what do people even think SUs age demographic is?? id always pinned it as for kids aged like… 10-14, what with more grown up character dynamics, slower paced episodes and some darker moments. but the way people say “its just for kids, they want bright colours and fun!!” make it sound like its meant for 3-6 year olds.

I’ve Got This

Break the Zone Challenge- “Literally everything about this is illegal”-less than 1000 words

Characters: Sam, Dean,. and Reader


St. Katherine’s Hospital St. Louis, MO

No one was paying any attention to the people in the dark car yelling at each other in the parking lot.  In fact, everyone was ignoring the raised voices emanating from the black Impala.  Folks were way too busy dealing with sickness and dying and all the other scary shit that happened at hospitals.

“I don’t like this one damn bit.” Dean Winchester muttered from the back seat, clutching his side.  He was very pale and sweating profusely.  The bandage on his side was saturated with blood.

I whipped around in the front seat to face him angrily. “If I wanted your opinion I’d ask for it, Dean! Those bite marks are infected and you know it! So unless you wanna go to the ER and try to explain them, I am doing this! Now sit back and shut the hell up!”

Dean scowled at me but said nothing.

I fiddled with the hospital ID pinned to my scrub top that Sam had made me at Kinko’s.

“There has to be another way..” Sam said in a worried voice.

I sighed. We’d had this conversation numerous times already. “There isn’t, Sam. He can’t go to the ER, and Cas is MIA. Dean needs serious antibiotics, and some heavy duty pain meds.”

Sam gave me his classic bitchface. “You know literally everything about this is illegal, right?”

I couldn’t help rolling my eyes at him. “Yeah, because we’ve never broken the law before.”

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How to tie a hair scarf for short hair

Short hair is amazing but it can sometimes be a pain to style. I’ve been borrowing my bff’s styling wax recently to keep my pixie in shape, but there are some days when it just refuses to be tamed and that’s when I bring out the hair scarves. 

Today I’m sharing a step by step tutorial on how to tie a hair scarf for short hair. This is one of the easiest ways to wear a scarf if you’re looking to keep the top of your hair covered. Since my hair is super thick and wavy, it likes to stick up at the top, especially on those bad hair days! This is my preferred scarf tying style to keep everything all neat and tucked in when I don’t have enough time or just can’t be bothered with doing my hair. 

Using a square scarf, fold it into a triangle.

Place the scarf on top of you head with one end of the triangle sticking over your face. The shorter this bit is, the easier it will be for you to tuck in the scarf later on. 

Pull the two other ends over your ears and on top of your head.

Tie the ends together in a double knot over the bit sticking out in front of your face. Fluff the scarf a little over your head so that it looks natural and not too tight!

Now, double those two ends behind your head and knot them again at the nape of your neck. This knot shouldn’t be too tight, otherwise it’ll start travelling up the back of your head after a while! Tuck the stray ends under the scarf and secure them with a bobby pin. 

Finally, roll up the end dangling at the front and tuck it under the knot. And that’s it, you’re done! Takes all of two minutes and you’re good to shimmy out of the door. 

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! I’ve put together a little selection of square scarves below, and a composite image for pinning. 


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im reading the manga n dam.... id die for aoyama. id fucking kill for him. he could feel a little mervous n id pin that person to the ground with my tiny sticks for arms because i just love him *clenches fist* so MUCH

this is literally my 24/7 mood

  • JJ: Ah, excuse me, everybody. I have an announcement to make. As I’m sure some of you were aware, Henry was a little nervous about going trick or treating this year but, he’s decided to go anyway.
  • Rossi: Great! What changed his mind?
  • JJ: The BAU did. [Morgan’s brow rose] I told him that he should go out on Halloween and try to figure out which monsters are real and which ones are not.
  • Morgan: So he wants to be a profiler?
  • JJ: Ah! He wants to be his favourite profiler. [motions to the door and everyone sees Garcia and Henry with Henry cosplaying Reid]
  • Reid: Wow! Yeah! [stood up to greet Henry, everyone laughs] Oh wow. You look great, Henry. [pinned his ID on Henry’s bag]
  • Morgan: Oh, he's official.
  • Garcia: [whispers to Henry] Tell him.
  • Henry: [to Reid] E equals MC squared! [everyone cheered]
  • Morgan: There it is! [Henry and Reid high fived]
  • Blake: The monsters don’t stand a chance.
  • JJ: I know. [to Henry] Should we go get some candy? C’mon.
  • Morgan: Watch your back, Pretty Boy.

