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Prompt:  Can you do a series of bones x reader oneshot on how throughout the films they fall deeper in love as they work together as doctor and nurse pretty please
Word Count: 2223
Warnings: Beyond spoilers
Author’s Note: Part 3! (Here’s Part 1 and Part 2). So guess what? There’s gonna be a part 4 because this one got away from me a bit and I don’t want to make it too long. 

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The Mission- Chapter 20

This wraps up the story, there will be one more chapter, an epilogue. I’ll have it up soon. Hope you enjoyed.

The full story…..

Callie sat down at the counter and couldn’t even find it in herself to cry. This was her own fault, she had brought this all on herself by not just giving the letter to Arizona when she first met her. If she had given it to her on the airplane all those months ago she could have saved herself a lot of heartache.

She sighed and grabbed her phone, staring at it. It wasn’t stone she made some changes, she had promised she would make the necessary changes a long time ago and she had failed to do it. She had been doing a lot, but there was still so much work to be done.

She had to hope at this point that she would be able finish up making all the necessary steps to make herself better. She still had so much work to do. She had promised to get herself a place of her own, she needed to stop relying on others, and needed to make these moves on her own. She had to do this.

Callie was puttering around in the kitchen when Owen walked in.

“Hey, want some coffee?” She held up a cup but he shook his head.

“I’ve been on all night, it’s time for sleep, if I drink that I won’t be able to sleep.” He stood and stared at her waiting to see what else she might have to say.

“I’ve decided to go to the pinning ceremony, I’ve also decided I need to get a place of my own..”

“Callie…” but she held up her hand stopping him.

“No, it’s time I try to gain some of my independence back, and you’re right about the ceremony. I think it has the potential to give me some closure on that part of my life.”

“Where is Robbins?” Callie gave him a sad smile, and he knew he had hit a soft spot.

“She left, I haven’t been truthful with her about some things and last night she found out about them. I can’t blame her for leaving, she had every right to be mad.”

“Is that why you decided to make these changes?” Callie thought for a moment.

“Yes and no. I need to make these changes for me, before I can be good for anyone else. I’m never going to be able to be the type of girlfriend to her that I want to be if I don’t fix myself first. So yes, I’m doing this for her, but I’m doing it for myself so I can be the best for her.”

“Good for you….I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry for the way things went down for you over there. You saw more than teddy and I ever saw and I know that really affected you…”

“I was with Tim, when he died,” Owen gave her a curious look. “Arizona’s brother, I was with him, and he was there, bleeding out and we both knew he wasn’t going to make it. There was no chance he was going to survive his wounds and there was nothing I could do to save him. But he was my friend, and a really great friend, and you know what was the one thing he talked about the most? Arizona. He loved her so much, and wanted to make sure she was taken care of. He wanted so much to know that even though he wasn’t going to live, that he knew she was happy. That she was going to have love and be taken care of. We knew each other for around six months or so and in that time he spent almost every waking moment trying to get me to fall in love with her,” she was smiling now as she thought about her friend and it brought a smile to Owen’s face too.

“He sounds like he was a great guy.”

“He really was,” she agreed nodding her head and thinking about her friend.

“So you going to do it?”

“What?” She asked wondering what he meant.

“Take care of his sister? Seemed like it was really important to him.”

“Oh yeah, I don’t know…that’s up to her now. I really screwed up.”

“You’ll never know if you don’t try.”

“You know what? You’re right. Look, I have to get ready for my first big day at work, my boss is letting me get back in the OR today and I don’t want to screw that chance up. Plus I need to call a real estate agent, I’m going to buy myself a house, put down some permanent roots here and stop being a drifter.”

“Hope everything goes well today for you and your boss, he sounds amazing!” Owen laughed as he walked out of the room.

Callie sat down at the kitchen counter and looked at her phone and plugged in a number she hadn’t called in years but one she still knew by heart and when she heard the click on the other end and felt her anxiety level rise.




