just because something is printed in the form of a book doesn’t make it Sacred, or even Worth Reading necessarily

privileged white people who act like books and reading are the pinacle of civilization are classist pricks who hold society back more than they contribute to it


(Ok so quick explanation for this one. What would happen if, after you beat Ganon and watch the ending of the game, you re-enter that file? What would happen to Link? Well, in my mind, this is what happens should you choose to turn on that file again.)

Link’s eyes opened. He was just within the castle gates in Castle Town. Hyrule Castle loomed high into the sky before him. And deep within him, he felt a fear.

Fear because he knew what would happen should he go further.

So, he went back the way he came.

Midna immediately made herself heard from within his shadow. “Link, what are you doing? Zelda’s that way.”

Link’s heart skipped a beat at her voice, face flushing. “I-I can’t go. I’m, er, not ready yet.” He could see her in his mind’s eye, tall and beautiful. And he was afraid.

Midna made a sound of confusion. “Uh, what? I didn’t smash that barrier just for you to not be ready yet.” She retorted.

Link shook his head and kept walking. “I’m just not ready yet. I need to find more heart pieces. I don’t have enough room for error yet, I just know it.” He could see a tear, and he was afraid.

Midna floated out of his shadow a little, watching his stiff gait with a perplexed look on her face. “And you aren’t worried that something will happen to the princess while you’re off collecting hearts?”

“She’s waited this long, she can wait a little longer.” The green-clad Ordonian shot back immediately. He could see something within and without shattering, and he was afraid.

Midna was startled a little bit by his snappiness. “Whoa, calm down. Let’s think for a minute, Link. Ganon’s there, he could be doing something to her. What’s going to happen if you come back and she’s hurt, or worse?”

Link sighed, looking down at his shadow. “That’s not going to matter if I die trying to save her, Midna.” He replied, something very sad in his tone. He was so afraid.

Midna blinked. “Well, fair enough then. Do whatever you feel you need to do to adequately prepare yourself.”

Link smiled gratefully. “Thank you, Midna. I can always count on you.”

Midna blushed a little, sinking back into his shadow completely. “No problem.”

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FAVORITE ANIME/MANGA: AY, so difficult. I think right now that would be utena. Very simbolic, very pretty, very femenist. Very peotic adsfsdf. And very very gay.

Also Rurouni Kenshin is my first love. And Fullmetal alchemist is the BEST EFFING SHOUNEN EVER.

FAVORITE VIDEO GAMES: The legend of Zelda, no contest. But the hard part is choosing my fave in the saga. The fav oldie is ocarina of time, and i adored skyward sword, it felt like the pinacle of Zelda’s, the very best they could do with the formula, and tahts probably why they changed in for the upcoming title. 

FAVORITE BOOKS (SERIES): A song of ice and fire omfg. First i thought of HP, but o dayum this books are GOOD. like GOOD. i means is like endless wall of texts. But there single pages that are the BEST fucking thing ive read ever. So many interesting setting and lovable (and hateble) characters.

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: I think this means occidental shows right xd? i think… game of thrones xd? orange is the new black ( SO GOOD)

LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: Vanishing - A perfect circle

FIRST LANGUAGE: Spanish. CHILEAN spanish, which is like a total different shit.

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