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the signs as iconic moments in monkees history
  • aries: mike nesmith punching a hole in a wall and yelling "that could've been your face motherfucker"
  • taurus: more of the monkees topping the billboard album chart for #18 weeks in 1967
  • gemini: mike nesmith and frank zappa dressing up as each other
  • cancer: micky making a tourniquet for one of the plaster casters who sliced open her hand on a can of dental alginates and was then unable to make a cast of peter's penis:(((((
  • leo: peter tork wearing an orgy organizer pin on national tv
  • virgo: peter recording over 100 takes of lady's baby and it doesn't even end up on a studio album
  • libra: inviting the jimi hendrix experience to open their 1967 tour
  • scorpio: mike nesmith calling more of the monkees the worst album in the history of the world
  • sagittarius: making the headquarters album as a real band:)))))
  • capricorn: having 4 #1 albums in a single year
  • aquarius: getting stoned and riding around on golf carts while making head
  • pisces: micky naming a monkees episode after his code word for weed

Rookie getting the beat down for his phone. #damnyoushouldseewhatsonthisphone
- Scott Dixon

Handmade cockade

15 March is a national holiday in Hungary - we commemorate the Revolution and the following War of Independence (1848-49) against the Austrian-Habsburg rule.

On this day people are wearing cockades in national colours pinned to their clothes, as it was a symbol in the revolution.

It seems this was the last piece I wove on this rigid heddle… and it happened ages ago :/
Many nations pin climate hopes on China, India as hopes for Trump fade
Many countries are pinning their hopes on China and India to lead efforts to slow climate change amid a growing sense of resignation that U.S. President Donald Trump will either withdraw from a global pact or stay and play a minimal role.

anonymous asked:

Can you do an older!damian headcanons? (Btw I love your stuff)

YES. I love Damian (like, I can never pick a favorite Robin but Damian holds a special piece of my heart), and I think about what he’s going to be like when he grows up a lot tbh

all of these headcanons are about Damian in his late teens/early twenties

  • Okay so first of all, the only question that really matters: Is Damian taller than all of his brothers? YES. He’s 6′2″, the same as Bruce, making him two inches taller than Jason (who was previously the tallest batboy). (I actually did math to calculate his height based on his parents’ heights okay, this headcanon is backed by actual genetic research) 
  • Everyone always talks about how Damian takes after his father in terms of physical appearance, and while I think that’s true for his features and build, he has Talia’s coloring, with olive-toned skin and eyes like jade. Both of his parents are fairly attractive people so you can bet that as an adult Damian is devastatingly good looking. 
  • He is not white passing, but because of his mother’s mixed heritage, it’s hard for strangers to pin down his exact nationality. It’s pretty entertaining watching people try to guess his heritage, but he gets really annoyed whenever someone tries to describe him as “exotic” because of his coloring.
  • He probably goes to college just for the sake of learning. Like, he has a job waiting for him at Wayne Industries, so he doesn’t need a college degree, but he goes to a local college anyway and just takes the classes that interest him. (He ends up taking mostly art and history courses, but he really enjoyed anthropology as well.)
  • He has an accent that never quite disappeared, although it’s subtle enough now that not everyone notices it. People (including Damian himself) sometimes forget that English isn’t his first language. 
  • He never really moves out because he doesn’t really see a point in it??? He works with his father, so it’s just more convenient for them to live under the same roof???? He doesn’t see any shame in living at home when he’s actively working and going to school and supporting himself.
  • For some reason a lot of people seem to have this idea of Damian being casually sexist and I??? have no idea??? where they got that from????? This boy was raised by the Talia Al Ghul, a strong, capable, powerful woman who holds a prestigious position in the League of Assassins. Do you really think he’d grow up thinking women are inferior to men? Of course not. Even as a child Damian knew that both genders are equals, and as an adult he occasionally takes advantage of his position as a minor celebrity (being Bruce Wayne’s son) to speak out about gender inequality in mainstream society. 
  • Bruce has tried to talk to him a couple of times about showing his paintings in local galleries, but he refuses. His art is very private and personal, and it takes a lot of trust for him to show it to someone. 
  • He still loves animals. I’m willing to bet this nerd spends his free time volunteering at local shelters. He probably has convinced Bruce to set up a home for non-adoptable dogs and cats so they won’t be put down. (Think something along the lines of Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary.) The other batkids come around to help with the animals sometimes, especially Stephanie.
  • I’ve talked about this before, but Damian wasn’t really held or touched or shown any physical affection as a child, so he’s probably never going to be a very physically affectionate person. He only likes to be touched by people that he trusts very deeply, and he’s never the one to initiate physical contact. If he hugs someone (or allows them to hug him), it’s a sign that he basically trusts that person with his life.
  • This is already getting pretty long so I’ll make a second post about my headcanons for what older!Damian is like in a romantic relationship 

(Also, thank you! I’m glad you like my stuff!)