Callie walked up to her meeting, she was walking slow as she knew she was going to be the only person there tonight that didn’t bring someone. She had briefly considered asking Owen just so she’d have someone but she didn’t want a replacement for Arizona. She really had wanted Arizona to be there with her.

She’d had a good day at work. Not good. It had been great, but the only bad part was she had no one to share her victories with. She had worked on three surgeries and she felt a huge wave of adrenaline after. She felt alive again, she knew she was well on the way to her recovery now.

She had even called a real estate agent and set up a time over the weekend to look at a few homes close to the hospital. It was time for her to stop running and live her life again, and she was ready.

As she walked up the steps she stopped halfway up when she saw the blonde standing at the top of the stairs, smiling down at her. Callie took a huge gulp then cleared the last remaining steps.


“I just wanted to say, I’m mad, I’m still mad at you but I understand why you did it and if you want me to I’d like to accompany you tonight.” Callie just stood with her mouth open, she wasn’t sure what to say.

“On one condition, if we move forward I have to know that you won’t ever lie to me again, I’m still mad, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to continue to try. Are you willing to continue?” Callie nodded her head vigorously.


“Okay then, I want to go with you tonight, and I’d like to continue to date and if you’d like to talk about it at some point, I’d like to hear about your friendship with Tim.” Callie smiled when she heard that.

“I’d love to talk to you about Tim. And I just want you to know, I want to try, and I’m going to continue to get better. I took a couple of huge steps today and I was sad you weren’t there for me to tell about them.”

“Oh yeah? Like what?”

“Well…I called my parents,” she said quietly and Arizona’s eyes shot up. “And we talked, they’ve missed me and they want to try to have a relationship again. They invited me to come to their house for a weekend and asked if I could bring my girlfriend. And they said yeah, they’d like to meet her, but I have to know, do I still have a girlfriend?” Arizona waited a minute while she took it all in.

“Yeah, you still have a girlfriend,” Arizona smiled at Callie and held out her hand. “Come on, let’s go in together and later on you can take me out for dinner and tell me all about the rest of your day.”

“Yeah?” Callie reached out and touched the hand that was before her, and grabbed it quickly wanting to make sure it didn’t disappear.

“Yeah. Come on,” Arizona started walking into the building with Callie by her side.


Well if you’re reading this we both know what that means. But we don’t want to talk about that. I wanted to let you know you’re my best friend and I love you, and I have always been so proud of you. Everything you’ve done has been amazing and I’m always talking about my brilliant baby sister.

I met this girl over here and I’m telling you, she was made for you. I knew it when I first met her. So if anything happens to me over here you have to promise me you’ll find her. Her name is Callie Torres and I’ve told her all about you, and so now I just have to hope you two meet up.

She’s amazing, and the only person I’ve met that I think might give you a run for your Money in the “awesome” department. She is an amazing friend and the best doctor I’ve ever seen. Yeah, yeah, I know you’re a doctor but I’ve never seen you work. She works under the harshest conditions, making sure we stay safe and helping us when she can. I work under pressure all the time, but what she does, I can’t even tell you how amazing I find her.

And the thing is Sis, I’ve been telling her all about you and how amazing you are and how I want her to find you and for her to take care of you, but truth be told. You need to find her and take care of her. She’s gonna need it after being over here. And I’m sure she is going to screw some things up along the way, but be patient with her. She deserves it.

So Sis, I love you, and I’ll see you someday. Oh! And if you have any boys, you have to name them all Tim! Okay, maybe just one of them Tim, and tell him all about his amazing uncle.

Love you

Save the Boy

Band Member: Calum Hood

Type: Hunger Games AU

Description: You won last year, you fought tooth and nail to make it home to the boy you loved. But the person who came home pushed him away until he left. Now you’re forced to mentor him and perhaps kiss goodbye to the boy who loved you too.