out of all the screencaps i’ve saved on my computer this is the worst one

it fills me with rage every time i come across it i mean look at him????? look at him and his stupid wavy cowlicked hair and his desperately unfashionable grandpa chain glasses and the way they’re sliding down his cute nose and his shirt buttoned right to the chin like a nerd and his pen tucked under his meticulously pinned ID like a nerd and that miserable excuse for a sweater i want to own so badly and the look on his face like he’s checking if he has pentecost’s approval yet dad please notice me and my maths i’m so much better than newton and his at least 2 sizes too big jacket he’s sure makes him look professional and serious he’s an angel and we don’t deserve him and i’m going to flip this desk

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if we're talkin Lana voices I always thought something soft, maybe a little musical. i don't have a voice claim picked out or anything but i was picturing her as a foil to everything grey is. except when she shouts or gets angry.

thats cool! lana is pretty different than greyson, but they do have Some similarities, as siblings do.

i guess if i had to think of my own voice claim, id pin lana as bee from bee and puppycat. a bit low and monotonous. the only solid thing i have for greysons voice is that its Super muddled with no enunciation, so as long as she doesnt mutter, she contrasts nicely with grey uwu

Black Pride (Yoongi Scenario)

Not requested: A all boys highschool that’s home to the strongest boys who’ve done the baddest things. Baddest things could make a great gang of boys….who said only boys can be in gang?

Genre: Gang Au

Request a scenario! read the rules here

Yoongi’s Pov


“You may sit here, the principle will come.” The young office man told me and I sat down on a chair, in front of the Principle’s desk. I looked around, pictures hanging up. I looked on the wall in front of me, a large picture of three people, two men and a young girl. “You must be Min Yoongi.”  I jumped in surprise at the voice behind me. I turned around to see a man who’s bald and even if he is wearing a suit, his muscles are obvious, probably from years of training. He approached his desk and sat down in front of me. “Min Yoongi…I’ve heard a lot about you.” He took a file from the side and I looked to see it was the report from my last school. “I see you’ve got in a lot of fights…” “They’re fault they think I did it…” I mumbled back. “Did what?” “Thinking I beat up one of they’re buddies…” He nodded and looked back down. “Toughest boy in the school…. Expelled several times…what do your parents think?” I scoffed. “They don’t give a shit. Saying I will fit in this school like a little boy.” He nodded to my answer and closed the file shut. “Well I’m sure you’ll fit in if you’re tough as they said. This all-boys high school is for the tough boys who’ve done really bad things. Our punishments are not some useless detention, it’s more than that.” I gulped at his information. I heard a lot from my friends that this school is where the strongest and baddest high school boys go. “Oh and one more thing. When you walk around, you might see a girl here. Touch her, you’re in big trouble boy.” He glared at me. “Good luck on your first day, you will need it.”

Walking around the school to find my classroom, I saw so many young boys who look like they have been going through so rough times, like injuries or tattoos. I entered the classroom room where I belong and everyone looked up, giving me weird look. I looked over at the corner is an empty seat. I threw my bag under the table and sat down with my feet placed on top. “Ya! Someone’s sitting there.” “So what?” I barked back at the guy who was standing in front of my desk. Great…first day, I’m already picking a fight. He placed his hands on the desk and looked at me with a glare. I stood up and looked at him in the eyes, giving the same glare back. “Bro, it’s fine, he can sit there.” The tough guy turned around. “This newb is sitting on your desk.” The guy rolled his eyes and sighed. “That’s Min Yoongi if you’re smart enough to look at his name tag.” The guy’s eyes raised and looked at my nametag. “Min Yoongi…as the tough boy of Maple Hill High school?” He stepped back and scoffed at me. “Tough my ass. He doesn’t look tough to me.” I just rolled my eyes and sat back down. “Fuck off Jackson, don’t cause trouble now.” The boy who was called Jackson went back to his seat. The boy who stopped him walked over to me. “I’m Namjoon, it’s normal like this for first day students.” I just nodded, avoiding eye contacts. “You’ll need someone to show you around. After school you’re coming with me.” I just sighed in frustration. “Welcome to Dragon Field.” With that he walked back.

