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Jayne Mansfield in wardrobe tests for ‘The Girl Can’t Help It’ (1956)

Unbelievably attractive, men and women almost gave themselves whiplash when she walked by like a goddess from another planet”   James C. Allen about Jayne Mansfield


1945 … mother daughter problems! by James Vaughan

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I´ve been chatting with @claricechiarasorcha and we talked some more about the infamous cadet Hux pin up photos.

I was wondering if after a propaganda speech on a first order planet, Hux will be solely approached by people because they want him to sign his pin up pictures. Clarice added that Kylo in a poor disguise be probably the first in line to get the coveted signature himself.

I laughed to much about the idea that I scribbled this into my storyboard work file. It´s so dumb, I thought I share haha


Vintage poses from my senior photo shoot. Please be kind to my very fragile ego I know some of these poses are super awkward, but so am I. Photo credits go to shutupandsmile photography. Dress is from the New Orleans WWII museum. Heels are from Dillard’s. And the beautiful couch is my great grandmother’s sorry it’s an antique.