Your thoughts were of the forest that stretched beyond the chain-linked fence. It was a place you went to escape. You wasted your time identifying herbs and gathering them or throwing knives at the tree trunks. You stared out longingly at it then towards the beach and ocean that skirted the edge of District Four. The television rambled on about how hard the times of war were. They claimed it was so that history wasn’t repeated twice, so the Dark Days were a thing of the past, but humankind were fickle and tainted in your opinion. Nature, on the other hand, was stable enough for you to trust. Your mother told you that you had healer’s hands, which was why you were less suspicious of the wilderness. You could almost imagine the soft grass under your bare feet by the lake your parents took you to when you and your sister were children. Your mother taught you to swim one summer in the lake since the ocean filled you with dread. You were almost into your father’s arms when you had fallen under the calm water from the shock that you were actually swimming. Your mother had screamed in horror until your father had pulled you back up and she’d hugged you close to her chest in fear it might happen again, that was your last memory of her. Alive, at least.

You heard the front door close and assumed it would be your sister. It was never going to be your father this early on Reaping Day. He was going spend the entire thing in the tavern, trying hopelessly to drown the memories of when you were reaped. You were happy to have the Victor’s house to yourself. Leah was the social butterfly, with a seemingly never-ending string of boys that chased after her. She was exactly like your mother apparently. Leah had to tell you stories about her since you were almost too young to remember if she even existed at all. Your father never spoke about your mother except on her birthday when he brought home a single water lily and left it next to their wedding photograph.

“No time to sit around, you have to be at the Justice building at two,” Leah called out from the kitchen.

She appeared a moment later, wiping her hands on an old towel. She’d had her hair pinned up for the ceremony which made her look even more like your mother. You were glad your father wasn’t around to see her. Leah looked worried again, the threat of you being reaped had ended but now you had to be a mentor, her fear had renewed itself but nowhere near the levels you were feeling. She was concerned the stress of mentoring would be too much while you were worried about President Snow, he wasn’t known for his kindness or fairness.

“You have to look your best for the cameras!” she argued as she walked closer. “What would Mum think if—?”

“If she was here? She’d want to know how her little girl was capable of murder,” you fired back before shuddering.

Leah flinched, she hated you calling yourself that. But it was true, wasn’t it? Twenty three children hadn’t returned home last year. The physical scars had been wiped away in the days after you’d made it out but the mental ones weren’t so easy to airbrush out. You still slept with a knife tucked under your pillow, you still screamed yourself awake – your only comfort was knowing the big house was too well built for the screaming to wake Leah and your father.

“I know you’re worried about Calum—”

“Why would I be worried about him?” you fired back with raised eyebrows.

“You still love him for goodness sake!” Leah snapped at you before her expression softened. “It’s his final year. After this, you can forget the Games. They can’t hurt you anymore.”

You bit your lip rather than retort. Your sister was so naïve and trusting of the Capitol. You weren’t stupid, you knew they’d take every cheap shot they could manage and Calum was a perfect way to get to you.

“Come on, I’ve laid out a dress,” she said quietly. “Dad wanted me to say good luck, he’s bartering the daily catch in the tavern like usual.”

“Don’t lie to me, Leah. He’s getting blind drunk to forget last year, it’s just a shame I can’t join him.”

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The Mission- chapter 17

Full story

The newest chapter…..

Callie and Arizona entered her apartment, hands linked and smiles on their faces. Arizona had just been thinking to herself how relaxed the brunette was right then. Her face was relaxed, there was some definite lightness in her steps as the walked, occasionally hip checking each other and extra squeezes with their hands. Arizona was sure this was something she wanted to get used to. She was falling head over heels for the other woman, despite all her troubles and insecurities, she found herself drawn to Callie. Sometimes she would watch the other woman and she could see ease in her work, the way she talked to the patients she could see just how much the other woman cared.

There were times where Callie would harden up, hide herself from the world around her, but as of late, she had stopped doing that around Arizona. She seldom held back from her, letting herself enjoy life a little more, and when Arizona saw that smile, that huge smile that reached her eyes and her face well that just about made the blonde melt.

