Lena finds out that Kara’s an alien (but not that she’s Supergirl) during one of their lunch meetings when a couple of pro-alien extremists show up to kill her to “keep her from following in her brother’s footsteps.” So Kara ends up in a fight with them and she accidentally lets it slip that she has super strength so she decided to go with it and out herself as an alien.

Which involves pinning the guys up against a wall and threatening them with some severe physical violence (which is funny to watch cause she’s still in her glasses and street clothes) and finishes her rant with “Ms. Luthor is under my protection and any attempts made on her life or company will be swiftly met and dealt with. Now, if you don’t want me to get you thrown into a cell for the rest of your lives I recommend you warn the rest of your little friends and then scram before I change my mind and have you locked up anyways.”

Just Benefits: John Murphy Imagine

(Y/n) was suppose to hate him, everyone hated him in some sort of sense. John Murphy was always pinned up as the bad guy. He did some pretty crude stuff so it was easy to blame him. But I couldn’t help myself but be so attracted to him.

It all started out so easy, so simple.

I was sitting by the fire watching as every teenager started to drink more and more. It was quite a sight to see. I just smiled before drowning the rest of the moonshine.

“And the princess is drinking tonight.” Murphy teased as he plopped down next to me.

“Yeah? Are you now?” I teased back making him smirk.

“Cheers to that.” He said as he raised his own moonshine. It didn’t take long for the both of us to be tipsy. Murphy’s hands were gripping my hips as he pulled me on top of him.

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When the moon shines.

This is a possible one shot for gajeelsenpai or better known as rboz, due to her Werewolf AU which she will probably post with her twitter doodles at the end of the month. Check her twitter out if you’re curious. REMEMBER NOT TO REPOST THEM, just have a peep bruh. This idea has my own little spin on it due to not knowing what Rusky wants to do for the idea. So if she doesn’t like it, I might not continue, since it is of her own creation. 
This chapter is 6,123 words. It has fighting scenes, and suggestion of sexual contact. (If this does continue i’ll add more sex stuff because Gajevy… fufu)


Ever since that day, he could not stop thinking about the colour blue. The kind of the blue that reminded you of the ocean, or the sky when it starts to get dark. The colour almost haunted him wherever he went. It haunted not only in the sight of the colour, but the new found scent that came with it as well. 

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okay y'all listen up please bc i gotta say this

when you consider maya’s “excitement” at lucas’s aggressive moments, you have to remember 2 things:

1. this is a girl without a father. why? because her father LEFT her.

2. why is lucas pinning this guy up to the locker? why did he burst through the window? No, it’s of out of protective nature for his friends. doesnt it make sense that maya would like/be attracted to a male that would protect her? she’s never had that, and it’s natural. it makes sense that she’s happy to see that he’d be willing to stand up for her/them (i doubt she would have stood there smiling if he unnecessarily started beating up the kid.)

why are y'all making this into “maya encourages lucas to do bad things!!2!1”???

imnmortal  asked:

Can u do a scenario when mark went on a vacation with his girlfriend and the boys and mark had to sleep in the same tent with the girl which he grew nervous cause its their first time?? Sorry its kinda long but i love your blog A LOT!!

~lol thats cute and don’t worry! its not long! and thank you so much! enjoy<3~

You stuffed your last shirt into your suit case before zipping it up. Mark was down stairs calling your name to hurry up. 

  “Y/n-ah! Hurry up!” you heard him call. You quickly started going down the stairs with your suitcase which bumped along every step. 

  “Okay, okay. I’m ready.” you say struggling with your bag. Mark chuckles as he helps you take your luggage down. You pull your bag out the front door and go down to the car and stuff it in the trunk with the other bags. Mark comes out of the house and locks the door as he comes along. 

  “Noona! Where are we going?” BamBam asked as he poked his head out the window. You were going to answer but suddenly, someone grabbed his shirt by the collar and pulled him back inside. Assuming it was Jackson. You chuckled before hopping into the passenger seat of the van. Mark soon came and started the ignition and started backing out of the driveway. 

  “This is going to be awesome.” Yugyeom says as he looks out the window quietly. You saw through the rear view mirror how everyone was just chatting away, they seemed so happy. 


  Finally pulling up into the parking lot with trees and woods surrounding it. There were people who also came to this place to have a peaceful vacation. The guys hopped out of the van, the sun began setting. 

  “Wow, it took that long to get here?” JB says as he looked up to the sky that was slowly fading into a deeper color. Everyone grabbed their tents and started walking into the forest. Finding a perfect, wide open spot to pin up the tents, you guys started building your tents. After building the tents, you all decided to sit around the campfire and roasted marshmallows.

  “So Youngjae and Jackson in one tent-” JB started to say.

  “What no-” Jackson chirped up. Youngjae rolled his eyes playfully. “He had to be my teacher in IGOT7 and now this?!”

  “Jackson, I’m not going to teach you how to sleep.” Youngjae states. Jackson rolls his eyes.

  “Anyways, Jr and I, Yugyeom and BamBam and Mark and y/n.” JB continued. Mark’s eyes widened. 

  “Is something wrong?” you lean in and ask him. He shakes his head. 

  “U-Uh nope. Nothings wrong.” he says nervously. You nod your head slowly before going back to your position. Singing along to songs, it was midnight. 

  “Let’s get some sleep.” Jr says as he yawns. Mark scratched the back of his neck as he holds your hand and guides you to the tent you both shared. The process of getting ready for bed was kind of awkward. He would just be robotic. Like if he let his guard down, he’d get shot or something. 

  “Mark?” you asked snapping him out of his daze. 

  “Huh?” he replies. 

  “What were you thinking?” you ask curiously as you wiggled into your sleeping bag that could fit two people. 

  “Oh just…how much fun I’m having on this trip.” he says as he dims the latern down and squirms in beside you. He didn’t make any contact with you, not wrap his arm around your waist or anything. Just face the opposite direction. You sighed as you tapped his shoulder. 

  “Is it something I did? Are you mad at me? You seemed fine before the campfire.” you say as he slowly turns around to face you. 

  “No, no. It’s not that. It’s just…it’s the first time we are actually sleeping beside each other ever since we started dating and what if you don’t like how I sleep.” he babbles. You giggle as you scoot closer to him and lift his arm so it rests on your hip. 

  “That’s what you were worried about?” you asked raising an eyebrow. He shyly smiled. You snuggled into his chest. “If it’s anything, you should be worried how I sleep.”