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Warm Milk & Cookies [XMAS REQUEST]

I’ve written so much Suho recently, that’s what it feels like anyway! Not that I don’t love our great leader! Hopefully there will be a bit of variation soon :D and hopefully you like this scenario!

I really enjoyed writing it so I hope you like writing it :D

Jade xo

Your daughter wasn’t the easiest to put to bed every night, especially if Junmyeon wasn’t there to give her a goodnight squeeze. But on Christmas Eve, she was being especially difficult, running around the apartment with too much energy for someone who should be going to bed. That’s why Junmyeon nicknamed her ‘Bumblebee’ because she was always buzzing around, bouncing off the walls. It was already 10 o’clock and you had to visit so much family tomorrow plus cook Christmas dinner, you didn’t want her to be tired.

“Oh baby, please get home soon,” you pleaded to your husband, hoping he was on his way back from his schedule. Leaning against the door frame to your daughter’s bedroom, you watched her wearily as she jumped up and down on her bed, cheering about how Father Christmas was on his way. “Bumblebee, I’ve told you. Father Christmas won’t come if you’re not asleep.”

As soon as you moved towards her, she squealed and jumped off the bed, slipping past you and running out of her bedroom. “But I have to meet him and ask him what he thinks about the cookies I made him,” she called out, bolting it around the living room like a ball in a pinball machine.

You followed her, running your hands through your hair sleepily. How was it that she had more energy than you at this time of night? “But he doesn’t visit children who are still awake so you have to go to bed. Then when you wake up in the morning, Father Christmas would have eaten your cookies and left you some presents in your stocking,” you explained to her, moving closer to the sofa slowly and then swinging her up into your arms when she wasn’t expecting it.

“Do you really think he’ll like them?” your daughter asked cutely, looking up at you with wide eyes that looked exactly like Junmyeon’s.

Carrying her into her bedroom, you smiled down at her and brushed the loose strands of hair off her face. “I’m sure he’ll eat each and every one,” you assured her, just as a loud beeping rang through the apartment.

“Daddy!” your daughter cried out in response to the front door unlocking. She squirmed in your grip until you reluctantly placed her on the ground, and then sped up out of her bedroom to jump on her father as he walked through the door. “Daddy, you’re home!”

You followed behind her, laughing a little as your bumblebee jumped into your husband’s arms and squealed in delight as he swung up around in circles. “What are you still doing up Bumblebee?” he exclaimed, lifting her up above his head and then showering her in a million kisses.

“She’s waiting for Father’s Christmas,” you explained, unfolding your arms to give your husband a welcome home kiss. “I’ve been trying to get her to sleep for at least an hour.”

He leaned closer to give you another kiss, making it last longer as he shuffled his daughter onto his hip. “I’ll sort her out. You go and put your feet up,” he told you sweetly, pressing his forehead to yours before your daughter started to get rowdy from the lack of attention. Junmyeon pulled back and lifted his daughter up high. “Now why are you not asleep yet Bumblebee?” he exclaimed, carrying her back towards her bedroom.

She shrieked loudly in excitement and started giggling as your husband held her close in his arms. It was such a pretty picture, you just sat back and watched with a smile on your face. “I have to wait for Father Christmas so I can give him the cookies I made him,” she explained, like it was the simplest thing in the world.

“You made cookies?” Junmyeon exclaimed brightly, his eyes widening as he laid her down on her bed. You hung back and leaned against the doorframe, watching the scene play out. “Did Mummy help?” he asked, pulling the covers up to her neck and setting up all her cuddly toys around her.

Squeezing her favourite teddy bear, she sat up, kicking the covers off with her legs. “She did the mixing and used the oven because it’s really hot and it could hurt me,” she said cutely, trying to stand up in bed.

Junmyeon was quick to react and helped her back into bed, putting the covers back over her body. “I’m sure Father Christmas will love them. But he won’t come and eat them if you’re still awake,” he replied, smoothing her hair down and kissing her forehead. “Shall I read you a book to help you fall asleep?”

“Can I have a cookie and some warm milk?” she asked in her cute voice she always used on her daddy.

And every time he fell for it. He looked over at you with a smile that matched his daughter’s. You threw your hands up in the air and smiled, peeling yourself the doorframe and heading to the kitchen. “Thanks baby,” he called out as you left.

As you prepared two glasses of warm milk and a couple of the cookies you had baked with your daughter earlier, you could hear the two of them in her bedroom, laughing and talking. Every so often, Junmyeon’s voice echoed louder and you giggled at the funny accent he was putting on. By the sound of it, he was reading your daughter’s favourite book. You carried the milk and cookies into the bedroom, finding Junmyeon on the bed next to his daughter with a book in his lap and his daughter cuddling up into his side.

