pin me up against the wall

Little Logan thingg


HI EVERYONE! okay I take forever to finish requests and I feel kind of guilty for not posting stuff often so here are some Logan Headcannons to make up for it ❤❤ If you want me to do Headcannons for any other character, send em in!

-Cuddling with him while he’s asleep, and him finding you snuggled against him, not having the heart to move, just in case you wake up.
- logan finally opening up to you
- pinning you against the wall and kissing you
- pinning you on everthing because he’s a dominant bastard
- sarcastic eye rolls at his stupid jokes
- you being the only one to make him laugh or smile
- having a secret goofy side to your relationship
- kissing his knuckles so he knows he isn’t the monster he thinks he is.
- him carrying you around everywhere because he’s strong af. I mean look at those muscles!
- calling you “Princess”
- “C'mere beautiful”
- his arms being able to wrap around you completely from how big he is,
- sweet kisses
- beard burns
- teasing him
- finding his soft side, that everyone thought didn’t exist

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sex with reggie would include???

Sex with Reggie would include: 

  • rough sex 24/7
  • he loves neck kisses, they turn him on like no tomorrow
  • so much foreplay
  • deep throaty groans
  • pinning you up against the wall and fucking you so good (wheres the holy water)
  • ass slapin’
  • biting your neck so hard holy
  • he’s got a daddy kink dont fight me on this
  • begging you to sit on his face
  • “round 2″
  • “fuck yes”

Just had a dream where I was interviewing Symmetra from Overwatch, and she said

“It was then when all of a sudden I was pinned by Reinhardt. He charged at me and pinned me right against the wall. I was…feeling what he was feeling and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Turns out I was wrong, and he swung his hammer at my torso, killing me instantly.”

I woke up from laughing

Not Her

Eric x Reader

“He’s here again.” Your friend whispered as you hurried out of the lab you’d been in, following her gaze to the group of Dauntless that had gathered on the floor below.

You smiled when he glanced up at you, smirking as he shook his head, turning his attention back to whoever was showing him around.

“You want me to cover so you can sneak out?” Your friend asked when they started to move though the building and Eric threw a glance at you.

“Thanks.” You whispered, hurrying to the usual spot.

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The moment that always sticks out for me is in Episode 5, when we see her take out five Confederatos that are holding Jimmi Simpson’s character hostage,” Wood told IndieWire in a new interview. “They grab him and pin him up against a wall, and he yells, ‘Dolores, run!’ The first take we did, I ran—I’m not supposed to run. Everyone was kind of looking around, confused, and then I slowly crept back onto set and they asked, ‘What happened?’ And I said, ‘I’m so used to running. I’ve never been asked to stay and save the day.’ I got a little teary-eyed, and a couple of women on the set got a little teary-eyed, and I thought, ‘Wow. This character is really important.’
—  Evan Rachel Wood on “
Why This Westworld Scene Made Evan Rachel Wood Cry”  for Vanity Fair
The Beauty of Pidge x Lance
  • Height Difference 
  • Surfer and Smart Girl Aesthetic 
  • Lance teaching Pidge how to surf 
  • Pidge teaching Lance more about technology and space 
  • Protective Lance in Dangerous Situations 
  • Movie dates & star gazing 
  • Territorial Pidge when other women hit on him  
  • Hilarious married couple arguments (For Example: “I TOLD you to bring the blanket!” “I thought you had it!”) 
  • Pidge snuggling herself perfectly in Lance’s arms 
  • Lance pinning Pidge up against the wall seductively 
  • Their Fingers through each others hair 
  • Comforting hugs 
  • Their reward for each other: a kiss on the cheek 
  • BDSM kink (fucking sue me) 
  • Passionate makeout sessions on the beach 
  • Lance asking Pidge’s father for permission to date her 
  • Neck kissing 
  • Introducing each other to the family 
  • Lance sharing his shirts with Pidge 
  • Pidge sharing her headphones and technology with Lance 
  • Lip nibbling 
  • “Good kitty” 

I swear to god this ship will be the death of me and I’ve fallen so far into shipping hell that there’s no turning back. 


