pin up mua

don’t tell me that their all the same, ‘cause even the sound of his name carries me over their reach back to some golden beach where only he remains.

photo: images by goldie
makeup: beauty by kendall faith

This was Day 12 of 31 DIY’s Til Halloween! This is an easy Rosie the Riveter - inspired pin up costume!

I’m wearing my Orchard Corset CS-426 authentic longline underbusy corset in size 22" black satin. I’m also wearing an ancient red bandanna I’ve had for ages. The navy + white checked button down blouse I’ve had since high school and I usually only wear it to job interviews. It’s from Forever 21 circa 2008. The black v-neck tank is also from my closet - I found it in 2009 during my freshman year of university at one of my favorite Boston boutique shops, called “344”, on Newbury Street. Not sure if it’s still there but check it out if you’re in the downtown Boston area!

My black skinny jeans are from Sirens and are just my basic work pants.

For this “costume”, all you really need is some kind of bandanna or polka-dot head scarf. Pair it with some intense winged liner, killer brows and the brightest red lipstick you can find! I’m wearing MAC Ruby Woo (my go-to) and NYX Ruby retractable lip pencil. If you have longer bangs or sidesweep bangs, or no bangs at all, you can do a front barrel roll or a faux bumper-bang, curl the rest of your hair, and pin it up. There are tons of tutorials on Youtube! I have really short baby bangs / “Bettie bangs” so I just left them down and did one of my favorite bow-shaped victory roll updo styles. I might post a picture tutorial if that’s something people want to see!

Rosie the Riveter wore a blue denim button down shirt or jumpsuit (you could easily find one of these at a thrift store, especially in the men’s section) or blue jeans. She definitely had work boots on, but depending on how accurate you want to make the costume, you can wear any shoe you like. Matching red, white, black or blue platform pumps would be super cute!

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