pin up sundress

The Outsiders Imagine: Free Dinner

“What do you mean you have no money?” (y/n) asked the two boys while walking into the Curtis’ house.

“Well we almost didn’t make it this time with our rent and we paid what we had,” said Soda. “I needed to stay with Ponyboy when he was sick all week!”

“It can’t be all my fault…” said Pony annoyed while trying not to turn red in the ears and walking into the other room.

Soda started pacing around and looking at Pony passing by him and (y/n) nervously. “We’re goners. I just know it.”

“I hope you know what you’re eating for dinner.” (y/n) said

“ Oh gee, Darry’s gonna kill me! I needed to make sure everything was okay while he’s gone and look where we are now!” Soda yelled.

(y/n) rubbed Soda’s arm and walked him into the kitchen while saying,“Well, let’s have a look around, you might have something.” (y/n) gave a quick smile.

“All out” Soda said quietly, trying to walk away.

“Here to save the day… why don’t we go to the diner I work at. I’ll sneak in a free dinner for you guys.” “How does that sound to ya?” (y/n) said

Soda’s face lit up. “Really, you’d do that for us, doll? 

The door opens with Two-Bit walking in and saying,” Of course she’d do such a thing!“

With Dally, Johnny, and Steve  running into the house, they gathered up into the small living room. They sat around the table trying to relax and Dally putting his feet up.

"So to the diner tonight?” Steve asked while clapping his hands together.

“Yeah, my shift starts around 6:00 tonight but I have a couple of rules I gotta tell ya.” (y/n) said.

“Hah the walking cupcake has rules!” Dally scoffed.

“Dally why don’t you just get outta here!” (y/n) snapped back.

There was a pause and everyone just stared at each other. Two-Bit made some clicking noises and  things went quiet for a bit. Dally looked around and shook his head.

“No, no sweet pea. Carry on” Dally replied coolly.

“Okay, Okay tell us already would ya?.. please” Pony said, still sounding a little sick.

“I have to act like I don’t know ya guys.They’ll get suspicious so no hellos or small talk. I can’t afford to lose this job.” (y/n) said.

“If you say so ” Soda winked while slicking his hair back. He was getting a little restless sitting around.

“Alright I gotta go, make sure you get in and out of there during my shift. See you there” (y/n) said.

(y/n) got to the diner and put on her apron over her striped sundress. Pinned up her hair and got ready to do her job. As she  walked around bringing orders in, she heard the doors open with the little silver bells ringing. Everything went silent until the gang walked in laughing and ready for some fun.

 They spotted (y/n) and tried to look away without making it obvious. Steve and Soda started to play around. Johnny started changing the music in the juke box. Dally was tapping away on the tables like he was a music legend.Things were starting to get out of place. They were starting to make a mess and it got really loud. People were starting to stare but no one did anything about it.

(y/n) thought to herself “ I can;t believe I’m risking my job for these little boys…”

(y/n) chuckled and started walking towards the gang and they quickly sat down smiling like innocent children.

“So what can I get for you, boys?”

Thanks for reading my first ever imagine. It would be really great if you can give some feedback and I hope you liked it. Have a nice day!