okay but i am not kidding when i say find someone who appreciates you like carl appreciates ellie, or vice-versa.

someone who will cling onto every word and is delighted just at the sound of your voice, and someone you could listen to for hours and hours on end about any topic. someone you’ll dream up adventures with, and someone who makes your life an adventure. someone who makes something as gentle as cloud-watching or mailbox-painting a wonderful, magical experience. i’m telling you, this relationship is just so precious, so genuine, and exactly what people deserve in a partner

you deserve love like carl and ellie’s

camrenah needs to rise back up and LMFAO CAMila HAHAHA tonight she literally said ‘this is the song that my tooth got chipped in’ 😹😫 i love these dorks side note: did y'all see normani slay as always oh my god SHE IS SUCH A PERFORMER and ally during bbw😰😻 I STAN LEGENDS


           "We’re meant to be, supposed to be..but we lost it. All the memories                                                                        so close to me…just fade away“  

You know what? I honestly try to stay out of discourse bc I like staying in my lane. I know it’s hard to believe considering how often I fucking fight people on this website but I really do avoid discourse as much as possible.

However seeing as Lance is Latino (Cuban specifically, but literally like 90% of the fandom interprets him as Mexican) lance is my fucking lane bc I am Mexican.

I will call nasty racist assholes out as many times as I need to bc for the first time in my fucking life I feel represented properly in kids shows and I’m tired of seeing people that have no fucking idea what they’re talking about defend a Mexican lance representation saturated with racism.