Some other Japanese Sasusaku artists to follow on Twitter (Part 2)

Part 1 is HERE

Sasusaku western fandom is no match for Japanese’s artists. Their love for SS is unlimited regardless of time! Just make sure to follow their Twitter accounts and find their pixiv on their Twitter profiles. Ready to start your SS journey? Let’s start with:

1. Kouno (河野 @kouno_00)

If you love cute dorky Sasusaku, Kouno’s doujins will be your number one choice. Her Sakura is always blushing scarlet at a devil yet adorkable Sasuke. Kouno’s latest short doujin is based on that newest Shounen Jump illustration by Kishimoto. 

And dont forget her pixiv account with tons of beautiful SS doujins.

2. Donburako (どんぶらこ@原稿中@donburako8888 )

Another SS artist who is keen on fluffy SS family moments. I couldn’t stop thinking about how to jump in Donburako’s panels and pinch her Sakura’s cheek, she’s such a cute momma! This is one of her sweet Uchiha fam doujins for the Sasusaku 60-minute challenge, and the theme in that week was about Sasusaku in their 20s. Sasuke was numb after seeing his wife in her 20 something with long silky hair.

3. Shintama (with 2 accounts: しんたま(垢移動中)@shin_tama_2 and the new one newたま@newtamaZ)

If you are a fan of Sasusaku and Ghibli Studio, follow her NOW, because Shintama sometimes adds her favorite Totoro and Ghibli characters into her SS fanarts. You’ll be bombarded with super duper moe chibi Sasusaku! 

This is my favorite Shintama’s doujin, which is about Uchiha Sakura birthday: Sarada wrapped her papa up as a present for her mama because she was revealed by Mamakura that her birthday wish was to be “crazily in love” with her papa. And when Sakura went home, Sasuke asked her to choose between “love me crazily” or “let me love you crazily” and Sakura chose to be loved by Sasuke, hungrily of course haha!

4. Kakawo カカヲ@wokakacacawo

She’s been one of the most popular SS fanartists for a long time and still active until now. Kakawo draws team 7 as well but SS is still her favorite. Below is a very touching doujin about Sasuke silently holding his childhood sweetheart when she was sleeping.

5. Suzuaki (すずあき@yako606)

Suzuaki’s doujins will surely give you butterflies in your stomach. Her doujins are creative and interesting. Suzuaki’s latest doujin about Sasusaku’s first time sleeping together has reached 110k likes and 46k retweets on Twitter!!! Just WOW! Can you believe it?!? Follow her now and see for yourself!!!

6. Aksima (赤縞@aksima4649)

Another amazing Uchiha Fam fanartist to follow. She ships Inojin and Sarada, you have been warned haha, but I’m getting to love this couple thanks to her utterly kawaii doujins. She regularly updates her SS doujins on, so make sure you check her art works when logging in.

Aksima’s Papasuke is a sly fox who’s always trying to take advantage of Mamakura, which is a little bit funnily ecchi sometimes. For example:

7. And now the queen of SS smut, Adashicchi (あだしっち@adashino0f)

Sakura in her arts is sexily voluptous just like Kishimoto’s style, and Sasuke is devilishly handsome with constant murder attempt on dear Sakura! 

Adashicchi is the author of that famous smut doujin in which Sasuke used his Susanoo arm to fuck make love to Sakura, and it’s mind blowing! That doujin was fast and furiously sold out after a few days on (a page on which SS fanartists sell their artwors and doujins, check it for yourself) but the SS tumblr smut queen @thelittlechook​ finally bought that one haha, I hope it gives her much inspiration for the next SS smut week/or month, Im longing for it too!

Check her pixiv to be overwhelmed by her Sasusaku R18 arts!

8. Some other successful SS artists with wonderful artworks are Wakkatootti ( 和っか@wakkatootti) with cheerful and lovey dovey Sasusaku and Goma (goma404@goma404) with Sasusaku in casual clothes and modern world.

That’s it! Please reblog if possible to encourage SS fans to follow good Japanese artists in other social network instead of reprinting or reposting their arts without permission :D

Et voila! Bon appetit minna-san!



