemed simple: something sharp, and a whole bunch of towels. The process seemed equally simple, so Sorey and Mikleo endeavored to undertake it on their own. (The adults, they decided, didn’t have to know until later, when they saw how adventurer-ly Sorey looked.) Sorey produced a needle that had been previously used to sew his cloak, and Mikleo procured the bath towels for Sorey to sit on.

Mikleo inspected the needle, furrowing his eyebrows the way he did when he was worried about something. He carefully poked the needle with his finger and frowned.

“I’m gonna use my artes on your ears,” Mikleo declared. “I’ll numb them with an ice spell and it’ll hurt less.”

Sorey nodded eagerly, barely able to sit still in his excitement. Mikleo’s fingers grasped his ears, and he squeezed his eyes shut in concentration. His tongue was poking a little out of his mouth. Sorey wanted to poke it with his finger, but was distracted from the thought at the feeling of a gentle chill overcoming his ears. Sorey reached up and pinched them hard to test.

“It worked! Let’s do it, Mikleo!”

Mikleo carefully draped a towel around Sorey’s shoulders, like he did when he practiced trimming Sorey’s hair. He picked up the needle, drew a deep breath, and went to work.

The good news was that Mikleo worked fast. The bad news was that Sorey still felt the needle, and yelped loud on both pricks. The worse news was that there was apparently a lot of blood in your ears, and when Gramps came in to see what Sorey had been yelling about, he only saw the messy part with Mikleo panicking and in tears at the blood gushing down Sorey’s neck, and didn’t seem to get that they’d stayed up all night planning this and were really good with prepping beforehand.

So, due to this misunderstanding on Gramps’ part, they both got grounded from adventuring for a whole week.

Gramps just didn’t understand fashion.

thatsmyotterteacozy asked: Cas is Dean’s guardian angel. Dean has a near death experience and meets Cas for the first time when he comes to rescue Dean. After that, Dean keeps putting himself in danger so he can flirt with Cas.

Author’s note: This is such a cool AU idea, and I just HAD to write it. It got a little long, but I’m sure you will all forgive me for that. Enjoy!

Dean stared at his car in horror, feeling sick to his stomach. The Impala that he held so dear was all but plastered to the front of a giant truck, nothing but a piece of scrap metal now. He blinked away some stray tears as he gazed at the burning vehicle, the flames swallowing his most treasured possession; the car that his dad had given to him on his seventeenth birthday.

It had all happened so fast; blinding headlights, followed by the loud sound of a car horn, and then… a bright flash of silver and blue. One minute Dean had been driving back to his apartment, singing along to some tune on the radio. The next, that huge-ass truck had been coming right at him without a warning, and Dean had seen all twenty-five years of his life as they’d suddenly flashed before his eyes.

He’d been so sure that this would be the end, and yet here he was, sitting on the cold sidewalk, watching the scene from a distance. Wait a minute… He couldn’t have possibly made it out of that car alive.

“Holy shit!” Dean cursed, panicking as his brain put two and two together and figured out what it meant. “I’m freaking dead! I’m a ghost!”

As he pinched himself to test that theory, there was a low chuckle from beside him, and Dean flinched. Until now, he hadn’t realized that he wasn’t alone.

“You aren’t dead, Dean.” A deep, calm voice informed him, casual as if talking about the weather rather than Dean’s existence.

Dean turned his head, choking on a breath when two wide blue eyes stared right back at him, framed by thick lashes.

Hallelujah. Surely Dean had died and gone to Heaven after all, because that right there was the most gorgeous guy that Dean had ever laid eyes on. High cheekbones, dark hair that was brilliantly tousled, and God, those eyes. Did he mention the eyes? The guy was wearing a dark suit that was a tad too big on him, and a cerulean tie that was loose and backwards. He looked somewhat ruffled, but undeniably adorable. For once, Dean didn’t mind that he was still single.

“Who are you?” Dean breathed as soon as his mouth was able to spit out an actual sentence.

“My name is Castiel.” Blue Eyes tilted his head, giving Dean the smallest of smiles. “I’m the one who saved your life.”

