pinball of the dead

The Doctor’s companions are led to a special room just for The Doctor by Professor Song in The Library:

Clara: This room is huge! And every book has something to do with the Doctor?

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart: Not just books it seems. All manner of literature. There’s an envelope over there from Madame de Pompadour.

Professor Song: As he spins through time in his TARDIS the Doctor touches billions of lives. From ancient tales of the stranger who entered the city at night and defeated the demons with his magical stick, Through to letters of gratitude, we’ll be able to find them all here. Spread out, everyone take a bookcase, move quickly and remember to stay out of the shadows.

Sarah Jane: What are these bottles? They’re fascinating.

Professor Song: Not all knowledge exists in written form.

Jack Harkness: UNIT: Fighting for Humankind?

Amy: Teach yourself Tibetan?

Ace: H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine!

Young!River: I’m really glad he’s not here right now. Can you imagine just one of them let loose near these books? He’d be bouncing off the bookcases like a pinball.

A shrine to the Doctor, DWL

I’m dead. I want an episode like this to be in S10. I want all the companions and Rivers(?) to be together and make jokes about The Doctor.


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The Walking Dead….Pinball….Game. You read that right.