The lesson was boring; it’s like every other school here. I raised my hand and I caught the teacher’s attention. “May I use the rest room.” When I said that, the teacher gave me a glare of suspicion. “Be back quick…” With that I got up and walked out of the room. I didn’t even go to the restroom; I just couldn’t take his annoying voice any longer. I was walking down the school hallways, hands in my pocket until I saw a figure walking to my direction. What caught me by surprise was that it was a girl, but then the principles voice came back. “Oh and one more thing. When you walk around, you might see a girl here. Touch her, you’re in big trouble boy.” That must be her. I tried to walk pass her, avoiding eye contacts. Walking pass her, the smell of her perfume and somewhat and odd smell lingering in my nose…like gun powder. As I walk pass her she started to speak. “Min Yoongi?” I stopped in my footsteps and turned around to meet her gaze. “Do I know you?” As I said this he smirked at me. “No you don’t, and I don’t know you. I just like to keep track on the new students.” I just nodded. “Why are you here anyways in a school filled with boys, isn’t that dangerous?” “I can take care of myself thank you.” The way she acted, she was pretty calm about it. “Welcome to Dragon Field…Min Yoongi.” She turned around and waved away as she walked away.

By then it was lunchtime and I just sat in the cafeteria with Namjoon. The food was regular but I didn’t really care. “There are a few things you need to know around here newbie.” I looked up at Namjoon while still chewing my food. “The schools in around this area are all boys-high schools. Dragon field is one of the best ones. And each of the schools have their gang.” Curiosity got to me. “What type of gang?” “One’s who shoot guns and is protective with there territory. Our gang here is called Black Pride. We’re the strongest because of our boss Black cat. More I can’t say. Every time someone talks about them they are quick to misunderstand.” “Whose the boss though?” I asked when he got up to place his empty tray. “I’ll let you figure that out for yourself.” He gave me a smirk and left me there.  

I walked out of the building when school day was over and I had to walk home, which is pretty far. I was passing by an ally when I heard yelling there. “Wow you’re such a pussy eh?” I saw five guys picking on one dude in the ally. I would be too cruel to just leave him there. “Yah! Leave him alone!” I said stopping my way over to them. I picked up my pace and punched one of them in the face. Leaving him on the floor spitting out blood. “Who do you think you are!?” One guy shouted and pulled my collar. “Wait…that uniform…I know it.” One of the guy went over and the other loosened his grip around my collar. The guy walked over to me and looked on my student ID pin. “Min Yoongi…student in Dragon field eh.” He looked to meet my eyes. “Then you must know the Black Pride gang.” I began to be cocky to him. “It’s none of your business.” The boy who got beat up slowly crawled away and I just kept distracting them. “We haven’t met the boss yet, he always sends his gang to do his mess for him. NOW WHERE IS HE?” I prepared myself to get hit when a voice behind me stopped him.

“Leave the boy alone Ilhoon.” I looked behind me to see two guys walking over to this direction. “Wonwoo, Mingyu. I’m sick of you doing the messes for the boss, I want to meet him now!” I looked at the boys who are dressed in the same uniform as me. One boy had lilac hair and a sharp jawline, he was little taller compared to the guy next to him who had black messy hair and black eyeliner. “You’re so stubborn….” The Lilac haired said. He reached into his pocket and took out his phone. “I’m calling the boss. Let go of the boy.” Ilhoon just glared at me and I walked over to the two. The black haired looked at me and gave me a pat on the back. “What’s your name?” “Min Yoongi.” “I’m Wonwoo, this is Mingyu. You’re new aren’t you?” I nodded to his question. “I heard about you, beating up a bunch of people.” I turned to him and glared at him. “Yeah…. problem?” He just smirked at me and looked away.  “No I don’t.”

