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You wanted to surprise Bucky with a 40's pin up photo shoot for your anniversary. With Steve's help, you were able to get the perfect clothes and your hair and make-make-up done just right. Steve had found a photographer who specialized in this type of shoot and got him all set up in the compound. After multiple outfit changes and poses, you were satisfied with the result. You had a book made and you had your favorite picture blown up poster size. You couldn't wait to see Bucky's reaction!

“Oh and there’s some special ones in there for you” you blush and giggle. 

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After years of scouring the Internet, I finally found the elusive issue of Whisper magazine that goes with one of the three of my original Peter Driben paintings! Here are all three, with the men’s magazines the art was originally painted for. These all came from the collection of Charles Martignette, the man who saved nearly all the calendar art and pin-up art in the 1970s when no one cared about it. Fortunately for us #vintage #cheesecake fans, he also supplied his #art collection to #Taschen for our favorite pin-up books. I have quite a few original paintings from his collection, but the Peter Dribens are the dearest to my heart because his images were the inspirations for my first pin-up photo shoots in the early 90s.

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Christina Aguilera’s cancelled 2004 tour footage shot by photographer Ellen von Unwerth; featuring Ella Fitzgerald‘s & Louis Armstrong’s “Dream a Little Dream of Me” and Billie Holiday’s “I Only Have Eyes For You”