The Philippine culture is a uniquely indigenous culture that has been neglected for aeons because the colonization of these people distorted their culture enough to that it is almost unrecognizable in the modern world. What the Philippines is missing is a sense of legacy and pride in their uniqueness. Instead, the people have fallen under the spell of the Western world, and their priorities and goals are a hollow echo of the old, outmoded values of Western civilization. The Filipino people are starved for an identity that goes beyond Spain and America. They don’t want to be some other stepchild. They deserve to claim their inheritance…

Having been colonized for so long, we have to rediscover ourselves. European culture is the legacy of kings and the commerce of merchant bankers. Our own culture has been suppressed by centuries of colonial subjugation, and that cannot be achieved without restoring to our people the pride of identity.

—  Way of the Ancient Healer: Sacred Teachings from the Philippine Ancestral Traditions

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“WHITE MAN’S BURDEN is a zine for and by young Pilipinos engaged in the American diaspora. This zine confronts the continuing colonial conflict in the Philippine psyche and the historical erasure associated with that process. These pages expose the vulnerability in cultural pride, identity, and the burden to americanize.“

Thank you again to everyone who was involved in issue #1– from those who directly contributed a piece, to those that shared posts about it, to those that bought the zines for themselves and their friends.

I am really excited for this new issue!

Just a quick reminder of who can submit:

- Pilipinos that are girls

- Pilipinos that boys

- Pilipinos that are more complex than that

-Pilipinos that are neither

- Pilipinos that migrated

- Pilipinos that were born here

- Pilipinos that have family that has been here for generations

- Lumad Pilipinos

- Dark-skinned Pilipinos

- Light-skinned Pilipinos

- Mixed Pilipinos

- Pilipinos who are bilingual

- Pilipinos who are not bilingual

- Pilipinos. Pilipinos. Pilipinos.

The theme for this issue is JOURNEY. Think of this however you would like to. The questions in the photo are to help reflect on what “JOURNEY” means for you.

Also, please think of the relationship between the theme and your piece in regards to the zine’s goals:

- Encourage young pilipinxs to research their own histories.

- Encourage young pilipinxs to speak up about their experiences, hardships, accomplishments, and their creative endeavors.

- Display cultural pride as a means to become closer to our families, customs, and values.

- Deconstruct the process of americanization on the pinxy individual psyche, and the pinxy community.

- Allow access to information to help reclaim our indigenous roots.

- Exist as a refreshing outlet for collective self-love to foster.

- Advocate solutions for a healthier pilipinx mind, body, and soul.

- Donate a % of zine profit to local (for now) Filipino -/ American organizations that promotes the same ideals as mentioned above.

But most importantly, make it your own. Make it personally special to you– excite yourself by thinking and writing about yourself. Ignite pride and love in the existence of your work for your kababayan.

For submission guidelines and other questions, see:

For anything else– shoot me an ask!

Non-fiction text pieces will be given priority over other forms of writing / artwork.


send them to: WMBZINE@GMAIL.COM