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SWIMSUIT: Wolf & Whistle 

Sorry for the HUGE photoset, but I even liked the outtakes here hehe.
When this one piece 1st came out it was for “extended cup sizes”, so I grabbed a 32DD and it fit amazingly!! Like the whole boob was in this thing! Normally I take a 34D. I never buy swimsuits because S/M/L just don’t cut it for my body. I also didn’t learn to swim until last year :x Anyway, it also comes in the typical run of sizes so everyone can get a piece of this. It’s so retro-feeling & I really love it. I definitely recommend. It has “tummy control” too so if you’re self conscious like me you can start getting used to feeling comfy in your swimmies. 👙👙

And as you can see I did a mean chop to my hair. It wasn’t all at once though! It’s still crazy damaged & won’t hold a curl, but I dyed it black & so far it’s been a great decision. I’ll try out clipins and other hair things in the mean time too. 


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So I started play Friday the 13th: The Game recently and I’ve been having a blast with it.  Had to draw my favorite camp counselor in her Spring Break ‘84 swimsuit.

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Sport Swimsuit Rainbow Dash

By popular demand, second in this series of high-leg one piece swimsuit pin-ups! Rainbow Dash is quite a different character than Twilight, and so I supposed her design reflects that, but I hope you’re able to enjoy it just as much as the first one.

Who should be the next one? Comment below with your preference, and I’ll be sure to take it into consideration.

I’ll post an alternative outfit for this piece later. Two NSFW versions have been posted exclusively for my Patreon supporters!

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Anita Ekberg - c.1953 par thetag1

A little something something I did for fun based on the very talented array of work from @swimsuitsuccubus

Check out her array of photoshoots, she portrays a lot talent.

Had fun illustrating this.