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May 24, 2016 at 08:27PM
const name = ‘Hektor’; console.log(`${name} said “Hello World” @ ${new Date(2016,4,23)}`); — Fabian Morón Zirfas (@fabiantheblind) May 24, 2016
Kaleb Horton - God and Country

“Driving from California into Utah for the first time, I was suddenly struck by how conveniently unholy my state was. No matter how remote your location, no matter how desolate your town, it’s really not difficult to get a jug of liquor and a carton of cigarettes and figure out a way to get arrested. But those things seemed more difficult in Utah. By nightfall, half of the little towns I drove through were shut down entirely, and all of the businesses looked too nice and clean to abide much wickedness, or like wickedness was not a factor in their business models. In American Fork, there’s a lingerie store that’s literally called Husband & Wife.

I think I saw all of two cop cars in three days. Temples and churches were the easiest things to spot from the freeway, and late-night dens of iniquity the hardest. It’d drive you insane to be a night person in Utah. Basically, it felt like you had to be on your best behavior there. Utah is your aunt, and we don’t know how many times we’ll see her again, and she was raised different, so iron your shirt and tuck it in for once in your life.”