Part One

Theo x Reader / Scott x Reader

Warnings: Dom!Scott, Dom!Theo, Sub!Reader, Heavy hints of smut, swearing, sex, smut

“Would you mind telling me what’s wrong with him?” Deaton sighed as Scott seemed to loll around the vets.


“Urm well, Theo turned up at college with this girl, cute thing like this high and apparently, according to Liam and Scott she smells like…” Stiles indicated at Scott as he was interrupted.


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Deals Between People Who Are Not Friends

Request: “For that ravenclaw-slytherin thing. Where you asked if you should write two new characters or not, you can do reader-Draco Malfoy if it seems better to you (i would like that too),love ya,thank you xx”

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 1652

Warnings: None

“Tell me how you did it.” Draco had you pinned against a wall, sneering at your amused smirk.

“Did what?” You asked. You really didn’t know what he was on about, but you loved to see the arrogant boy be so worked up about something you’d done.

“Don’t pretend like you don’t know, (Y/l/n).” He scowled. “It was a miracle when I found out I wasn’t in the same class as that filthy Granger girl. But then the marks are released, and I’m still second best?”

“Oh please Draco, don’t tell me you’re so worked up because I’m better than you at Alchemy.” You tutted, giving him a condescending look.

He swallowed, a red blush coming to his cheeks as you started playing mindlessly with his green scarf.

“You’re bold for a Ravenclaw.” He growled, pulling the scarf out of your hands.

“And you’re boring for a Slytherin.” You countered, frowning at his demeanour. “It’s always the same thing with you. You’re a jealous rat who can’t handle losing.”

Draco tensed his jaw, lowering his face towards yours.

“If you weren’t a pure-blood I wouldn’t be asking this of you right now.” He declared, his eyes slightly softening. “I need you to tutor me.”

You scoffed.


“You heard me!” He bellowed, eyes twitching in slight shame for what he was asking. “Listen, (Y/n).” His tone was still laced with venom, but he had become a lot more rigid in his posture. “I’ve changed classes, since there’s no hope in beating a girl who has an alchemist as a father.”

You crossed your arms, ready to spit a retaliation, but he continued.

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  • Ayato: pinning Yui against the wall
  • Ayato: being pretty scary and menacing tbh
  • Ayato: we're having pancakes for dinner tonight
  • Later that day
  • Everyone: eating pancakes at the dinner table
  • Yui: Ayato why did you tell me we'd be having breakfast for dinner in such a weird way???
shameless au

Lip: have you ever thought, Mick, that just maybe Ian can’t love you like you love him?
Mickey: the fuck does that mean?
Lip: I mean, Monica couldn’t love Frank. Couldn’t take care of us. She wasn’t wired right.
Mickey: so maybe Ian’s gotta couple wires crossed, don’t mean he can’t love me. Don’t mean he can’t fight it, I can’t be there to fight it with him. I swear to god, Gallagher.
//Mickey pins Lip against the wall//
Lip: man, don’t get mad at me. I’m trying to help you out, okay? //Lip puts his hands up, falling way to Mickey. Showing he doesn’t want a fight. Mickey turns, punching the wall next to Ian’s bed//
Mickey: I love him, man. I love everything about the fucker. He’s crazy as hell and I know I’ve probably fueled his crazy instead of fix it, but I just want to make sure he’s okay. Protect him. Give him everything the world has to offer.

I wanna date someone that...

 -Makes me want to pin them up against a wall and kiss tf outta them, but also someone that just down with me like rubbing their hand while I hold it, because I just fucking crave your touch that much

-Will listening to me rant about feelings that I don’t even understand, and hugs when when I’m losing my shit and crying so fucking hard that I can’t breathe, and just supports me

-Makes me want to look at them for hours, so that I can remember details of their face, and their laugh, and all the other cute things about them

-Is intellectual. Stimulate my brain, talk about life and the things that you never really understood

-Won’t runaway because I’m difficult, or just because

-Is 100% down for me and I’m 100% down for them 

Princess (M)

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**credit to original owner of gif  ヽ(^◇^*)/

pairing: namjoon x reader
word count: 2.6k
request: If it’s not too much to ask~ Can you do a Rap Monster smut where he’s dom and there’s lots of dirty talk?
a/n: uhm ANON WHY would you ask me to do this i’m honestly so done rn and I just want Namjoon all over me wOW

⚠️ ~ smut warning ~ ⚠️

You knew that look. The look that Namjoon gave you whenever he was thinking about having his hands tangled in your hair as you made him feel so, so good , or when he was thinking about pinning you up against the wall and making you beg him to make you feel as good as you made him feel. Oh, and did you beg.