“You got another notice about the pinning ceremony,” they heard as they entered the apartment and Callie immediate went rigid and dropped her hand from the blonde. Arizona glanced to the brunette and saw her face harden, her smile disappear, and the air shifted. Owen was thrusting a piece of mail at the brunette now and standing in front of her, waiting for a response which came only a second later when Callie took the piece of mail and ripped it in half, threw it on the counter and stared at the man.

“I told you I wasn’t going. Now, I have to go get dressed,” then she turned towards the blonde that stood there with a perplexed look on her face. She wasn’t sure what had just happened, but the entire mood had shifted in the brunette and not for the better. She was as more like when Arizona had first met her, closed off and angry. “I’ll be right back,” Callie told Arizona and walked out of the room.

“Callie!” Owen said in an angry voice, but she didn’t even flinch as she walked away from him. “You can’t turn your back on your problems. They aren’t going to go away just because you walk out of the room.” He turned back to Arizona once the brunette was completely gone, he was clearly angry so Arizona gave him a toothy grin to try and lighten the mood, but it didn’t seem to help in the slightest.

“Pinning ceremony?” She asked, wondering if she even should since it really wasn’t any of her business, but at the moment it was the only thing on her mind so she figured she should just ask. She raised her eyebrows at the man when he gave her a look like he was trying to decide if he should say anything.

“Callie is being given an award for medics in combat, and the ceremony is coming up, they keep sending all these notices for her, but she keeps throwing them away.”

“Maybe she isn’t ready to go,” Arizona said quietly not wanting Callie to hear them talking about her. She wasn’t sure what the other woman would think of she knew they were discussing her business, but she was pretty certain she could guess.

“It doesn’t matter she has to go, this is a really big deal, and besides she needs to go and get some closure out of it. Can you talk to her about it, see if you can convince her to go? I think would really good for her.”

Arizona nodded her head in agreement as she thought about the brunette and how she would even broach the subject with her. She could only imagine how that would go and pushed the thought from her head for the time being.

“Any thoughts on when you’re going to reinstate her in the OR?” She asked hopefully, wondering if she was getting closer to it happening. She knew what it meant for a surgeon to be benched from work and to watch colleagues get to continue working all the time. She also knew it would be a real boost for Callie to be let back in.

“I have….I’ve seen some progress by her lately and I’ve been happy with what I’ve seen, but I still don’t think she’s there. I know she isn’t sleeping through the night yet and also this pinning ceremony is troublesome for me. I want her to start taking some steps in the direction of healing from her time over there, but she still seems to be denying her past. I really think she’s getting close, but I’m not ready to let her in there just yet.”

Arizona sighed in defeat, she knew Callie had been working so hard, but she also knew Owen was right too. She gave the man a little nod and vowed then and there she would help the brunette get over the next big hurdle if that was what it took.

“I’ll see you later Owen, thanks,” she said and walked towards Callie’s room, then stood outside the room for a second before she gave it a little knock. The other woman had been in there for awhile and Arizona really had hoped Callie would be out by now. Arizona decided she should check on Callie since she had been gone so long.

“Come in,” she heard and opened the door timidly only yo find Callie sitting on the bed her hands in her hands, clearly crying.

“Callie?” Arizona called as she shut the door behind her and crossed the room, kneeling in front of the brunette. She placed her hands over the hands hiding the face that was pouring out tears, then leaned in and gave her a kiss on the temple. “Hey,” she whispered to the other woman, grabbing a tissue and having it ready, “know how to make a tissue dance? You put a little boogie in it,” she smiled at the brunette as she raised her red face from her hands, and flipped the tissue in the air, waving it in front of the now smiling brunette.

“You are crazy,” Callie smiled bright and took the tissue from the blonde and wiped her eyes with it. “I don’t think I’m up for breakfast…..”

“Well that’s just ridiculous,” Arizona looked at the brunette, not accepting the answer. “I know this is hard, I know you are struggling right now, but Callie, I keep telling you….I’m here for you. I am. I keep telling you that. Now tell me about this pinning ceremony,” she was kneeling in front of the brunette still and took her hands back in hers while she waited.

