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And stars don’t care what you wish, and magic don’t make things better, and no one doesn’t get burned who sticks their hand in a fire. If you want to amount to anything as a witch, Magrat Garlick, you got to learn three things. What’s real, what’s not real, and what’s the difference-‘ 

-Granny Weatherwax | Witches Abroad | Terry Pratchett

Inktober Day 24 | India ink and gouache

Welcome Back (Chapter 4)

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It was a day before the festival and Ashi was already getting better with walking, she basically was nearly well enough to do it on her own without him worrying about her collapsing.

She was still shaky with herself though and if she spent too much time doing anything she would get tired easily. Jack supposed it was because she has lost half of herself with losing Aku. She wasn’t used to not being as strong as she was before; since she was half demon.

Right now Ashi was sitting on the bed, looking tired from another session of walking around the building with Jack. Jack was sitting in front of her, giving her a smile. “You’ve been doing great.” “I’ve been working my ass off.” Ashi corrected, which made Jack smile a bit. She was getting her spunk back, which was making him happy. She looked off, rubbing her legs with a soft whine. “Jack, my legs are sore.” She complained quietly, looking up at him. “Do you think you could massage them?” She asked quietly. “I suppose you deserve that much.” Jack whispered back in reply, which made Ashi smile a bit.

She splayed her legs out and Jack got in between them. Ashi seemed to have taken a liking to the clothing his mother wears, often getting hand-me-downs from her. She was wearing a black komono with floral patterns scattered all over it. It looked very nice on her.

Jack gently placed his hands on her ankles, running them up to her thighs and then back down again. Ashi’s face flushed a bit, but she stayed quiet except for the occasional happy sigh. “This should help you stand a bit, since rubbing them will get the blood flowing.” He explained softly, though- as Ashi noticed, Jack seemed to be a bit shy about it. She scoffed gently, sitting up some and raising her eyebrow at him. “Jack?” She murmured, Jack didn’t look away from her legs, “Yes, Ashi?” He asked softly.

“Why won’t you look at me?”

The question made Jack pause, he let out a small shy laugh. “Aha…uhm. Well….” “Well?” Ashi continued, tilting her head.

“It is just that… I’m…rubbing your legs…and..” Ashi scoffed, leaning closer to him. “After what happened last night you’re still shy about these kinds of things? This… isn’t even like that.” She murmured softly. Ashi moved her hands to her cheeks, making him look up at her. “Keep looking at me.” She murmured. Jack quickly melted into her gaze, letting out a small sigh and nodding. “…Alright.”

He rubbed her legs still, but this time he kept his eyes on her, she was lovingly starring at him. “…Jack, I know I am your wife. But…eventually I want to try the wedding again. Make it…official.” She said softly, Jack frowned, his rubbing got a tiny bit more slower. “….Alright, but…in the future.” Ashi sighed softly. “I’m scared too.” Was all she replied with, still gently holding his face as he rubbed her legs. He kept to her thighs mainly now, his eyes never leaving hers; just as she asked.

“If I fall over again during it, I think that’s a sign you should just give up on me.” She joked quietly, “I’d never give up on you.” Jack said, looking into her eyes as she gave him a sweet smile. “I love you.” Ashi whispered, leaning her forehead against his as he quietly rubbed her legs again. “I love you too.”

The two spent about thirty minutes like this, just silently talking as Jack rubbed her legs. He seemed to get more comfortable with it as time moved on. Ashi had already guessed Jack just needed to get into the moment to calm down about it. He seemed to just think to hard on something which makes him worried about it. She let out a sigh, “See, touching my legs isn’t so bad~” She cooed to him. Jack chuckled, “I never thought it was bad. I’m just…” He trailed off. “Shy.” Ashi finished for him, leaning back and stretching her body with a soft grunt. “Mmm. So, what’s the plan for today, Samurai?” She cooed softly.

“My mother wanted us to have dinner together.” He said softly, Ashi yawned, nodding her head. “Sounds fun.” She said softly. “When is that?” Jack glanced outside. “In about an hour.” He told her, “So– I should get into something nice.” Ashi scoffed, gently kicking him with one of her feet. “You always look nice.” She told him quietly.

Her hair was messy from laying on the bed, so Jack sat her up and began fixing it. He ran his hand through her hair, before pausing and running it the opposite way, making it stand up like how it used to when they first met. He raised his eyebrow a bit, looking at her. Ashi blinked. “What– what did you do?” She murmured. “I wanted to see what you would look like with your old hairstyle.” He said, smoothing it back down as Ashi scoffed quietly. “Keeping it down is easier to handle.” She mused quietly, “But I like it up every now and again– do you like it?” She murmured. Jack shrugged, “I like your hair anyway you want, either is cute.” He told her. Ashi gave him a soft smile, her eyes shifting downwards. “What about my hair?” Jack asked quietly.

