pin should have said to her to close her eyes for 10 seconds not 5 seconds

Run (Jungkook x Reader, pt 4)

a/n: look how productive i’m being today

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Crime AU

You learn to never trust Jungkook’s mood.

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Bad Boy Meets Bad Girl Part 7

New school, new people, new country. Will Y/N be able to keep up her bad girl image or will she fall soft for the schools bad boy?

My Girl? 


Masterlist // PT1 PT2 PT3 PT4 PT5 PT6 PT8 PT9 PT10 PT11 PT12 Epilogue


It was Friday, finally! A weekend away from hell and the people that inhabit it, the week had been uneventful, Michael would pick me up before school and drop me off after but we wouldn’t see each other outside of our classes not even when I snuck to the unofficial smoking area. I haven’t spoken to Luke since the kiss and nobody mentioned it so I assumed that he hadn’t told anyone either.

The classes went by fast as the anxious teens counted down the seconds to the final bell whilst the teachers struggled to concentrate on the lessons they needed to teach, knowing full well nobody was actually listening. I found myself staring out of the window for most of the day watching the small droplets slide down the window thinking about home and what everyone’s doing, probably getting ready to go to some party and get shit faced. The only thing that could pull me out of my trans today was the school bell, time and time again I found myself in an empty classroom collection my things before dragging my exhausted body to my next class.


My next class was Science, with Michael, a smile crept onto my lips just thinking about being with him. Sure I spend every morning and after school with him but that doesn’t last longer than 10 minutes with his driving skills, now I get to spend the full hour with him. Wait, why am I happy to spend time with Michael? I’m not falling for him, nope! I was pulled out of thoughts by someone shoving me into a random locker, “what the fuck?” I snapped my head to the side still leaning against the locker, I saw a petite blonde chick in a cheerleader outfit snickering with her friends “watch where you’re going, freak”. I don’t know what made me do it: the shove, the snickering, the smug look on her face or the word freak but at that moment I lost my shit.

My face was as hard as stone as I pinned her to another set of lockers across the hall by a chunk of her long ringlet curls, “what the fuck is your problem?” I asked in a dark tone starring straight into her fearful eyes “get the fuck off me!” she screeched trying to push me back, I didn’t budge, I slowly repeated my question getting more aggravated by the second “it was just a joke!” she finally answered “does it look like I’m laughing?” I asked through gritted teeth.

“Don’t touch my girlfriend!” I turned my head to the side still pinning Barbie to the locker, it was pencil dick, should have seen that one coming. He pushed and shoved his way through the crowd of excited teenagers hoping for a fight before standing inches away from me, I didn’t back down, just smirked instead.

“Don’t touch mine” it was Michael, he had pencil dick pinned to the lockers, next to his girl, by his collar. “Lay one finger on MY girl and I will make sure you never play football again, got it?” Michael’s voice boomed through the corridors as the students around stood there in both shock and fear, pencil dick couldn’t seem to get more than a “yeah got it” out before Michael gave him one last push into the lockers. I decided Michael can’t have all the fun so I leaned into Barbie and whispered “do that again, I dare you” before letting her drop to the ground, flashing a fake smile and pushing my way through the crowed with Michael closely behind.


We made our way outside and around the corner for a cigarette where we found the rest of the boys chatting among themselves, once we got closer Curly spoke up “hey lover birds where have you too been? Quickie in the janitor’s closet?” he asked with a smirk sitting on his sweet face, Luke and Cal’s faces dropped at the comment looking pissed off at both Curly and Michael. “No Ashton, I found Y/N/N pinning Shelby to a locker whilst Carter was in her face” Michael tried to sound confident and not bothered by the comment but his cheeks turned light pink. Ashton? I prefer Curly I thought to myself as I patted my pockets for my cigarettes, “shit” I mumbled, what did I do with them? “here” Cal said with a smile handing me a cigarette and light “thanks” I mumbled taking them and lighting it before having a drag.

“There’s a party tonight if you want to go? I mean you don’t have to but it’ll be fun” Luke spoke up for the first time in almost a week, making me shoot my head towards him with a puzzled look. “You should definitely go” Calum added looking at me hopefully, at this point all the boys were looking at me with hope in there eyes. “Sure, sounds fun” I replied letting the smoke seep through my lips, all the boys cheered at this. “Great! I’ll pick you up at 9!” Michael gave me no choice but it’s not like I had any other option?

A party, sounds fun


By the time the final bell rang I was already packed up, I shot out of my seat and was the first out of the door, needless to say I was excited for the party. Back home I would spend most of my weekends out at a random club with my friends and our fake Ids, dancing away together having the times of our lives. Ever since I got here I’ve been itching to see what the US parties compare to the UK clubs. I found Cal shoving books in his locker near my classroom, I had to stop myself from running over to him so I didn’t seem like an excited puppy.

As I calmly made my way too him I felt someone shove my shoulder, looking to my right where it came from I saw none other than Barbie. “See you at the party, freak” she snickered along with her friends, right as I was about to do something I knew I wouldn’t regret I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist, it was Cal “don't” he whispered as they continued to make there way down the hall. I sighed before getting out of his grip and turning to face him “why? Barbie clearly wants to test my patience” he chuckled “as nice as it would be to see you fuck her up, a bust knuckle or two isn’t worth it” he’s right. “Fine” I pouted, crossing my arms over my chest watching her disappear into the crowed, I wanted nothing more than to wipe that smug look off her face.

“Come on let’s go find the boys” Cal announced pulling out of my thoughts and down the hall, we found the boys around the corner waiting for us, talking about the party tonight. “Hey! You two excited for tonight?” Ash asked wiggling his body with a smile plastered on his face showing off his dimples “hell yeah!” Cal replied copying Ash’s moves as the rest of use laughed before turning to walk to Mike’s car.

SNK Ship Breakdown Volume III

It’s time for some Eremika.

I guess it goes without saying that I ship this.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that I go with what is most canon when I choose my ships.  I will not say that Eremika is the one canon ship in SNK, because it isn’t.  Yumikuri is.  But Eremika is close.  Soooo close…

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These Nights Never Seem To Go To Plan - Chapter 14

A Captain Swan AU FF

Rated M - this chapter is a hard (LOL) M

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, and also on and AO3)


She was nervous.

Like hand wringing, heart racing, can’t-bring-herself-to-knock-on-the-door nervous. Nervous to take this next step toward real.

Emma stood on Killian’s doorstep, hands literally wringing and heart literally racing. She shuffled her feet, suddenly self-conscious in the floaty, blush-colored dress she’d bought specifically for the occasion and second-guessing the girlish high ponytail. She was so caught up in her own thoughts, she missed his form moving behind the stained and frosted glass of the front door, jumping when his voice came jovially from the other side.

“Are you going to ring the fucking doorbell or stand there all night?”

Poking her finger repeatedly against the button, she yelled, “There, is that better?” over the jangling of the bell.

Killian was laughing as the door swung open, face quickly turning from amused to speechless. He shook his head as he looked her over. “You look stunning, Swan.”

Emma would have – and should have – said thank you, but she was too busy taking stock herself.

Dark grey trousers, artfully scuffed black shoes, and a dark blue waistcoat over a white collared shirt with the sleeves rolled and pushed up to the elbow (holy fuck, those forearms.) She hadn’t seen him wear jewelry before: a heavy watch on one wrist, hammered silver cuff on the other, several rings, a motherfucking earring and two thin chains that were nestled in a generously visible patch of chest hair. The downright salacious look he was giving her coupled with the pink tip of his tongue curled over his upper lip took the whole package to a new level of dark, dangerous and devilish. Jesus, he was beautiful.

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