pinball runner


VS Arashi 2016.11.24

The show will air tourism promotion vtr of the three prefectures of Kita-Kantou (Tochigi, Gunma, and Ibaraki) everytime the guest team win a game against Arashi. During pinball runner, they will air vtr of Gunma prefecture if Sho can beat the guest team’s score of 170 pts. Sho said he’s a “Spy from Gunma” because he’d make the Arashi team lose in purpose so they can air the vtr.

In the end, sho made it with 160 pts. 


Hello VS Arashi staff! I would really much like to apply to the “catching Arashi’s balls” job pun intended Throwing myself at Arashi’s members feet is the dream best view, no need to pay me, thank you very much!


Watch Passionate Sho switch into his Pink [Sho] Mode. (^_^)

VS Arashi 08.10.2015