pin up photoshoot


Come behind the scenes with me, @sineadpersaud & @hartgracesarah on our Gotham City Sirens photoshoot! Special thanks to @davidcater for making this shoot possible and providing me with some of this BTS footage! 


Marilyn Monroe getting ready to attend the premiere of the play                   ‘Cat On A Hot Tin Roof’ (1955)

Between early 1955 to early 1956, Marilyn took a break on her career to focus on her acting - which was a surprise for both the public and Hollywood, since most of the stars felt fulfilled enough when they made box office successes. They soon realized that Marilyn was different and that her ambition in Hollywood was to become a serious and respected actress, rather than just a beautiful blonde. In 1955 while she was away from Hollywood, she watched many plays on Broadway, she was also studying at the renowned Actors Studio - also not a place were you would find ‘movie stars’ during that time. Marilyn’s effort to change her career and image was known by many around her, incluiding her professor at the Actors Studio, he stated that she was also thinking about being a stage actress in the future - even having a terrible stage fright and anxiety: She always wanted to be something more.

PS:. The pictures are from the premiere of the PLAY 'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof’ in 1955, not the movie version starring Elizabeth Taylor in 1958