pinch lip

hello do you think even ever played “i’ve got your nose” with isak and gently pinched his nose and then placed the tip of his thumb between his two fingers and waved it in front of isak’s face and said “ha! i’ve got your nose” and isak rolled his eyes but still smiled (a little smile, his lips slightly pinched because he tried to hold it back) and then asked “oh no. what am i going to do now? i can’t live without a nose” in a false dramatic tone and even replied “hmmm. i think i can fix this” and he reached for isak’s nose, pinching it gently again and proudly said “your nose is back” and then isak chuckled  “phew, thank you” and even gave isak a small peck on the tip of his nose and said “you’re welcome” 

the woman, busy. shuffling hands passing dishes like magicians from cabinet to table. the muffled laughter of a shared joke that doesn’t pass outside the kitchen door. inside here is equal footing and slippery slopes both, grandmother clucks and takes the bowl because you’re stirring wrong and there should be more salt don’t you know; in-law pinches lips about full-fat milk pour. but here, land untouched by men, there is a warmth of kin. the woman dance, around toys on the floor, the art of raising house quietly, of asking nicely for help, of expecting refusal. the young girls who are already learning to whisk in and out, hands full of food, tight smile at lewd. the moment where young girls become young women, where they are handed salad or bread to serve, where they get the joke, where a door softly opens and they are home. something deep and secret and magic. unwork, unhard, unlabor. the keeping of beasts, who roughhouse and kick up heels, who drink beers and belch at televisions. the quieting of red-cheeked shouters, whose women know to duck, to insert crackers to calm hunger, to approach with gentle hands and speak in gentle words and gentle shushing of a loud soul. inside the kitchen she straightens, she eye-rolls, she whispers men and we all, women, we know.

Happy New Year!

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Raphael x Reader

Happy New Year!

Prompt: Raph’s girl has been home for the holidays, but comes back New Year’s Eve to surprise him!

Note: I took a little liberty here. Okay, so reader is not officially Raph’s girl. Yet. But boy, does he want her to be. Because I’m a ho for scenarios where the two are crushing and then finally get together. So yeah. Enjoy.

You walked into the lair quietly, each step carefully placed as to not make any noise. Raph was right there watching the New Year’s Eve broadcast with his brothers, and you were going to scare the shit out of him.

Mikey spotted you, but you continued, raising a finger to your lips to quiet him. He nodded silently, dragging his pinched fingers across his lips.

“Boo!” You shouted, reaching around him to cover his eyes as he jumped in shock. “Guess who.”

“April.” His gruff voice offered. His brothers smiled as they watched the exchange.


“Well yer hands are too small to be Casey and (Y/N) is in California with her family, so…”

“Take a peek, Red.” You removed your hands from his emerald eyes. They widened at the sight of you.

“I thought ya were-”

“Came back early to surprise you. Couldn’t miss New Year’s with my boys, right?” You smirked and hopped over the back of the couch. Raph’s cheeks flushed and he managed a small nod and a smirk. But what you had meant to say was: couldn’t miss my chance at a New Year’s kiss, right? You knew he probably didn’t feel the same way about you, but it was worth a shot.

“I missed you, angelcakes!” Mikey went in for one of his signature bear-hugs, causing Raphael to roll his eyes and huff softly. Was this jealousy, or just Raph being Raph? It was hard for you to decipher, but you hugged his youngest brother anyway before plopping back down next to Raphael.

“So uh, how was Christmas?” you asked.

Lonely without you.

“All right.” Raph grunted, arms across his large chest. “Yours?”

“It was nice. Mom and Dad miss having me close, but they know how much I like it out here.”

“Yeah? Why’s that?” A smirk tugged at his lips. You shrugged.

“I dunno. But I have a bunch of cool friends here, so there’s that.” You playfully nudged him. He chuckled. “Anyways,” you opened the large gift bag you had brought in with you. “I picked up some of the non-alcoholic white grape sparkling champagne whatever,”

“The what?”

“Here.” You handed him one of the bottles to check out. He nodded before handing it back. You poured some into glasses and distributed it to everyone. Raph took a little sip, but you put your hand on his large arm. “You’re supposed to save it for the ball drop!”

“Oh, sorry.” He lowered the glass. “New Year’s is new ta me.”

“I know.” You smiled. He smiled back, and you feared your heart would leap out of your chest. God, Raph didn’t smile often, but when he did, it was the handsomest thing you’d ever see. Gorgeous. The way his eyes would sparkle a little and the smile seemed to light up his whole face.

“Hey (Y/N),” Mikey leaned in to whisper in your ear, but he was whispering way too loud, as he usually did. “Maybe you’ll get a New Year’s kiss!”