Ashi blinked, not really expecting a question like that.“ o-oh– uhm…Well.” She laughed. “I like it…down.” She admitted softly, “It’s…h– nice, nice.” She grunted, looking down as Jack glanced down at her. “Is it now?” He murmured. Ashi slowly nodded. “So that’s why you always unpin my hair when you get the chance~” He teased, making Ashi let out a groan.

“Don’t tease me about it! I didn’t tease you about my old– samurai hating hair!” She snapped, glaring up at him as he grinned, “Oh? Was that hair specifically for me?” “I did not mean it like that.” “It sounded like it did.” Ashi just growled in response, glaring down as Jack laughed. He patted her hair gently. “You know I am just teasing you.” He murmured. “I’m curious– did you also like my beard?” He asked after a moment.

This time, Ashi just bluntly answered. “I found the beard nice, yes. Don’t tease me about it.” She said. “I love how you look now too- your looks don’t matter to me. So shut up.” She muttered. Jack chuckled even more, “You get so defensive.” He whispered; leaning in and kissing her forehead.

Ashi just wrapped her arms around his neck, and he hugged her back; pulling her close. He blinked when his hair suddenly fall onto his shoulders. “–Ashi!” Ashi was giggling, holding his hair pin in her fingers. “Oops.” She whispered.

Jack tried grabbing it. “Ashi! Give that back, we need to go soon.” He said. Ashi held the pin just out of reach. “Mmm, I don’t think so, Samurai~” She cooed playfully, before gasping when she was suddenly pinned. She quickly moved the pin behind her back, which made Jack have to try and reach under her to get it. She laughed out, making Jack laugh as he shook his head. “Ashi!” He said, but Ashi pushed her side on him, making him fall and her climb on top.

“Aha! Victory is min–ah!” She yelped when Jack pushed her back onto the bed.

The two wrestled for about ten minutes until Jack was finally able to pin Ashi’s arms with his legs and was able to grab the pin. The two were panting heavily by the time he got it back.

After fixing his hair he got off of Ashi, shaking his head. “You are unbelievable sometimes.” Ashi grinned, moving to him and kissing his cheek gently. “We should get going.” She whispered.

Jack nodded, slowly he got up and held his hand out for Ashi. Ashi took it and stood up. She was able to stand and walk on her own for the most part now. “Thank you for rubbing my legs, they feel great.” She told him, giving his hand a soft squeeze as they walked through the halls towards the dinning area. Jack smiled softly at her and kissed her forehead in response.

The two opened the doors to see Jack’s parents already sitting down, his mother looked up at him.

“Ah, Jack, Ashi! Come, come. Sit down.” She said. The two walked to the table and sat side by side, on the opposite side of his parents. “Good evening, Jack; Ashi.” His father replied. “We were just talking about you two, you showed up right on time.” He murmured.  

Soon enough the food came by; it was a chicken dish- one of Jack’s favorites as a kid. The four quietly dug in, occasionally having small talks between each other.

“Oh, Jack! I’m surprised I’ve never asked this, but I’m curious how you and Ashi met.” She said. Ashi stopped the spoon going into her mouth, her lips staying open as she looked at Jack; who just had about the same expression. “Uhhh.” He muttered quietly.

His parents really only knew that Ashi was Aku’s daughter who had converted to their side. They had been unsure of her at first, but his mother had grown to Ashi; which eventually gained his father’s trust. They didn’t exactly know the details of everything though.

Ashi grunted, “Well… I used– …I was…hunting, him.” She started, frowning some. “Me and my sisters.”

“Oh, you had sisters?” His mother blinked.

Ashi sputtered quietly, “Erm, Yes.” She said after a moment. Jack’s eyes were wide, he had no idea what to say.

“What happened to them? Did they switch sides like you?” His mother tilted her head. Ashi stayed quiet before shaking her head. “No.” She trailed off. Jack’s mother could tell the change in mood, so she went back to the first question. “So– you were…hunting Jack?” Ashi blinked, laughing some. “…Oh, yes. Long story short he captured me and we just kind of….grew fond of each other.” Her and Jack glanced at each other, a small smile on both of them.

“So you’re a good fighter then?” Jack’s father asked. Ashi blinked. “I consider myself to be. But I don’t know how well I am now with how…weak I am.” She said quietly, “Maybe once I get a bit stronger I’ll start training again.” She murmured half to herself.

His mother gave her a soft smile, “You and Jack should train together sometimes. Keep up your skills.”

Jack and Ashi glanced at each other, before nodding.

