awgeezitsthetoiletnator, i do not go back on my word. 

What is my Fibro like?

Most days it is like someone is sticking needles into all my joints, 

 someone is taking my muscles and wringing them out like a wet towel,

 hitting me over the head with a hammer,

shining lights in my eyes, 

spinning me around and around like I’m about to play with a pinata at a party,

itch powder being put in my clothes as a prank,

being so confused it’s like people are speaking a foreign language to me,

 feeling my joints grind in my knees and hips whenever they move, 

feeling many of my joints swell up and get harder to move as I use them, or as a storm is coming,

feeling like I’m constantly having heart palpitations, 


Anxiety over whether it could get worse,

and so much more,

And it getting so Much worse on a flare up day, this is a normal day for me

*Experiences vary for every person with Fibro, this is just my experience.


“Everyone and anyone is invited to my big sweet 16 birthday party. Come in your swimsuit, bring a pool noodle or a floatie, but I will not be responsible if you drown or poke your eye out. It’s gonna be crazy so please don’t kill yourself on my birthday. There will be music, food and drinks, cards, dice and stuff, but you may bring your own stuff if you wish. Did I mention there’s gonna be a pinata too? Party hard, people.”