“They have invited me to this ceremony for field doctors, we are part of a group of combat doctors that are being recognized for our work on the lines, assisting groups.”

“Well that sounds amazing! You HAVE to be proud of yourself for this! This is amazing!” Arizona tried to encourage the brunette but saw the tears start to well up again as Callie dropped her face again. “What? Tell me, what could be wrong with this? That you are such an amazing person, such an amazing doctor that you are getting a special award that only a handful of people get each year.”

Arizona looked at the brunette as she waited patiently for Callie to tell her why she didn’t want the award. Arizona had a good idea what she was going to say, but she knew that the brunette needed to say it out loud. She needed to start to admitting things, it would only help her in the long run.

“I feel like…I haven’t done anything to deserve this award. I think…”

“Let me stop you right there,” Arizona caught the chin of the other woman and lifted it so she could look her in the eye. “You are a wonderful doctor, and you did one of the most courageous things anyone could ever do. You were on the lines, in a war zone, pledging to keep your fellow soldiers alive. You deserve this award and every single other award they could give you. So don’t sit there and tell me you didn’t do anything to be nominated for this.”

Callie was shaking her head as Arizona spoke, not wanting to hear what the other woman was telling her.

“Stop shaking your head,” Arizona laughed a little at the movements of the other woman. “You need to own this, it’s holding you back, Callie. I know that you still have all this self worth swimming around in your head, but you have to start believing the things we are all telling you. You. Are. Great.” Arizona pointedly said and the brunette raised her head to look into the eyes of the other woman.


“You. Are. Great. You have to start believing it. Say it.”

“No way!” Callie laughed a little dropping her face so she didn’t have to look at the other woman anymore.

“Yes. You have to start believing it, and today is the day. We are going to get you back in the OR and off to that pinning ceremony and i’m not leaving here until you do. And trust me, I’m stubborn, I’ll wait in this room for daaaaays. And then eventually I’ll start to smell and I’ll probably get hungry at some point and I’m kind of picky with food so you’ll have to go to specialty markets to get my snacks and oh! My patients! They are going to wonder where I am so they will start to hound you and you don’t want all those kids running up to you saying “where is doctor Robbins?” Because trust me, they are relentless….”

“Arizona!” Callie was out right laughing now.

“Say it,” Arizona waited for the brunette to make a move. She knew she had them in a good spot now, she had Callie feeling a little better, and knew she might be able to get her to do it. “Say it.”

Callie looked down at her feet and finally Arizona heard her voice. “I am great,” she mumbled out then started to stand. “Now let’s go.”

“Oh heck no. You were just placating me! You didn’t believe that. Say it and mean it!” Arizona pulled Callie back down so she was sitting. Callie let out a sigh and rolled her eyes. “Do it, or smelly hungry doctor Robbins is going to live in this room!”

“I am great,” Callie said a little louder this time, but there was still hesitancy.


“You’re very bossy,” Callie deadpanned at the blonde.

“You have no idea. Now say it and mean it,” Arizona grabbed the hands of her girlfriend and gave her a little squeeze. “Come on, I know you can.”

Callie stared at the other woman, and saw something in her eyes, it was there, clearly yelling at her, there was love there, she was sure of it. And it melted her heart right then, into a pool of jelly.

“I. Am. Great,” Callie firmly said and it was such a good statement that it brought a smile to the blonde.


“I. Am. Great.”

“Yeah you are. Again.”

“I. Am. Great.” This time it was louder than all the others combined, it was such a good statement that Arizona stood up and brought the brunette with her.

“Louder.” They were both standing in Callie’s room now, face to face, Arizona cheering her on.

“I. Am. Great!” Callie used a voice that the blonde hadn’t heard, it was full of confidence and Arizona saw how amazing Callie was.

“You. Are. Great!”

“I. Am. Great!” Callie yelled it this time and grabbed the blonde up in a hug, pulling her in and holding her tight.