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It’s hard to believe the end of my box-encouraged paleo challenge is only a week away!  Admittedly, I’ve learned a lot more about my relationship with food than I expected to.  And I can honestly say that I hope to continue eating this way 90% of the time.  It regulates all of my hormones in a phenomenal way, my energy is at a record high, tight-lacing is easier than ever, I’ve learned to cook - especially flesh - better than I thought possible in 30 days, and I’m (er…) more regular.  Also, muscles - I love mine and the way they’ve all developed over the past month.  Most noticeable are: obliques, quadriceps, and deltoids.  As for body fat percentage, the mirror test and pinch test (subjective, I know) both tell me that it’s gone down.  However, the hydrostatic weighing next Friday will tell the whole story.

 The only downside I’ve come across so far is that food prep becomes a much longer process.  However, it would be silly for me to pretend like that outweighs all the good I’ve experienced in such a short time frame!

The corset pictured above was made by myself, worn over a skirt made by Scarlet of thecorsetauthority.

There is nothin’ better than spendin’ time with Ruby.

((It has been AGES since I last drew Ruby, I felt going into this year that I should include her a bit more.

I want to put the OPPP back into OPPP (How many of you remember THAT?).

This was delayed by a few things; illness, trying new stuff, general tiredness, I apologise for that.))

jungkooksarms  asked:

jikook for "your voice sounds like my thinking voice and that’s really freaking me out au" ^-^

Jungkook likes the way his voice sounds. It’s mature, pleasantly low and husky at times. It even sounds experienced when he wants it to be. It helps when people are willing to dismiss everything he says due to his years.

To put it simply, Jungkook loves hearing his voice.

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A scary truth about car seats is that four out of five of them are used incorrectly. Yet I would be willing to bet that five out of five parents genuinely believe that they are the exception and that their babes are safely snuggled into their correctly-installed car seats. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Some of the biggest mistakes that are made involve the chest clip and harness straps.

  • A lot of parents simply buckle the chest clip at whatever position it happens to be in and think that is sufficient. But the chest clip GOES ACROSS THE CHEST. It should be at armpit level, where the vital organs are protected by the ribcage and sternum.

  • Also to be considered is the harness straps. A hugely common mistake is having the straps way too loose - there should not be any slack. Try the “pinch test”: pinch the straps at shoulder level to ensure that there is no slack and that they are comfortably snug.

  • Then take a look at where the straps are coming out of the slots at the back of the car seat and their relation to your child’s shoulders. They should be coming out at or below shoulder level if your child is rear-facing. If your child is forward-facing, they should be coming out at or above shoulder level. This may require re-lacing the straps through a higher or lower slot.

  • Since we’re getting into the cooler months, I’m also going to highlight the fact that bulky winter coats pose a serious risk when worn under the harness in a car seat. It is impossible to adequately tighten the straps when it worn; in an accident, the coat will compress and the child’s risk of serious injury sky rockets. To determine if the coat is safe, buckle your child in without a coat and tighten the straps as you normally would. Use the pinch test to make sure that they are snug enough. Now, without adjusting the harness, buckle the child in the car seat with the coat on. If you have to adjust the harness, then the coat is too bulky. A good alternative is to buy a fleece or another jacket with a similar fit, and then cover your child with a blanket after buckling him. Or, after buckling him in, turn the winter coat around with their arms through the arm holes and use it as a blanket that way. These are much, much safer habits as they do not interfere with the harness.

And lastly, PLEASE MAX OUT THE REAR-FACING LIMITS.Forward-facing should not be a rushed milestone. I know that, legally, a child can be forward-faced at 1 year and 20 pounds. (Though, terrifying as it is, I’ve seen children foward-faced before then.) However, this is waaay too early. Children’s spines aren’t nearly mature enough to take the impact of an accident and they should be kept rear-facing as long as the car seat allows. There always has to be a minimum, but when it comes to the safety of our children, shouldn’t we go for the maximum? Most car seats allow rear-facing up to 35-45 pounds and around 50 inches. Children are 500% safer rear-facing until at least two years old. The goal should be to keep them rear-facing until at least two years old and as close to four as possible. Know the limits of your car seat and shoot for the maximum.

Be informed about car seat safety and don’t take it for granted. Keep your babes safe!