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this is an off the wall question but would Saturn being retro in the natal chart result in intimacy issues with men? - you can answer this privately or publicly I don't mind btw. just curious to get your opinion on it, it's been something I've tried to pin point in my chart for yearssss and I think I've finally found it? idk, sorry haha.

Intimacy issues with general tend to fall into the 8th House. Having masculine planets like the Sun and Mars would be a thing. Having Saturn in the 8th can also do that due to the restriction of intimacy when it’s usually supposed to be breathable.

I mean, there’s different kinds of intimacy also… If it’s an emotional struggle, you’d have to look at your Moon, but if it’s a romantic or sexual struggle, you’d have to look at Venus and Mars. Aspects will show you the nature of the trouble. But yeah, I’d honestly look at the 8th and maybe the 12th House.


and thank you for giving us the amazing gift that is your talented sons Shannon & Jared 💕💗💕💗


Navicula pendant lamp by David Trubridge

The Navicula pendant lamp is another nature inspired design by the New Zealand based designer, David Trubridge. The lamp, that just recently got recommended for the Darc Award 2017, is inspired by the many microscopic diatoms that float in the ocean. It is illuminated by a row of LED pin point lights at the inside of the skeleton, that is made of CNC cut Bamboo-Plywood.

at some point during their five year mission, a crew member manages to snap a picture of captain kirk right after he comes back from a planet with his shirt nearly torn off. somebody with photomanip skills takes this pic and turns it into a pin up poster, with kirk looking like he’s wearing fishnet stockings. The pin ups sell like hot cakes. half the crew on the enterprise have their own captain kirk pin up poster and it’s a sworn secret among the bridge crew to never let jim know about this.

except jim does eventually find out, and he lines up all of the bridge crew, demanding to know who started all of this. everybody thinks he’s going to throw a fit when he finds out, but when scotty blurts out that it was sulu, jim just laughs and goes straight to where sulu is working to ask him for his own personal copy of the pin up. no body knows what he plans on using it for, until about a week later when a very confused spock comes to bones asking if it is customary for humans to give each other scandalous pictures to hang up on their walls. 


“Self Portrait” & “Red Head” by Deepti Naval

I think I’m best at self portraits and I paint the faces hard, lonely and morbid. They are hard because they reflect what goes on in my head. It’s difficult to pin-point what inspires these – one day, I was clearing my shelves and came across a beautiful, smiling picture from an old film. I looked at the mirror and said, “I don’t smile like that any more.” That’s when a visual flashed in my mind and I began painting the woman in ‘Main Zinda Hoon’, the scene where she is in the mental asylum in the last scene, sitting in a daze, on the swing, in her imagination, talking to her dead father. I put a placard in her hand that read, Lapatta, on which was stuck this beautiful sparking sepia picture.

here’s the completed pin. this was definetly a learning experience for me, but I think it came out pretty good for a first try!

maybe a little too good - everyone in my family wants one now, as well as at least one friend so I’m going to have to make 6 more of the darn things tomorrow, in addition to working on my actual summatives!!!

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  • Brain: You screwed up. You screwed up your first recital.
  • Me: Uhm. No? I made some mistakes, but I didn't screw it up.
  • Me: Uh, no? I was a little airy, granted, and my voice almost caught, but why would that mess up my first recital?
  • Me: Well yeah, that's to be expected? I'm not going to sound just as good as I do in the practice room as I do on the stage. Not yet anyway.
  • Me: OI, at least my voice didn't catch and I kept going. At least I had moderately good support and I was able to be heard. That was, quite honestly, my best performance on a stage, and it can only get better from there.
  • Brain: BUT-
  • Me: That's enough negativity.
  • Brain: ... *incoherent muttering about how bad I was*-
  • Me: Shh.


Minhyuk’s obsession with V App might be a tiny bit unhealthy…. ~(-◎ω◎)

Sorry for disappeared for a whole week no one cared tho ,I got this idea for a comic that was supposed to be a 4koma but somehow ended up being this huge 4 pages thing ಥ_ಥ

I probably will finish the rest of the group portraits by the end of this week and next week? Probably ??

DISCLAIMER: This is not 100% accurate of how Monsta X’s dorm look like, since there are limited information and references of it (I based it mostly from their V app live Welcome to our home and eyedoll ep 1, rewatching No Mercy would take too much time and my drawing speed alone already took long enough) and I need to make adjustment so that it’d be easier for storytelling purposes. Also, I love all of MX members the same with exception of hyungwon being my bias, this comic is totally not supposed to be taken seriously so please don’t take it as I’m dissing any of the members ;v;;;;

// I hate you, I love you // Jughead x OC

For some unknown, illogical reason, Olivia cannot stand Jughead. Whilst the rest of the group believe there to be a hidden meaning behind O and J’s hateful relationship, the pair believe it to be real.