“Oh cookies!” he said, putting the book down and taking the tray from you. “Are these the ones you made with Mummy today Bumblebee?” he asked, reaching for your hand and squeezing it tight as his way of saying thank you.

You leaned down to kiss both your husband and your daughter on the tops of their heads and then left the bedroom, already imagining how soft your bed was. As you walked out, you heard daughter force her mountain of questions on her father.

“Do you like the cookies? They’re good, right? Do you think Father Christmas will like them too?” she said in quick fire, bombarding Junmyeon with the questions she had pestered you with all evening.

While Junmyeon finished the story, you slowly got ready for bed, having a quick shower, taking your time to moisturise afterwards, weaving your hair into two long braids just like your husband liked. After a while, he found you in your bedroom and immediately pulled you into his arms. “How has your day been baby?” he murmured in a hushed voice, running a hand down your braid and tugging in it lightly.

“Exhausting but ok. Our little bumblebee hasn’t stopped all day so naturally neither have I,” you sighed, resting your head on his broad shoulder and closing your eyes. “How did your performance go?”

He started moving, which made you open your eyes, and pulled back the covers, dropping you in the bed. “It was good,” he said softly, stripping down to his boxers and putting on an old t-shirt. “It was nice to perform with Yixing after so long. He’s really looking forward to your dinner tomorrow, everyone is.”

“Don’t say that,” you moaned, throwing the covers over your head to hide. “I can’t believe I agreed to cook for all the members and their girlfriends. The whole dinner is stressing me out.” When you weren’t chasing your daughter around the house or locating her precious pink crayon, you were prepping for the massive challenge of cooking for nearly twenty people which was stressing you out more than you thought it would.

The bed beside you dipped and then under the covers appeared Junmyeon’s face. “Baby, you’ve cooked for all the members before, it’s nothing new for you. Dinner will be amazing like it always is when you make it,” he assured you, scooting closer so your noses were touching. “And everyone will help so don’t worry. It’ll be a great day, I’ll make sure of it!”

You threw the covers off your heads but stayed close to your husband, moving lower so you could fit under his chin and breathe in your favourite scent, the lingering smell of his aftershave making you finally relax and forget all your stress. “We still need to sort out presents,” you murmured sleepily, closing your eyes.

“I’ll do it baby; right after I’ve put my second princess to sleep,” your husband replied, moving to kiss the top of your head. He lifted you up and gently placed you down on the pillow, tucking you in like a little burrito.

There was a little knock on your door, which sounded a lot like your daughter’s knock when she thought you were sleeping. You opened your eyes and sat up in bed as your little girl poked her head inside. “Has Father Christmas been yet?” she asked quietly, her hair all messy and sticking out in several places.

Sighing to yourself, you looked over at Junmyeon who was grinning and shaking his head. “Come here,” you told your little girl, patting the covers beside you. Your daughter jumped up onto the bed and squeezed in between you and Junmyeon, warming her legs under the covers. “He still hasn’t come yet because you haven’t been asleep very long Bumblebee,” you teased softly, hugging her into your side.

“Can I sleep with you tonight?” she asked cutely, putting on her most adorable face and looking up at you.

When you looked over at Junmyeon, he was still smiling. “Oh come on,” he sighed, leaning back against the headboard. “It’s Christmas Eve. She’ll go back into her own bed tomorrow.” When you frowned harder, he stretched his arm above your daughter’s head and brushed a strand of hair off your face affectionately. “This is the first Christmas where she actually knows what’s going on and can enjoy it. Imagine how nice it’ll be to wake up together and open presents in bed.”

“I’ll be really good, I promise,” your daughter joined in, pouting her bottom lip out just like Junmyeon.

Damn them for being too cute. “Ok, Bumblebee can stay,” you sighed in defeat, throwing a hand up in defeat and sliding back down into bed, pulling your daughter with you.

Junmyeon turned off the light and cosied up, your daughter snuggling closer between the two of you. “When you wake up tomorrow Bumblebee, Father Christmas will have come and given you lots of presents,” he explained, probably kissing her cheek judging by the sound.

“Yay!” she replied, throwing her little fists up into the air and then rolling over to wrap her arms around you. “I love you Mummy. I love you too Daddy,” she mumbled quietly, nuzzling her face into your side.

“I love you too Bumblebee,” you told her with a smile on your face, closing your eyes and drifting off to sleep happy that you were with your little family.

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