But you knew the look only because Namjoon would sometimes just stare at you as his mind wandered when he wasn’t talking to anyone around him and you were near to him. He especially loved to think about these things when over people were around. On this occasion, it wasn’t all of BTS, but just the people who would tease you about Namjoon’s lust until the end of time. Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin. They didn’t dare tease their hyung, which was why you were at the centre of their periodic banter.

This time, however, it was a little different. You weren’t so much concerned about having Jungkook and Jimin tease you, but instead the only thing you could think about was Namjoon’s hands in your hair, as well as him pinning you against the wall. So the moment that Namjoon snapped back into reality, you were sure to make it known to him just what you wanted. “Joonie, baby.”

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kink list

• being fucked up against wall
• passionate sex
• begging me
• doggy style
• teasing
• finger licking
• neck kissing
• pinning arms down while fucking
• dirty talking
• 69
• masturbation
• car sex
• shower sex
• domination
• fingering
• light hair pulling
• “naughty little girl”
• “Sir”
• blow jobs
• male gasping and moaning “fuck”
• phone sex
• whip cream
• eating out
• public sex
• hickey
• bathing together passionately
• passionate foreplay
• being spanked
• teasing in public
• rough sex
• collars
• stockings
• lingerie
• ass grabbing
• how much someone craves you
• blindfolds

Archie Andrews Imagine: Savior


A/N: I know that this is like really really shitty so sorry but I have pretty bad headache and also I am sick, but I really wanted to post something.

Prompt: 18.“I’ll kick his ass if you want me to.”

Summary: Reader who works as bartender is being bothered by one drunk man, but tries to ignore it. Later that night he follows her outside where he pins her against the wall, but before he could do more Archie appears and saves reader.

Word count: 1044

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Why won’t you stay so we can have some fun?” the drunk man offered me with a smirk on his face and his companions around the table let out agreeing murmurs.

“I believe you have just enough fun on your own,” I snapped replacing the empty cups with the full ones from my trail.

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Let me pin you up against the wall. Lips
parted. Our breathing heavy. Let me kiss you.
And prove to myself it is possible to have
everything I’ve ever wanted out of life all at
—  Beau Taplin, Let Me Kiss You
things i've heard in the band hallway: a masterlist

“if you say silly one more Goddamn Time I will shove my silly clarinet up your ass”

“marching band is like a cult. except more sexual”

“I don’t want to look just sexy. I want to look: pin me against a wall and talk bandy to me sexy”

“merchin’ bernd is lerf”

*a five year old, asking our pic player*
“where’s the rest of it?”

“congratulations, you finally suck”

*band director, talking to a clarinet player*
“you know, Brandon’s too confusing of a name. your name is now Johan”


“oh you’re so cool, with your mirror baritone selfie”

*saxophone player, looking into the distance, in a southern accent*
“my diaphragm hurts”


“okay, so it started out by arguing about who had the better ass…”

*band director, addressing the band*
“you guys are like lemurs. you follow me around, and when I jump a cliff, you do too. except, without the cliff part”

*talking to a Mello player who had a concussion*
“I guess you could say you play perCUSSION now”

“it could be worse, the tuba could be on fire”

“okay but this section shouldn’t be HEY! it should be more like heeeeey”

“I pronounce it peep or peh-pay depending on the weather, the position of Mars, and how many caribou can fit Ito 3.7 square miles”

“if we’re a family can I be the distant estranged cousin from France”

“if you don’t feel like you could pass out right now you’re not doing it right.”