“Shut up!” you playfully elbowed him. Raph pretended not to hear, but he did. A smirk tugged at his lip as an idea crossed his mind. Maybe you would get a New Year’s kiss…


You and the boys were all standing now, counting down the ball drop at the top of your lungs. Raph couldn’t help but smile at how excited you were. Mikey had a legion of party poppers, Donnie had the noisemakers, and Leo was sprinkling confetti.

“THREE, TWO, ONE! HAPPY NEW YEAR!” You looked up at Raphael, who towered over you. He smiled softly as he looked down at you. There was something soft in his eyes. Something gentle. Raph reached down and stroked your cheek with one of his thick green fingers, brushing the hair out of your face.

“Happy New Year, Raphael.” God, he loved the sound of his name on your lips.

“Happy New Year.” He replied. And with that, he bent down for a gentle kiss. He defied expectations when it came to kissing. He kissed you as though you were made of glass, a china doll that would shatter under his touch.

“Yeah! Get it, Raph!” Mikey cheered. Raph fought the urge to beat his little brother and instead, continued kissing you. Both of his huge hands held your face to his, and both of your hands came to rest on his plastron. He had to bend waaay down to kiss you, but he didn’t mind in the slightest. When he pulled away, he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

“Sorry ‘bout that. I uh-”

“I liked it. A lot.” You stood on your toes to kiss his cheek before heading to the kitchen to reload on pizza. “We should do that more often.”

“Yeah…” He held a hand over the bright red lipstick mark on his cheek, stuck in a daze as he gave his little brother a high-five. “We should…”

A Side of Me You Never Found - snowbaz

laST fic :((((((( thank you to @carryon-countdown for doin this amazing event for the fandom. here’s carry on countdown: chapter 61 :)



Is it so hard to believe, that maybe I like you?

The car is quiet on the way back to Baz’s manor.

Baz’s driving is slightly slower, less panicked and angry than before. Sometimes I don’t think he’s concentrating enough on the road, staring out to the horizon with his fingers pinching his bottom lip. I try not to stare, but it’s hard. Baz is so close, so here. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if… if I didn’t…

“Baz?” I ask.

He doesn’t react.

Until he pulls over.

And for the first time tonight, he relaxes.

“When you kissed me, did you mean to?” He interrogates softly.

Did I? Yes.

But…for how long?

I remember in fourth year, when I started to feel my relationship with Agatha slipping away from us both. When I swapped out my time with the girl of my dreams, to watch Baz (to study Baz). It was a pass-time that frustrated myself more than anyone, because there was something about Baz that I needed. Watching him, learning his habits and schedule, essentially obsessing over him for no reason other than my own obliviousness.

This continued through the next few years, even after everything he did to me. I never forget what he’s done, no, and I’m not even sure I forgive him, but I still admire him. For his strength, mostly, but also for his grace. Tonight is no different. He’s danger and chaos, but (paradoxically) I feel safer knowing he’s here.

Crowley, he’s here.

“Of course I meant to,” I answer softly.

“No, but did you mean it, Simon.”

Yes, Baz - I kissed you because I like you and I want to kiss you. Is that so hard to believe?”

He gives me a sorry glance. We stay silent for as long as is needed, until he slowly reaches across his body to un-click his seat-belt.

“Where are you going?” I worry, remember what happened the last time this happened.

“Nowhere, I just-”

“Please, Baz.”

“I need to get out-”


And I grab him by the shirt and kiss him once more.

We don’t part. Even when our lips aren’t touching, our foreheads stay pressed together. I look at him, but his eyes are closed. For what feels like forever, we stay in that moment. Baz doesn’t move at all, but my hands drift   from his chest, to arms, to neck and jaw. He sighs when he opens his eyes, but smiles quietly as he kisses me once more.

“You, somehow, are the only thing that makes sense right now,” he tells me, barely audible. “Which is ironic, because you have never, in your life, made any sense with your mouth before.”

Child Jikook part2  

Jimin: Hey Kookie, do you want a lollipop?


*just stares at him while he hugs his plush bunny closer* 

Jimin: I have different kind of flavours like strawberry, blueberry, cherry, va…

Jungkook suddenly pinches Jimin’s bottom lip between his fingers and admire it…few second later he scrunches his nose while the world disappears because of his eyesmile

Jungkook: Pretty~

Jimin *his face gets red immediately*: Huh?

Jungkook: It’s blue…from the lollipop, your lips are blue  *giggles*

This day Jimin learnt once again that he should be cautious around this bunny boy…he will be teh end of him one day

[Part 1] [ Part 3]


“Did you get distracted?” You laughed, stepping forward and clapping a hand over Alfred’s shoulder as he watched Bruce run for the doors of the solarium, where you’d promised a plate of freshly baked were waiting for him.