“Yeah we have five who want to see you.” I looked over at Mingyu who was calling the boss I guess. “Yeah there from Oakley High. Okay see ya.” He hung up and placed his phone back in his pocket. “Boss is coming.” “Finally, I heard a lot about your group, always winning battles and gaining more territory.” “You’re on our territory so piss off while you still can!” Wonwoo growled at the five like a mad lion. “It’s not going to be that easy kid.” Ilhoon smirked but his facial expression changed when he looked behind us. I turend around to see someone walking over with baseball bat in it’s hand. “I said I want the boss. Where is he!” Mingyu just smirked at him with his arms crossed. My eyes widened at who the person was. “Who said boss was a he.” By now the girl in front of us and faced the five men. “You have some guts coming into our territory.” No way…Y/N is the leader of Black Pride?

from honor roll to out of control (hong twins au)

pairings: hong twins/reader
genre: humor
word count: 1,749
rating: G
warnings: slick af joshua and cutie jisoo
tl;dr: new student y/n definitely had no idea what they were getting into when they met residential heartbreaker joshua and his twin brother and class sweetheart president jisoo

A/N: For the sake of pacing, this is a bit of an introductory part so you’ll be able to get a feel of the characters you’ll be reading about ^^

also omg excuse the terrible banner if someone with better photo editing skills feels inclined to heLp me out i am not talented in that form of art creation ahh

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Tropical offspring - Joshifer Drabble

Thank you

1. Lovely MC for beta'ing for me and telling me to keep writing;

2. Jules and Raychel for the late night non sense and the “OMG YES WRITE THAT” after I threw that idea in!

Hope you 3 and everyone else like it! ♥


“What if something is wrong with him?” I whisper my concerns to Josh, as we follow the nurse to the ultrasound room.

“Or her,” he whispers back, “Nothing is wrong with that baby. Don’t worry.”

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Our paradise, our war zone ll Alex&Emily

The sky was a splatter of white and grey clouds and the powder that was falling from them was both beautiful and deadly cold, an unexpected falling of snow to mark her first day in her new city. Standing outside her new apartment on the bay of North End in Boston.  Emily crossed leather-clad arms across her chest, fidgeting with the emerald pendant around her neck. Red brick with black bay windows, the building stood ten floors high and was both an impromptu purchase and thoroughly thought out. If she were going to be honest, it was also surprisingly intimidating. When she promised herself that she was going to stay somewhere for good, alone with the constant reminder of her past, she was limited in states to pick from and Massachusetts hadn’t initially been at the top of her list. However, after being offered a position at a hospital in Boston, Emily found an email address for a revered real estate agent and ended up owning the top floor condo of the building currently planted in front of her.

Clusters of white settled in her honeycomb curls as she knelt down to pick up her single box of possessions and stepped through the double doors. Once upstairs, Emily paused a moment before inserting her key into her door, twisting and pushing it open. The apartment was flooded with natural light from the large windows that looked out onto the bay, the wrap-around balcony covered in a layer of snow. Emily dropped her box onto the marble kitchen counters, taking in the furnished area. It was a little more modern than she would have gone, all dark wood and contrasting beige and charcoal materials. The dining room table sat eight and the large L-shaped sofa in the living room looked like it was made for a family, which Emily found both ironic and disheartening. Her and Alex could have been happy here, although as she had to remind herself, her life didn’t work out with the story-tale happy endings and she couldn’t be surprised that she was here alone.  

