pin up calender

because the dover boys are public domain we can literall do whatever we want jesus fuck we can create the actual backstory of how dan backslide became the dover boys arch nemesis

we can explore the intricacies of the polyamorous relationship between the boys and dear sweet dora stanpipe

someone can make a cartoon of the dover boys in the everglades and relate dicks winter in florida

someone suggested to make a pin up calender 

merchandise the meme

make it our own


-One cycle, a hyper compact message was transmitted to every Peridot in Homeworld territory-

PERIDOT: Greetings my fellow Peridot’s. Working, hard? Of course you are, you’re a Peridot. I am here today because I, Peridot Facet-2F5L Cut-5XG, have made a tremendous cultural discovery that will transform the way we look at things for all time. I present to you, embedded in this transmission, the complete series of….. Camp Pining Hearts.


YELLOW PEARL: -and that’s when the Peridot’s opened up their side windows to observe the program, but slowly halting work as they became more and more obsessed with it.

YELLOW DIAMOND: -face in hand-

YELLOW PEARL: -Gulping- There is… more. A few cycle’s afterward, certain… factions began to emerge. The Peridot’s have now begun to wage war with each other. And…

YELLOW DIAMOND: -Eyes now rising from her hand staring directly at her Pearl-

YELLOW PEARL: A-and now the Rubies, the Jaspers, and the Emeralds are taking sides.

YELLOW DIAMOND: This is worse than the Diamond pin up calender. I am personally going to shatter that Peridot.


GARNET: Just as planned.