some really cool fun facts about fma:b french dub that i wanna share:

- roy has a very, very emotional voice actor which is, to be fair, very apt

- pinako rockbell calls ed frequently “Mon garçon” which can be translated to, “My son” (ep. 20 in particular)

- when havoc and mustang lit lust on fire (just before havoc gets fricking impaled by lust) by throwing havoc’s lighter into the room, havoc yells: ”Bon anniversaire” which means “Happy Birthday” and god i had to pause bc what a sick burn man

- al calls ed “Frérot” which means “Little/Small brother”???!!! this is SO COOL, bc ed goes w it and this fits them so well

- i want to thank lin yao’s voice actor who can go from a sneaky little shit to Intense/Sombre Deluxe, imma post an audio if tumblr lets me

- in ep. 21. roy says to riza: “comme mon séconde, garde la tête froide” which can be translated to “as my second, you have to keep your head cool” which implies that a) roy is super!conscious of being a sentimental hothead in intense situations b) as :))) my :)))) second :)))))))))


I really love how Winry has a picture of Ed and Al with Nina


Fullmetal Pigeon, with baguettes !

I just tried to draw as much characters as I could, Imagine the serie with … these … lol !

By the way I can learn you some french for the Homonculus !

Lust : la lascivité

Gluttony : la voracité

Wrath : la colère 

Pride : l’arrogance

Envy : la jalousie

Greed : la cupidité 

Sloth : la paresse

And pain in french means bread … yeaaaaah ! 



HAPPY BIRTHDAY @michaelcerasbeard!!!!!

(from left to right)

i. Pinako Rockbell in 1872 (photo by Resembool Times) 

ii. Xingese soldier (presumed to be Lan Fan, Lin Yao’s bodyguard)

iii. Ishvalan refugee camp in 1912 (Central Times)

iv. Colonel Roy Mustang at the Annual Military Festival, 1911

v. Riza Hawkeye in 1907 (photo by Lt. Rebecca Catalina)

vi. Van Hohenheim’s notebook 

vii. Edward Elric, Winry Rockbell and Alphonse Elric in 1903

Why Ed got his ass whooped by Lan Fan in a hand to hand fight.

I got asked this and wanted to do a full post instead of just an answered ask.

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He’s very agile due to his core muscles, short stature and Izumi’s training. However, in the show Winry, Pinako, and Dominic have made comments about the weight of automail slowing people down. While Ed did get an update lightening his arm, it made it easier to break. After he gets hospitalized for the fight at lab 5, he really starts to take his automail care seriously believing it was all his fault not knowing Winry forgot a screw. 

What’s my point?

Little Red Ridding Hood’s biggest weakness is that the fucker throws telephone punches. 

(Example of a telephone punch IRL:) 

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If it’s not because the auto-mail is too heavy, it’s cause he’s trying not to break it.    

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This doesn’t really matter against guys that are twice Ed’s size.

But for a someone whose just as agile.  

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But for someone whose got twice the experience.

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For someone whose both. 

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Sorry Ed.