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For the bonus package, will the pins all be by the same artist or random like the stickers?

the pins are all by the same artist! they did 8 pins total, each featuring one different jojo, so youll get 4 random jojos with your purchase if you go for the bonus package!


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 5.3.17

terrain hard enamel pin trio by nateduval

i’m super glad i found artist nate duval’s etsy shop, nateduval — we have one of his tame impala posters from the greek in berkeley framed in our place!! LOVE his graphic style and colorful vibe. these hard enamel pins feature a trio of terrains: mountain, desert, and ocean — i dig ‘em all.

{ date night }

promptif it’s okay with you,how bout a hamilsquad prompt that’s like At Ease?(it could be when the reader went somewhere with John at night but then they meet a couple of thugs so they end up not coming back and the remaining boys decide to look for them)

pairing: hamilsquad x reader but there’s a little more john x reader

a/n: this took way too long,,, i apologize. 

t/w: fighting mostly, some cursing

“Baby girl!” John yelled loudly throughout your place. 

“Yeah, John?” You called back from where you were upstairs. You were sorting through your laundry, picking out your clothes from the huge pile on your bed. 

He followed your voice and quickly popped into the room. He hugged you from behind and kissed your cheek. “It’s our turn to go out tonight.” He said with a big smile. “All you have to do is go get dressed and our night will begin.” 

“Do I get any hints as to where we’re going?” You smiled at him coyly, raising your eyebrow slightly. 

“Figured we could check out that new club that just opened.” He kissed your neck, rubbing your side. “Maybe get a drink or two. Dance a little. Grab a bite to eat afterwards.” 

“Sounds fun.” You decided, turning a little so you could kiss him on the lips. The kiss was greedy, with him pulling you closer. You smirked against his lips and pushed him down against the bed slightly. You straddled him and finished the kiss with a big smile. “I’ll go get ready.” You were both breathless as you sat up a little straighter.

“I’ll be here.” He kissed you once more before you got up to find something to wear.

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Behind the scenes at the Gucci Cruise 18 fashion show at the Palatine Gallery in Florence. A washed quilted silk bomber featuring the Flora Snake print, the Gucci logo T-shirt, vintage denim jeans, and a pin tuck crêpe coat, featuring a detachable belt with lacquered butterfly buckle and satin viscose skirt and net and pearl headpiece by Alessandro Michele.

I’m always talking about “feelings,” but for Mental Health Month, I’m being specific. Mental illness is real, affects 1 in 4 people, is different for everyone, and can be treatable. It’s not just “feeling sad” but a wide range of symptoms and diagnoses. It’s a life-long journey with twists and turns. It’s not an identity but can inform one.

The “honest meds” in this set represent four types of mental illness: Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar and Psychosis. They’re modeled after actual medication and produced as small gold and silver enamel pins, each with an epoxy glaze finish. Wear one as a reminder to “relax,” “calm down,” or whatever combinations you need. Look at these shitty little drawings and laugh (because laughter is the best medicine, obviously). 

 $15 from the purchase of each set will be donated to mental health charities (split between Mental Health America and the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation). 

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Fox!Hux prompt 1/?(hope you like it) Brendol finds out that the beautiful alien fox that he slept with gave him a child, and he's ashamed that Armitage isn't a 100% human but he needs an heir. So hi makes him hide all of his fox like features.

(cont.) Pinning his ears and shaving his tail, and he threatens to cut them off if someone sees them. And Armitage wants to keep them because it’s the only thing he has of his mama. But years later he’s not so sure he wants them anymore because he’s falling in love with Kylo, and he can’t let him see his “ugly” fox side. Seeing as his tail looks like that of a rat and his ears have painful wounds where they’re always pinned. And then Kylo finds out.

With a pained, sharp intake of breath through his gritted teeth, Hux lifts his uniform hat from his head and sets it aside quickly, reaching back up to the top of his head with both hands. It’s always tricky, removing the two little pins that hold his extra set of fluffy ears down to his head, easily concealed then by his hair once they’re down. He grimaces as they raise slowly, deciding to continue undressing himself as the numbness of his ears wears off.

When he’s only got his trousers left to remove, Hux hesitates, flexing his fingers by his sides, always dreading seeing his extra, alien appendage. After closing his eyes, Hux pulls off his pants and underwear, allowing his tail to sway back and forth with the natural life that it’s supposed to have. Hux turns his head, looking at its horrid appearance; shaved of all orange and white fur, it’s more like the tail of a disgusting rat than of the elegant and beautiful fox creatures that his mother was.

A monster. Unlovable, unworthy.

Hux growls, leaving his clothes in a pile on the floor, ready for his attention tomorrow. Now, he needs sleep, needs that escape from his miserable reality to escape to a dream world where he’s human, and where he’s desirable enough for Kylo Ren to return his admiration.

But then, Hux supposes, it wouldn’t be reality.

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Noonie Lalunie and the Bom-Bom Frogs : Concept art for Noonie and Ragglefluff the Bushbeard

We’re working full swing on Noonie Lalunie, which means that there’s a lot of really fun concept art paintings to get done. Here’s our working concepts for our titular character, Noonie Lalunie, and a panicky little chap called Ragglefluff the Bushbeard, who stormed into my mind with such clarity as I was doodling that I had to get him down on paper quickly. What followed afterwards was an entire race of creatures called Pin Caps, which feature in their own little section later on in the game.