“No… That little bugger just happen to clip…” Alfred tried, mocking a jab in the air before huffing and barking off in the direction of Bruce had run. “Oi! You gobble all that chocolate down, you’ll be sicker than-”

“Hey…” You started, drawing Alfred’s attention and causing his eyes to snap to you. Pinching your lip between your teeth, you reached for his gloves and started unlacing the ties to easily slip his boxing mitts away from his hands before lowering your tone in a way that had him pitching forward so he could actually hear your voice. “You don’t need to snarl…”

“I’m not snarl-”

“I know you’re scared.” You cut, flicking your stare back to his face and tucking a mitt under your arm before starting on the other. “But you’re a good man and you’re doing better than you think. His parents left him in good hands…”

At that, the tension seemed to lift away from his shoulders as if a physical weight had been pressing them down and without hesitation, he smiled and said, “I’m glad to have you here, you know.”

“I know.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Helping Alfred Raise Bruce*

@harrisonwellstrash: Imagine helping Alfred raise Bruce (Gotham verse) x

Lost & Found - CH 9

Chapter 9 is up! Happy reading, all!

Katniss leaned her forehead against the cold shower tiles as the water cascaded down her back. She felt nothing, so she turned the cold to the off position, trying to feel something. She had been numb inside and out for two weeks.

Two weeks.

She’d spent the entire time without seeing, hearing, or knowing anything about Peeta. Her shoulders slumped. She felt as though she’d endured a physical beating, and she didn’t know if the hot droplets streaming down her face were tears or water from the showerhead. Finally, her skin began to burn.

Good, she thought, pinching her lips together as the pain turned to a sizzle. Let it burn. Let it leave ugly scars to remind me.

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Control - Chapter One

Starting Line 

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Izuku pinched his lip in thought, nervously twirling his pencil in his other hand. His attention not on his finished quiz lying on his desk but on the classroom door.

All Might…

Four days and Izuku hadn’t been able to visit him once. School work, training, and Aizawa-sensei’s cautionary warning to not bring undue attention to Recovery Girl’s infirmary prevented him.

“All Might needs his rest, and you need to focus on your studies,” the erasing hero stated, keeping Izuku after class on Monday, “All Might will bounce back just fine without students’ hovering.”

Despite Aizawa’s own brand of reassurance, Izuku could not help worrying.

His gaze slid from the door to Bakugou’s back in front of him. Izuku furrowed his brows thoughtfully.

Hands in his pockets, Bakugou leaned back in his seat. His shoulders were stiff, irritation and unspoken frustration boiling under the surface. He knew, of course…

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46 for patater? and/or 10 for wtf?

46. “Shut up, I am a delight!”

“Kenny, maybe it’s not so good you come for reunion. Russia is… very cold in winter, котенок. Too cold for you, maybe.” Alexi sat at the counter of Kent’s kitchen, large hand wrapped around a rather tiny mug of ginger tea, smile curling onto his cheeks as he watched Kent spin around at the sink, lips pinched into a scowl. 

“I play hockey, Tater. I think I can handle the cold.” Kent replied, eyes narrowing slightly at the smug Russian across from him. 

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Good Enough (12)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelvepart thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; part nineteen; part twenty; part twenty one; part twenty two; part twenty three; part twenty four; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

You never thought you would see Sehun in the library of the palace, let alone see him studying so intensely for exams. As you sat back in your comfy armchair, with a big textbook in your lap as you finished another cue card, you looked up at Sehun with a smile on your face, stroking your growing stomach.

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52. “I’m not angry, im in pain. You put me here. The person whose suppose to love me more than anything.”

Dylan O'Brien X Reader

Requested by @hernameiswhatt


“I loved you through everything and you don’t even care!” You yelled.

Dylan was in tears, his throat clenching as the knot made it unbearable to breathe. You have known Dylan for quite a while now, and things were getting pretty cozy between you two.

But there was one little thing, he proposed to Britt.

“I do care! Y/N, I love you so much and-”

“Don’t! Because if you did, you wouldn’t have proposed to her!” You exclaimed.

Dylan pursed his lips and pinched the bridge of his nose. “What else was I suppose to do? She’s pregnant! I can’t just leave her. I know you’re angry but-”

“I’m not angry, I’m in pain. And you put me here. The person whose suppose to love me more than anything.” The tears were overbearing, making it hard to see clearly.

His heart dropped at the sound of the pain behind your voice. It killed him more than anything. “Y/N, I’m so sorry.” He whispered.

