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I decided it’s finally time to give this blog a jacket update, so here is the probably finished product! The beartooth patch and the “we exist” patch are home made. @brigayde-gang

(To the people calling me a nazi because of the hydra patch: please stop. I like comic books. That’s why it’s there. I’m not defending nazis by having that on my jacket)

k but whatever you do don’t think about iwa just staring at oikawa and being like “i want to fuck up your hair” and oikawa’s like ??? is this a sex thing or??? 

but no, iwa just sits down with a bunch of bobby pins and rubber bands and makes oikawa’s hair look utterly ridiculous and he’s fucking giggling the whole time too and oikawa’s just sitting there like ???? what is going on ???? and at the end iwa just stops and stares at him with the goopiest smile

and he’s like, fake sighing and like “i was hoping if you didn’t have all that nice hair you’d finally look as dumb as your personality, but…” and he squishes oikawa’s face into the weirdest face while shaking his head very seriously “… you’re cute whatever i do”

and then he bursts out laughing and kisses oikawa’s nose gently

oikawa is still so bewildered but he’s like “this is the cutest thing that’s ever happened to me” and lets iwa take a picture of him looking like a dipshit with his hair in shambles

hey i’m kinda afraid of how much i love balaga

here’s a lil hc of the boys + valentines day gifts

  • okay so matt is in love with neil that has been confirmed yes? yes. so every v day he buys neil cliche items like a ridiculously large teddy bear and a bunch of roses and those terrible chocolates. 
  • and neil doesnt like chocolate but he eats them anyway because its the thought that counts. and also now he has a room full of stuffed bears??
  • anyway every time matt buys neil a present he gets all wide-eyed, rapid blinking, confusion morphing into soft smiles, nose scrunches, embarrassment and its?? beautiful. 
  • so andrew and neil dont usually do much on v day. they just chill out and eat ice cream and go on a late-night drive with the windows down and their mixtape playing quietly in the background. 
  • but then andrew sees neil being all smiley and pink-stained cheeked and hes like. that does it. its my turn. (also he just wants neils attention) (he always does)

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punk!richie head canons

this is a long post so grab a coffee and get comfortable

once he made out w kathleen from bikini kill and didn’t even know who she was

richie makes it a mission to make out w at least one person at every concert he goes to. when he starts dating eddie, he brings him to shows to keep the tradition alive and eddie turns bright red in the middle of the crowd. they are def the couple getting handsy and holding up the rest room line

beverly ends up third wheeling at one of the shows and makes fun of them relentlessly for it after. she totally has one of those kitty cat brass knuckle key chains that she threatens drunk pervs w

richie and beverly make vests together out of old denim jackets, tearing the sleeves off and dying them different colors, richie sews a band patch on it and it’s crooked but he wears it proudly

he asks bev to help shave his head but she refuses stating that he would look like a skinhead and eddie would murder both of them for cutting his curls off. so instead they dye their hair temporay colors every week and show up with pink, blue, red chunks in their hair and stained hands

she also makes richie a pair of plaid pants and eddie is totally into it

richie pierces his ears with a safety pin and eddie nearly has an aneurysm

eddie brings band aids and alcohol pads in case richie encounters any injury, and eddie is so proud of his boy for not giving into pressure at the shows and he never drinks

all the locals think it’s crazy how energetic and wild he is at shows completely sober, it’s the perfect environment for him because no one can make fun of him for always talking or for not being able to sit still and he doesn’t have to try to be anybody but himself

part of the reason he doesn’t drink is because of his mother and the losers are so supportive of him, bill broke a guy’s nose for making fun of richie for not drinking at a show. the losers always tell ppl to fuck off when they offer to buy richie a beer. not to be rude, but they have to stand their ground at these wild shows

richie always washes his clothes after sets bc of how bad they reek of booze and pot and eddie tries to make sure that he’s feeling alright. richie got used to the smell as a kid so sometimes it brings back bad memories

eddie tries really hard to listen and learn the music richie likes, and once at a show, a vocalist stuck the mic out for eddie to sing along and he actually knew the words and richie had heart eyes all night

they make each other mixtapes for gifts, richie jokes around a lot and calls eddie’s music lame but they listen to it and relax after crazy shows bc it’s softer, and eddie sings quietly and runs his fingers through richie’s grown out curls

richie grew out his hair because it would like a lot cooler when he was head banging, definitely not because eddie asked him to do so w puppy dog eyes. eddie likes to try to braid his hair and pull it back in buns and play w it all the time. he loves how to feels between his fingers and how it relaxes richie almost instantaneously

richie starts a little punk band in high school and tries really hard not to get jealous when people hit on eddie at his sets. he once was performing and called out some jerk who tried to flirt w eddie on the mic. whenever he’s done performing, he attaches himself to his boyfriend at the hip and has to show him off

richie’s band covers doo wop songs so he can dance with eddie and sing mushy ass love songs while performing

ben tags along because bev is there but he and stan stand at the back and point out the wild attire and nod along to the music

bill stage dives and crowd surfs for the first time at one of richie’s shows. also he makes bottle cap pins for richie’s band

eddie gets pulled into a pit while richie is unloading the van outside and mike has to go in and grab him and then everyone loves mike because he can handle his shit in a mosh

eddie starts to wear “i’m dating the lead singer” and “i’m with the band” shirts to sets and people tease him about him as if he’s a fanboy. assholes are always like, “who’s the groupie?” and richie’s like, “he’s literally my boyfriend, didn’t you read his shirt?”

sometimes the boys play along and eddie always has richie sign his shirt. the shirt is covered in richie’s chicken shit handwriting and it makes them both laugh. they play flirty and eddie asks “what are u doing after the show? is there room on the tour bus?”

big thanks to @eddskaspbrak and @beepbeep-trashmouth for helping w these!