“Sounds like a plan.” He mused quietly.

“So will you two be attending the festival? Your father and I will be there, but mainly we’ll be stuck in one spot.” Jack nodded. “Ashi should be well enough to spend at least a few hours there.” He said, gently placing his hand on one of her legs and patting it gently. The small motion made Ashi smile.

“It’s going to be such a fun festival.” His mother sighed happily, “Finally, we’re able to have one with the defeat of Aku.” His father hummed quietly, “Our world is finally at peace. ” He said happily, taking a sip of his water.

The four ate their food and talked quietly to each other; eventually everyone was done and moved back to their rooms. Jack was holding Ashi’s hand as they walked. She sighed happily, “Your mom is always a joy to talk to.” She mused quietly, “I wish I had a mother like that.” She murmured, “Well. If it’s any consolation; my mother thinks of you as her own daughter.” He whispered.

Ashi smiled happy at that, before glancing away. “They’re getting curious about me. I doubt they know what happened to my sisters.” He whispered. Jack sighed, “My father will understand, I’m not sure if my mother would.” Ashi looked away quietly, holding onto Jack’s arm now as they walked. “I’m glad they didn’t ask about my mother, or the Daughters of Aku. That would be hard to talk about.” She laughed a bit, as Jack slowly nodded. “Yes. But… I believe they will eventually ask. Though I never mentioned the Daughters of Aku to them yet.” He explained briefly.

Eventually the two reached Jack’s room, Jack held the door open for Ashi as she walked in, stretching out. “Mmm.. Nooow unpin your hair.” She said. Jack blinked a few times as he shut the door. “That was quick.” He whispered quietly, just doing as he was told and setting the pin on the counter. Ashi grinned, giving him an approving nod as she laid on his bed on her stomach, her legs in the air as she rested her head on her hands.

Ashi looked at him up and down, which made Jack flush a bit. He rolled his eyes playfully, moving to her and ruffling her hair playfully. She leaned into his touch, sitting back up on the bed.

Jack was happy to see Ashi less fearful and paranoid now, the sleep must be doing her some good. He looked into her eyes as Ashi leaned in, kissing his lips. He kissed her back, his eyes sliding shut before the pair moved back.

“Since I put my hair down, I want you to do something.” He murmured after a moment, his face flushing. Ashi watched him, her eyes softening as she sat in his lap. “Alright.” She muttered. Jack looked down at her komono, he moved his hand down to her waist; where there was a tie. He gently undid the bow, Ashi blinked in surprise at his sudden boldness, her gaze resting on him as he slowly moved her komono down until it got to her waist; where he left it there.

…Okay, well; more bold, not all the way.

Ashi scoffed quietly, “I’m surprised, Samurai.” She cooed quietly to him, leaning in and kissing his chin softly. Jack let out a scoff, “Don’t tease me.” He whispered, moving his hands along her waist. “You’re just….so beautiful.” He whispered. Ashi couldn’t help but smile. Jack leaned up and kissed her lips. “…Tomorrow, after the festival- I want to go further with you.” He whispered.

Ashi’s eyes softened and slowly she nodded. “Sounds like a plan.” She murmured, “Just…make sure your mother doesn’t interrupt.” She joked, making Jack chuckle quietly. “I’ll make sure.” He whispered.

Jack leaned his head on her chest, letting out a soft sigh as Ashi ran her hand in his hair, her eyes softening.

The two stayed like this, just holding each other in their arms until eventually the both of them nodded off into sleep; both excited for the festival tomorrow.

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hey, would you be epic and do a blurb of what they'd be like for your first kiss?

okay omg you didn’t specify who so I’m gonna go with Luke cause I’m feelin strong Luke vibes rn

so like you’d be so ready for your first kiss with Luke like you’d have been out on a few dates already and every time you went to say goodbye it ended with like an awkward hug or kiss on the head and like it was frustrating because Luke is just so sweet and so goddamned gorgeous and you’d totally be head over heels for him so you’d probably be walking up the front porch steps to your house and he’d give you his cute little half smile and you’d just kind of look at him and say something like “why won’t you kiss me?” And he’d just look so stricken and his tongue would slip out quickly to lick his lips nervously like force of habit and he’d start biting his lip ring and look at you and say something along the lines of “do you want me to kiss you?” And you’d just reach out and fist the fabric of his flannel on either side of his front and tug him down and you’d kiss him hard and he’d just be shocked and then he’d realize oh shit I’m kissing her and he’d quick try to kiss back and you’d just tug him closer bc hands on the flannel and he’d stumble a little and you’d unintentionally end up with your back against the front door and Luke wasn’t gonna complain about having you pinned oops