1. A quick little 8 image chapbook made from one sheet of letter size. 

2. Make a dummy first out of copy paper to get the hang of folding the book, and to order the images on the folded pages. Unfold the dummy to use it as a printing guide. The diagram shows the fold and cut lines, the image placement order numbered as they appear on the pages of the book, and the arrows indicate the orientation for the images…i.e. one half of the images are flipped. V=Portrait, H=Landscape

Fold and burnish in half lengthwise, then in half again. Fold the remaining halves towards the center. Unfold and cut a single slot through the two center panels. Pinch the two center folds and pull outwards to spring the book into shape. I also made a card stock cover attached with two staples…or alternately a two hole stitch. [Remember to use a clean cover paper for burnishing the thoroughly dried finished print]

3. If a second cut is made on “only one” side of center section-a T-Slot—an accordion book results. I attached a front and back cover to the dummy using the Slot & Tab technique. This might be nice for family portrait  photos, as it stands open on it’s own.

Edit: Just ran into some helpful illustrations on schweizercomics …here


Comic adaptation:
Page 1:
Panel 1: 
Narrator: Citron’s Pokémon Harimaron has met a kind old woman in the forest.
Old woman: Eat as many of my macarons as you like!
Harimaron: Rima rima’!
Narrator: Hey, Harimaron… aren’t you eating a bit too much?

Panel 2:
Voice: Hey granny, I’m back!
Old woman: Oh, looks like grandpa is back.

Panel 3:
Old woman: My husband and I like having Pokémon battles with each other, you see. So I’m going to make you work real good here. 

Panel 4: 
Harimaron: Rima…!?

Page 2:
Panel 1: 
Old woman: All right, grandpa! Today I’m going to shut that mouth of yours!! Do your best, Harimaron-chan!!
Old man: Ghahahaha!! I say the same to you!!

Panel 2:
Old man: Mafoxy, Will-o-Wisp!!

Page 3:
Panel 1:
Old woman: Harimaron-chan! Don’t just run away, attack!!

Panel 2:
Old woman: It’s moving oddly slow… Maybe it ate too many macarons…

Panel 3:
Citron: Harimaron!!
Harimaron: Rima’!!

Panel 4:
Citron: Sorry, but this Harimaron is my Pokémon!
Harimaron: Rima rima’!
Old woman: Oh, is that so!? I was so sure it was a wild Pokémon…

Panel 5:
Old man: Gahahaha! I guess that means I win this battle, huh!?

Panel 6:
Citron: I’ll be taking over the battling from here on!!
Harimaron: Rima’!
Old man: All right! Then let’s resume!!

Page 4:
Panel 1:
Satoshi: Hey, doesn’t it look like Harimaron has put on some weight…?
Serena: I’m sure it ate too may macarons…!

Panel 2:
Old man: Will-O-Wisp!!
Citron: Harimaron! Please dodge!!

Panel 3:
Citron: If it keeps moving like this, its stomach should get smaller and its body get lighter!

Panel 4:
Satoshi: It’s gradually starting to move faster and faster!!

Panel 5:
Old man: Mafoxy!! Flamethrower!!
Citron: Harimaron!!

Panel 6:
Harimaron: Ri… Rima’…

Page 5:
Panel 1:
Harimaron: Rimaaaa’!!
Citron: This is Overgrow!? It’s said to power up Grass type moves in a pinch…!!

Panel 2:
Citron: All right, Harimaron! Vine Whip!!

Panel 3:
Old man: Wha… In that case… It seems I have no choice but to use my ultimate move to beat you!!

Panel 4:
Old woman: Stop it, grandpa!! Using that move is going to cause bodily harm!!
Old man: Shut it!! I’ve made up my mind!!

Panel 5:
Satoshi: A move so extreme it causes bodily harm to the Pokémon!?

Panel 6:
Old man: Mystical…

Page 6:
Panel 1: 
Old man: Fiiiiiiiiii…

Panel 2:
Old man: My… my back…!?

Panel 3:
Old woman: Oh Grandpa! I told you it would cause you bodily harm…!

Panel 4:
Old woman: Everyone, I baked lots of macarons as an apology, so eat up!
Satoshi: Bon appetit!
Narrator: Satoshi and his friends journey towards the Kalos League continues on!

Translation courtesy of Adamant