“You really are,” Arizona pulled back and looked into the eyes of the brunette and saw for the first time the confidence that must have driven her when she was over there and she knew that the woman was just needing the courage to own up and be that person again. “You really are.”

“Thank you,” Callie leaned in and gave the blonde a kiss, then held her in a tight hug.

“Now come on,” Arizona pulled away from the brunette, “you promised me breakfast and my stomach is starting to growl.”

“Deal, and now that I don’t have to feed you in my room, we can leave.”

“Mmmmm,” Arizona started to walk out, “i don’t know that I would mind that much….” Callie stopped and let her mouth drop open as she thought about all the implications in that statement, feeling her heart rate rise and the sweat on her palms gather as she started following the blonde again. She let her mind wander for a moment then looked at the perky blonde next to her, huge dimpled smile on her face, then let her mind wander a little more. She needed to stop this now!

Pairing: Prince!Haru + Bodyguard!SSK
Rating: PG-13
Collection: (x)

Haru receives Sousuke as a birthday present when he is sixteen. ’A prized fighter from a distant land,’ the court minister praises, but Haru can only see the loneliness in Sousuke’s eyes. His eyes remind him of the sea. But what would Sousuke know of the sea? Haru listens as the minister describes where Sousuke came from, where desert stretches into the sky. The sight is so even from the tallest tower, where the people can see all. ‘This young buck is a gift, my Prince. He will be added to the squadron of bodyguards for your consideration when you are older.’

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Ok, you’re put in charge of designing outfits for spinoff characters in a sort of AU in an expanded universe. So you keep the basic colour blocking to ensure they will be recognizable, arm yourself with the sources the original artists drew from, remind yourself anew what the original designs were meant to convey, and design a fresh new take…

Or you could just slap the cartoon designs on the screen and not change a thing! Seriously, the One Upon A Time Frozen designs are just weird to me. I haven’t even watched the show. They’re so specific to the original movie where none of the other franchise characters are, I’m guessing for timing cashgrab reasons. But really, who doesn’t like reinterpretations of the Disney characters or buying pretty merchandise? I feel this was a missed opportunity for ripping off Claire Hummel.

1) Elsa’s coronation dress: Out of context I would never have pinned this as a royal ceremony gown, at least the movie one had its rich textures going for it. It comes with a really modern-looking necklace, too. They should have gone back to the 1840 reference material as to how it should fit, especially around the waist.

2&3) Anna’s casual outfits: seriously, these designs are 1:1 scaled versions of the movie costumes, right down to the searing colours and the patterns that were designed for cartoon characters instead of real people. They look more like the Disney parks workers than inhabitants of a gritty reboot. Which I am assuming OUaT is.

3) Anna’s wedding dress. This fits the 1840s silhouette very well indeed….except that the dress was apparently their dead mother’s wedding dress. Who had to have got married around 1819 at the latest, when dresses were tubes instead of cupcakes.

4) Elsa’s dress. Elsa’s dress in the Frozen concepts is very modern and stylish, modelled after what slithered through Vogue at the time the movie was in production. Side braid, gradients, leg slit, sheer sleeves with sweetheart neckline, so achingly now that it’s going to end up our decade’s equivalent of Ariel’s 80s hair. And that’s okay with me. But the interpretation here is way more costumey than catwalk. Frankly what they should have done is saved the production money and blown it on something blue and by Elie Saab. Actually, that goes for the dress in the movie as well.

I had a nice phone call today.

My son Matt just returned to Connecticut from a cruise on the submarine to which he is assigned. He called to tell me that during that cruise he earned his  qualification pin, the Dolphins.

The awards ceremony was held on the sail of the submarine while it was underway. Matt said the weather was rough and the boat was really rocking on the surface of the ocean.

During the pin ceremony it’s tradition for someone to read a passage about another American submarine in history. For Matt it was about the USS Bluegill (SS-242).

Matt’s great grandfather served on the Bluegill in World War II.