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Oops, forgot to include Major Briggs in the collection below– but it’s actually quite fitting, he does stand out as such an incredibly different character to the rest so I’m happy to give him his own post :) 

His pose was inspired by my first ever flash sheet (and his other child!) 

If you’d like a print or a mug of this fine gent go HERE <3

Welcome Home Princess - Part 2

First of all I wanted to thank everyone who has read and given me feedback on not just WHP but also my other short stories and fics - it means the absolute world to me that you guys enjoy and anticipate more from my writing, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside - As promised, a part 2 of WHP.

Warnings: OC is a dark character, there is swearing, mention of knives??, and sexually suggestive content - if any of this bothers you or is a trigger please be advised and feel free to go read my fluffier or less aggressive content x


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