Inktobers 16-17 dedicated to my dog, Goku <3
He passed away almost two years ago and I never really did anything proper for him. Inktober 17 was a portrait I actually drew last year, but never got around to painting until now because a tragic death happened in my life the day after I drew that portrait last year. Now I got to it and happy that I did <:
R.I.P. little doggy 

This is a bummer, but we need to talk about it.

Corporate giant chain store in malls, Francesca’s, sold unauthorized copies of pins by me and 20+ other artists. I cannot tell you how exhausting it is to deal with this constant barrage of copying of my artwork, and how much it takes me away from things like sleep, family, and making new work. It’s made me fearful of sharing new work, and fearful of releasing new pins.

I called, they ignored. I lawyered up, they didn’t respond. Supporters of art and confused Francesca’s customers commented on their social media channels about this and were deleted and banned. Their handling of this situation is awful and unethical and doesn’t point toward resolution as they force artists to pursue expensive legal action.

I need your help.

Would you please share this image or story with your networks?

Would you please call out Francesca’s for their bad business practices and urge them to make it right with the artists?

Any of these things would be a huge help, and I welcome your suggestions as well. Thank you so much to those who are already doing so much to support me and the other artists. It’s been devastating, and while I’m not a stranger to being copied unethically, this is the first time I’ve ever experienced a company’s complete unwillingness to respond to a lawyer, not to mention their awful business practices in silencing consumers who felt misled. They know most artists can’t afford to or can’t take the time to fight legal battles in court, but I hope to find justice, and their customers deserve to know the truth.

NEW “Bee Yourself” Enamel Pin! Let’s Help the Bees!

Did you know there are blue bees? Our world is full of amazing and diverse life; our own kind is no exception. Celebrate the beautiful, different, and unique in yourself! Whatever you like to do, wherever you are, whoever you love - be as you are. Take this blue bee as a symbol and dare to Bee Yourself!

Seven species of bee have recently been placed on the U.S. Endangered species list. Bees and other pollinators are super important to our agriculture and survival, so let’s help them together! I’m donating 25% of the purchase price of each pin to the Pollinator Partnership monthly, now through the end of January 2017. Please help me spread the word about this project so we can make a difference!

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