Feysand fic

Hey what up I’m bored so I just decided to write something. Let’s get this straight it’s not gonna be some amazing work of literature that’s gonna blow ur brains out ur ass but I hope you enjoy it!
Summary: Rhys comes back from the night court to find Feyre in bed snuggled in his shirt
The wind was wicked that night. The currents weaved in between each other artfully, and the breeze tore at his coat. The High Lord of the Night Court chuckled. He was eager to get back to his mate as quickly as possible, and if he got a thrilling flight as well, then he wasn’t complaining.

The Court of Nightmares had been… challenging, as always. Except he hadn’t had Feyre there to lighten the experience. Normally, she would always go, always attend to her duties as High Lady, but they had recently discovered Feyre was carrying their first child, and neither had wanted to risk bringing their unborn offspring into that horrible place. So the rest of their inner circle had stayed with her to keep her company and attend to her needs, no matter how much she protested the inner circle wouldn’t let her lift a finger, and Rhysand had ventured alone.

He slipped in through the window of the house of wind as quietly as possible, not wanting to wake Feyre from her sleep. He contacted the rest of his inner circle and told them to go home, making sure to quickly check with Mor that everything had been fine. She silenced his worries but there was a hidden smile, something she was keeping secret from him that made her thoughts tinged with delight. Rhys asked her what was happening but she denied everything, telling him only to have fun before winnowing out with the rest of his Court.

He walked into his bedroom, excited to see his mate again after two days but still internally querying what Mor was thinking about, when he was confronted with a sight that made him stop dead.

Feyre rolled over, a lock of her golden-brown hair stuck to her beautiful face. She made an unintelligible noise, then raised her arm, clad in the dark blue sleeves he knew belonged to his favourite shirt, and brushed it away. She was wearing his shirt. His shirt. He suppressed a growl as he smelt his scent all over her. The shirt was comically big on her, and the bed was made to accommodate Illyrian wings, so it made her look that much smaller and more adorable.

He quickly shucked off his clothes and got into the bed, pulling her back towards him and tucking her into his side. She murmured something, his name, and then rolled over to face him and opened her eyes.

“Rhys, Rhys!” She repeated his name with excitement once her vision cleared, and jumped on him. She tackled him with such enthusiasm that they both tumbled to the floor. She laughed with him before taking his head between her hands and kissing him deeply.
“I have missed you so much!” She exclaimed between the kisses that she peppered over his jawline and his neck. He laughed in delight and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her chest flush against his. Her eyes darkened and he chuckled again,
“Maybe wait until we’ve got back into the bed, Feyre Darling.”

He winnowed them back up to the bed and she kissed him again, more needy and insistent. He broke the kiss and she whined in frustration.
“Believe me, darling, I know, but,” his hand slid around to her stomach, “how have you been feeling?” She rolled off him in annoyance but answered his question.
“It’s ok. The baby is fine, I’m fine, my morning sickness hasn’t come back and the healers have said I’ve passed that period of the pregnancy now, thank the Cauldron.”

Yes, neither of them had particularly enjoyed the memories that were brought back with Feyre hunched over the toilet, vomiting, and Rhys holding back her hair and rubbing her back.

“Did you miss me?” He asked, a smirk fixed upon his lips. She sighed, irritated,
“Rhys, you don’t need your ego stroked anymore.” His smirk broadened into a full-out grin,
“So you’re saying that your answer would stroke my ego then?”
“I’m saying I missed you, okay? Happy?”
“Very,” he wrapped her in his arms again, “I missed you too. I missed your laugh, and your smile, and your humour, and you.” He said, the last confession addressed to his child, patting Feyre’s stomach lightly. She was silent, nuzzling up to him a little closer.

“I missed your scent. That’s why I’m wearing this,” she raised her arm so he could see his shirt, “it smells like you.” She sniffed the collar with a goofy smile on her face.
“Why are you smelling it? I’m right here, smell me!” Then it was her turn to smirk,
“Are you jealous of an item of clothing?”
“I’m jealous of anything that gets to wrap around your naked body.” She blushed, a delicate contrast to the utter lust otherwise written across her features, and pinned him on his back, wings spread underneath him. She slanted her mouth across his and ran a finger over his wing. He groaned into her mouth then gently pulled her off him again. She pouted, but he grinned and tucked her into his side again.
“Plenty of time for that tomorrow, Feyre Darling, now, we sleep.”


natelledrawsstuff🙊🙊 my first all metal 3D pin, the trilobite Walliserops trifurcatus, first discovered in Morocco ❤ The function of their stately trident is unknown, but one hypothesis is that they served as “horns” similar to that of present day rhinoceros beetles! ❤ Here is also a glittery version, because GLITTER! 🙆😂 Which one do you like better? 🤔🤔

(Image description: A pair of enamel pins, both featuring the extinct trilobite, showing its multi-segmented body, distinctive spine, and sporting a big forked trident on its head, the left is a solid antiqued brass metal cast, the right is a gold metal with blue black glitter body. Both pins are set against a rich deep blue background.)


Because someone is pestering me about this:
Would anyone be interested in merch like charms, pins, stickers, ect featuring the vocaloids that get less love like oliver, dex, daina, flower, fukase, ect, basically anything thats not a cryptonloid?

New post with art examples of how theyd look bc i am still getting yelled at for “not doing it right”