«[John] smiled a bit wickedly, and then put his working voice back on. “Back to the story. Here’s my idea. This will be so much easier with someone who is actually familiar with my writings. Unlike Priscilla.“ 

Jane pinched her lips to suppress a smile. 

“Again, nothing specific, just general notes please. Iris and the Professor are on this frozen planet. It hasn’t always been frozen, but something cataclysmic happened and the ocean in the midst of a perfectly horrendous storm froze in an instant.” He snapped his fingers for emphasis. “He’s brought her here as an apology for something horrible he said to her. It’s a beautiful place and he doesn’t know yet how to express everything he has in his hearts to her.”

“Hearts?“ asked Jane, confused. 

"Did I say hearts? I meant heart. Single heart. Just one heart. So he takes her to the top of a wave and he says–”

“See that wave, Iris? It’s frozen in time. I wish we could freeze this moment, freeze this memory, because this is the day that I tell you I love you.” Jane breathed the words.  

John was silent. 

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have interrupted. I couldn’t help myself. I really love the Professor and Iris,” she said with a far off, dreamy look on he face. 

"That’s… that’s… beautiful Jane,“ he breathed. "Sorry. I called you Jane. Wildly inappropriate. I meant Miss Smith. So, Miss Smith, write that down. Exactly those words. Don’t change a single thing.»

- Found and Forgotten, by @whoinwhoville (Chap.2)

Exo’s Reaction - Watching A Film Together

Xiumin - *You both sit on the floor like children and watch Aladdin together and you couldn’t help but sing along so he had to gently pinch your lips together while smiling and trying not to laugh at the face you pull while he does it*

Lay - *Falls asleep 15 minutes into the film like usual*

Kai - *He doesn’t shut up through out the whole film and finds it funny when you try to concentrate to hear what is being said but he starts finding the film boring and asks for food all the time*

Suho - *You don’t get effected by someone getting attacked by a snake* *gif* *although, Suho however, freezes straight away(

Kyungsoo - *He enjoys the movie so much, he didn’t pay attention to anybody else*

Tao - *As soon as there was a spider on the screen, Tao got up and ran out of the room while you sit there and laugh your ass off because of Tao’s reaction*

Chen - *He gets cold and he wanted to cuddle while watching the film so you go lay in his arms, he wraps a blanket over you both and rests his head on yours* 

Kris - *He gets distracted when Tao walks in while you both are watching a film and gets confused when he then sees someone lying there dead on screen* What’s happened?!

Chanyeol - *You watch ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ and you start tearing up, being the caring one he is, he makes sure that you are okay and cuddles up to you while playing with your hair*

Baekhyun - *You’re trying to watch the film but all you could hear was Baekhyun using his favourite word and each time he did it, it got funnier and he changed the tone to suit the scene of the film* 

Sehun - *He puts on a horror film and you jump out of your skin and as a little shit he is, all he does is laugh at you instead of making sure you are alright*

Luhan - *25 minutes into Netflix and chill, he gives you this look* 

(I’m so sorry but i had to do it xD) 

ask-sam-seabury  asked:

Sam looked at himself in the mirror, biting his lower lip and pinching his stomach, before letting go and sighing. He heard footsteps, and quickly put his shirt back on, not bothering to put pants on over his boxers as he crawled into bed. He watched George enter, smiling half-heartedly whe he saw him. "Hey Baby."

George smiled at the sight of Sam in bed, immediately taking a seat beside him and kissing his forehead. “Hi, gorgeous.”

Bread Crumbs

Pairing: Regulus Black x Hermione Granger

AU: canon AU; Marauders-era Hermione

Word Count: 714 words

Written For: bleugorskis + this ask

The hollow, metallic rattle of the badge box echoes morosely in the pervasive silence of the library, and Hermione…

She doesn’t get it.

How is it possible that she is the only person at Hogwarts to properly care about the house elves? To care about the fact that they aren’t just glorified indentured servants, no, they’re slaves, they’re cooking and cleaning and doing laundry and just working tirelessly and working endlessly and all without the benefit of things like—like compensation, or sick days, or respect, or the—the ability to even say no

“You’re too pushy,” a vaguely familiar male voice interrupts.

She starts, blowing an unruly chunk of hair out of her mouth and swiveling in her seat to glare at—Regulus Black. Regulus Black. Her lips pinch in a frown.

“Excuse me?”

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but he can’t be what you need (if he’s eighteen)

“I need you to do something for me.” Harry said, pinching his bottom lip between his thumb and forefinger.

“It seems like you’re asking me to kill for you, H.” Louis laughed nervously.