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spoken for

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someone else gives you a single rose, & suddenly you’re taken?
happy (belated) valentine’s day!

“Who is that from?”
You looked up from where you were focused on pruning your beautiful, single red rose to the source of the curious and oddly irritated voice.
“Oh, good morning, Tae!”
“Morning,” was his curt reply, followed immediately by, “Who’s the rose from?”
“Minhyuk gave it to me!” you chirped brightly, smiling at the vibrant flower as you carefully dropped it in a cup full of water for a temporary makeshift vase. “How sweet, right?”
You were too busy picking up the cup and walking it over to your desk to notice Taehyung’s narrowed eyes and icy look. “For what?”
You pinned him with a pointed look. “It’s Valentine’s Day, you know?”
“And? What, no one’s allowed to show me a little appreciation around here?”
“With flowers?”
You brushed off his grumpy tone with a small laugh and a shake of your head, settling in front of your computer to get started with the day. “Stop being like that and go to your own desk, Tae.”
He only clicked his tongue at your dismissal before turning on his heel and literally stomping off. Leaving you a little disappointed at the damper he left on your happy mood, and more than a little peeved at his prying questions.
You deserved flowers, damn it. So you would enjoy your lone little rose all day, just to stick it to him.

It was after an enjoyable lunch, where you gushed with Wendy after you found out Minhyuk brought her a whole bouquet and urged her to finally just give in and let him date her, that you came back to a rather big surprise sitting on your desk.
You approached with some suspicion, looking around at your snickering coworkers as you took tentative steps toward the massive flower arrangement and gift basket crowding your entire workspace.
“Is this some kind of joke?” you muttered with a look towards a wide-eyed Wendy.
She shrugged and gave you a shove before following suit to study the entirely too showy gift, nudging you to check the bright red envelope with a smirk. “Ooh, who calls you ‘baby girl’?”
“Taehyung,” you mumbled with a scowl. “As a joke.”
“Oh!” Wendy’s dramatic gasp was probably warranted because you belatedly noticed the small velvet box sitting right underneath the spectacularly decorated bouquet of pink, purple, and white.
“Oh dear God, what is that?”
“I don’t know, open it! Open it!”
You reached for the little black box with a deep frown, knowing if it was from Taehyung you could never be sure of what could be inside. Meanwhile, Wendy sat there stroking the petals of your bouquet. “Aren’t these your favorite?”
“Yeah,” you admitted grudgingly. “But he’s always so extra…”
Popping the box open revealed a simple little silver ring, topped with a thin twist design that was delicately pretty.
“Oh~ How cute~” Wendy cooed.
You couldn’t hold back a smile. He always knew how to catch you offguard.
“Probably from the dollar store,” you joked with a giggle.
“Excuse you, gumball machine,” a familiar, proud voice argued. “I even went to the arcade and almost fought a kid.”
You spun around to face Taehyung with a raised brow, holding the ring up to him as he caught a none-too-discreet fist bump from Jungkook.
“Yes, seriously! You see what I go through for you?” he griped, earning a laugh from Wendy.
She conveniently slipped away without a word as you plucked the ring from its perch and slipped it on. “How thoughtful of you. What’s the occasion?”
Taehyung’s mouth curled in a scowl. “It’s Valentine’s Day, you know?” he mimicked.
“And?” you shot back, sliding things around so you could sit and avoid all your coworkers’ eyes that were still glancing your way now and then.
“And, I thought I’d just prove my point?”
“What point?”
“I told Minhyuk hyung you were spoken for.”
“You did what?” you hissed, gaping at him and repressing the urge to toss the ring back in his direction. “And why exactly would you do that?”
Taehyung gave you a look like you had grown another head. “Because you are.”
“Since when?” you hissed, trying not to draw too much more attention.
“Since you met me, how could you not know?”
His matter-of-fact tone made you roll your eyes and cringe at the butterflies in your belly, both at the same time. “Taehyung.”
“What? Just so everyone is aware.” He was kneeling before you could stop him, grasping your hand in a dramatic show. “I was gonna get you flowers eventually, you know.”
“You are…” You shook your head with a laugh, letting him bring your hand up to his lips for a gentle, tingling kiss. “…so showy, you know that? We’re at work.”
“Yeah, and now everyone at work is witness. You’re my Valentine. No one else’s.”