The apartment description had listed two bedrooms and two bathrooms and Emily was eager to find a bed to sleep in. She wandered into the living room, running her fingers over the few books and decorations in the built-in bookshelves that flanked either side of a large slate fireplace. Upon realizing it was a gas heater rather than a classic fireplace, Emily turned it on and padded down the hall. When she came across what had to be the master bedroom, she shrugged off her brown leather jacket and rubbed her long slender fingers together in hope for some warmth. The wallpaper was more feminine than she’d been anticipating, a beige discrete floral design that blended well with the white chesterfield styled headboard of her new king bed.  Two ceiling high bookcases again flanked the large window, and a soft lounge that Emily tested quickly with her toe. A quick inspection of the rest of the apartment showed two decent sized bathrooms with claw-foot tubs Emily knew she’d spent most of her nights in, and an empty room she’d have to set a nursery up in.


It had been a few months since she’d done that dreaded, yet entirely necessary thing. Six and a half months, in fact, since she’d fled Seattle and perhaps the only relationship where she had truly felt safe and loved. It had also been six and a half awful months since she’d seen that little symbol on a stick the length of her phone, the symbol that had prompted her disappearing act and had plagued her until she’d contemplated just ending it all, once and for all. Of all the nightmares she had lived through, the torment and the abuse and the loss of her child, this had by far been the worst. It was beyond a night terror, it wasn’t supposed to have happened, in fact however reckless she had been with both her physical and emotional well-being, she’d always made sure that she limited the chances of pregnancy as much as humanly possible without practicing abstinence. Grace had provided more problems than simply the grief of her death. The pregnancy alone had been traumatic and left Emily permanently scarred, and in the words of her obstetrician, unable to conceive. It had been a welcomed revelation after Grace’s death, unlike most women Emily had been more than relieved to know she’d never have to relive the possibility of children again. And then Christopher Moore had come back for a frightful week and thrown the honey blonde back into the tumultuous life of potential parenthood, and this time, entirely alone. It had been the safest move for everyone involved, for Alex that she had thought of every moment in Boston, for the infant currently twisting itself in the tightening restraints of her belly, and for herself.

For the longest time Emily had contemplated abortion, thought it might be easier to just erase the entire situation and start out fresh, but it was too late. Instead, she’d lived with the constant growing reminder of her shortcomings and her weakness as a person, in a city where she hadn’t known a single soul. Boston had provided a poor excuse for distraction, but she’d quickly fallen into her position at Mass Gen and had used the failing hearts of others to help her ignore her own.

Outside it was hot, had in fact been a tremendously hot summer for the surgeon that was still struggling to get used to the slight swell of her stomach. She was smaller than she had been with Grace, the pregnancy in general easier on her body than her first, although that provided little relief on her emotional state. When she walked from the apartment building doors, the heat hit her like a wall and it took her a moment to catch her breath, savoring the feeling of beating sun on the light bronze of her skin. She’d slipped into a military green dress, the v-neckline draping  low to hug her figure, the skirt asymmetrical and flowing at her ankles for the most part, creeping up her mid-thigh on the right side. Never one to bow at a challenge, she had slipped into steep charcoal ankle boots that left her standing a few inches taller than normal. With nothing but a wallet and her keys, Emily headed toward the familiar comfort of her workplace.

As usual, the hospital was a mess of people scurrying around in varying shades of scrubs and patients families fluttering around with looks of concern and fear etched into the lines on their faces. Before stepping through the threshold, Emily had shrugged into a white coat with her hospital ID pinned to the pocket resting over her left breast. She’d made it halfway to the elevators when her topaz speckled eyes got caught on a certain face she hadn’t anticipated to see for the rest of her years. He wore the same expression Emily had come to adore, the mixture of lingering pain and subtle caring. Heart leaping into her throat, Emily promptly swallowed the feeling of unease and ducked her head, praying the curtain of long curled caramel blonde locks would be enough to shield her long enough to make it to the elevator. Although she had missed Alex terribly since she’d departed from their home without so much as a warning, he had been the last person she’d wanted to see. Especially when the evidence of her pregnancy was no longer so easily hidden.