“It’s nothing that drastic, I promise. It’s just. I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m not a.. normal eighteen year old.” Louis furrowed his eyebrows at that, narrowing his eyes at the younger boy.

“Are people giving you a hard time?” Louis wondered. Harry shifted in his seat and brushed some of his fringe off his forehead.

“Yeah, that’s. That’s kind of what I wanted to talk to you about.” Harry swallowed nervously. He could feel the sweat pooling at his hairline so he wiped it with the sleeve of his sweater. “I need you to uhm, pretend to be my boyfriend.”


the one where harry is sick of getting bullied and casts louis as the hot punk boyfriend to scare them away. louis needs harry to return the favor.

punk!louis and flowerchild!harry

larry stylinson


Assassin’s Creed: Bonds #8

Haa~ another chapter after trying FOREVER to write it. I can’t wait to get farther…*cough chapter ten cough*…writing it gonna be so much fun! But, these chapters are important for the story line.

Chapter Eight: Whispers on the Streets

The fingers on his shoulder were bitingand firm. Natsu was held still by the fangs of a beast, straining torun to the door and reveal himself to the blonde currently in the hall. He could hear her steps, the racing of her heart and the forced breathing as she moved away. Erza held him still with one hand on his shoulder, tighter as Lucy’s steady steps became rushed as she ran down the far stairs.

“Sir, was that not rather harsh?” Voices echoed from the funnel Gray had fastened to the wall, prompting the pink haired assassin’s back to stiffen. Blunt nails pressed into calloused skin of his palms and his teeth painfully pinched his lips. Erza’s digits twitched, but did not release him.

“Jude has spoken on her lack of fear. Fear, gentlemen, is how we keep everyone in line. Order is kept by fear. I merely gave Lady Lucy her first lesson as a business associate. She knows fear now, and understands how I have kept this status.” Jose’s voice flowed over the ears of the eavesdropping assassins.

“Fear. Control.” Laxus sneered softly from his place against the far wall, slumped and scowling. “A true Templar Lord.”

“Jude…as I have said before, you have proven yourself worthy. Know, that this partnership will strengthen every aspect of your trades.” Jose added as the orchestra became to return and pick up the instruments. The occasional clang of brass or the stray plug of a bow echoed through the dim hall.

“I understand. Thank you, Sir Jose. I am sure we will both profit from this alliance.” The voice of Jude Heartfilia sounded over the funnel device, ever so composed and business like in emotion. Now the assassins understood Lucy’s loneliness and desire of freedom with choices.

Greed was a nasty demon to be possessed by.

Greed was a loveless sickness to be raised under.

“She handled herself well. If given proper instruction, I know she will be a strong ally.” Erza commented, relaxing her grip enough to pat Natsu’s shoulder. “Though, I am concerned on the allegiance of Mr. Heartfilia. He is awfully close to Jose now. I would not hesitate to draw a line between them as-”

Gray hummed softly, adjusting the funnel with slow turns. “Anyways, it is probably best to keep Lucy out of the guild until those bozos begin to trust her. For her sake…and ours.” The silence prompted eyes to move to Natsu, who still faced the door with tight shoulders and a lowered head.

“I agree.” Erza said, matter-of-factually, stepping away to marvel at the red and gold upholstery of the booth. The fine grandeur of the design was certainly made for the owner’s benefit, though the assassins would get to mildly enjoy the tacky incense of old flowers.

“I agree as well.” Laxus muttered, glancing down as the stage illuminated went the curtains pulled away. Alone on the stage, surrounded by carnage of war, stood Lucy in a pure white dress. From afar, the blond man could see the heavy makeup attempt to cover the finger-like bruises on her arm. Her voice was soft, heavy with emotion, but the man knew it was not from the part of the play.

“Aye sir.” Natsu muttered softly, gloved hands grasping the door handle. Without another word, he exited the booth, leaving the others in silence. Not a peep was heard from the booth that contained the Templar Lord. Only the sorrowful song sung by Lucy rang over the heads of many.

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If I close my eyes I’m back there.

The sun warming my freckled skin, the waves crashing in the distance, the sand I’ll find for days surrounding my toes. Seagulls squabbling in the sky that didn’t have a single cloud in it.
Just endless blue stretching out ahead of me.

His arm sliding around my waist, pulling me close to his side and this feeling that I didn’t want this moment to ever end.

I remember my head resting against his chest, feeling his heartbeat in my ear. Strong and steady just like he was.
His lips brushing against the top of my head, making a smile pinch my lips.

I remember wanting to stay there, with the boy I love more I ever thought I could.

But life doesn’t work that way.

—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write