pin up outfit

Model, French actress Brigitte Fossey wears a little-sleeved dress in a pale-blue angora with a tasseled cord pulled in at waist, by Giorgio di Sant’ Angelo for Dalton. Photo by Gianni Penati,
Vogue 1969

A little something something I did for fun based on the very talented array of work from @swimsuitsuccubus

Check out her array of photoshoots, she portrays a lot talent.

Had fun illustrating this.

Mimsy Farmer in Spain, in the Canary Islands, in Lanzarote, in 1969, during the filming of ‘La route de Salina’ by Georges Lautner. Photo by Philippe Le Tellier (Paris Match magazine)

The Dancing Confession - Klaus Mikaelson

Underneath my glittering ball gown, I was shaking with nerves but my facial expression only showed a flicker of worry. I walked to the door of the mansion that was built by hybrids who are sired to a person who can sometimes be a pain in the ass to the people who know him. The mansion glistened in the light of the moon , as the door opened the expression I wore before changed to a sickening sweet smile. The only reason I came to this ball was due to the persuasive techniques of Rebekah Mikaelson.

Rebekah noticed me in an instant as she was talking with Matt Donovan who I knew to be her date to the ball. She walked to me after quickly excusing herself from the conversation. Her near platinum hair was straightened then pinned up to give her outfit a more elegant air, her brown eyes were lightly dusted with sparkly eyeshadow and her normally pale lips were layered with a nude coloured lipstick which compliment her dress of emerald green which was the masterpiece of her outfit.
“ You look beautiful Bexs.” I said as I walked over to her and finally stood next to her.
“You look amazing Y/N.” she complimented back with a kind smile.
By the time we were in the middle of our conversation about some of the people at the ball Rebekah’s brother Klaus joined us to drag Rebekah over to the stairs as her other brother Elijah started his speech. In this speech everyone was given the information that the first dance was going to be a centuries old waltz.

Before I could even move from the crowd I felt someone’s hand on my arm.
“May I have this dance Y/N.” I heard Klaus ask me with a hint of worry laced in his voice as if he the almighty original hybrid was scared of my answer.
“Yes, you may Mr Mikaelson.” I replied with a cheeky undertone to my voice which raised a smirk onto Klaus’s lips.

As we got in position on the dancefloor in the ballroom I sneaked a look at all the other couples and noticed Rebekah smiling at me with one of though good luck looks.
The song Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran played and then on cue I was dancing with Klaus. I looked into his eyes and then knew It was a bad idea as I became hypnotised in them.  
“Why did you say yes?” Klaus asked out of the blue and in a curious manner.
“Because I don’t take what I hear from other people as gospel and because what I have seen of you from being around Rebekah and actually striking up many conversations with you, you are an amazing down to earth person.” I replied honestly.
“Why did you ask me out of everyone else at this ball?”  I asked him with a slightly shaken voice.
“Because as much as I have tried to deny it to myself I have fallen for you Y/N; I am captivated by you. With my heart and what left of my broken and battered soul I believe that you Y/N Y/L/N are my soulmate.” Klaus confessed with raw emotion and teary eyes as we still continued to dance with the song half way through.
As the song slowly came to an end my head twirled like a ballerina on top of a music box with many unanswered questions and before I knew it my heart had answered for me.
“I love you too Klaus Mikaelson.” I confessed to him and sealed it with a kiss to his lips.

The rest of the night went on a rollercoaster ride as me and Klaus showed affections towards each other at random points during the night with the bad things being that Kol got his head snapped by the hot headed Damon Salvatore.

What I certainly didn’t envision for tonight was ending up in Klaus’s bed with him holding me while we slept.