Headcanon: If the SLBP guys accidentally time travelled to the future (part 1)

A.N: A imagine from me XD I admit I am beyond bored in my class 😂😂😂

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Will post part 2 with 4 other lords soon!)



• You thought he would freak out

• seeing that he was in a wholly, different, weird, alienic world than his

• But

• “I demand you to show me this fortress of yours now.”

• Not only he is not freaking out; he has a smug look on

• “Excuse me?”

• “Is my orders that difficult to grasp you insolent woman?”

• “No, I meant why in hell should I even show you every corner of my house!” You snapped back

• “What, you dare defy my orders?”

• You groaned

• well you should show him who’s the big shot or that big head of his is going to get bigger

• “Yes, so?”

• Nobunaga widened his eyes.

• Did she, a lowly misbehaved insolent idiotic woman just spoke back at him?

• “Now, Mister Oda Nobunaga, three things you should know is-” You cleared your throat “First, I am the person who brought you in after you crashed on my roof so you have no right in hell to get rude at me. Second, you shall not call me INSOLENT. Third, I am the boss here and I make the rules. You overcross them, out. UNDERSTOOD?”

• Okay maybe he’d underestimated the people in this world.

• they sure had a short fused temper.

• “…understood.”

• Well he would go along for this once

• plainly because he isn’t familiar with this place.

• When he is

• You are going to get it from him.

• “So” you handed a broom, a mop and a bucket to him and he looked at you, puzzled.

• “Why are you giving me this-”

• “Did you expect me to clean the mess you made?” You gestured at the pile of debris from the broken roof.

• He glared at you

• “Woman, do you even know who I a-”

• “Oda Nobunaga, yes. So go clean up.”

• He stared at you

• and you gave him the finger before strutting away to your room in all your glory

• leaving him with a mop

• a broom

• a bucket

• a pile of debris

• and a raging feel to strangle you on sight.

• Forget about the whole get-it-from-him part

• he is going to kill you


• “What is this?”

• “Uh… a toaster?”

• He looked at you quizzically, finger still pointing at the recently identified object known as toaster.

• “What is it used for…?”

• “Uh…” you pondered “…for toasting bread..?”

• The question mime isn’t finished yet, though.

• “…may I ask how to operate it-”

Thought you’d never ask… you smirked to yourself.

• You eagerly grabbed two slices of bread and showed him how to use the toaster

• “See… when you hear a ‘ding’, it means the bread is already uh…. suitable for eating.”

• “Really? But…” He pointed at the pieces of brownish deliciously looking toast. “…they don’t look edible to me…”

• “Huh?” You looked at him mouth gaping and he gave you a apologetic look

• “It has…. quite a unpleasant colour… Mmph-!”

• You stuffed a slice of the ‘unpleasantly coloured’ bread into his mouth before he even get to finish his sentence and he gave you a look of shell shocked hesitation. You cheshire grinned up at him

• “Don’t knock it until you try it~~~”

• You winked at him playfully, and with a sigh

• *chomps*

• he bit into the crunchy brownish roasted grain and

• “!!!”

• Wow

• You thought to yourself

• this is the first time you saw a person, a real one, looking so… sparkly eyed by eating a toasted piece of plain bread

• His eyes could outshone a billion stars and power up every solar panel in Japan with their blinding realization of the taste of

• the legendary toast

• Yes

• That’s gotta be it

• “May I… have another piece?” He shyly (not shyly) raised his empty but crumb-filled hand in eagerness and embarrassment.

• You smiled at him and grabbed a loaf off the dining table

• “Sure!” You squeaked and he smiled back

• Moral value of the story

• no one could ever resist toast

• not even the legendary perfect af Mitsuhide.

• *evil cackle*


• “G-gaah….”

• You deadpanned

• “Yukimura… for God’s sake please stop staring at those girls they’d probably think you are a pervert-”

• “Bu-but… they… woman… dressed… legs…. GAH!!!!!” He shrieked hyper high pitched after blubbering a mess of jumbled words into a full (or maybe half) sentence to you, face redder than chillies

• You sighed

• maybe it was a bad idea bringing him with you

• But you just wanted to buy some clothes for him at the nearest shopping centre - he couldn’t go full on cosplay 24/7, absolutely no

• and

• he did said that…

*30 minutes ago*

• “I REFUSE TO LET A WOMAN WANDER ON THE STREETS ALONE AT NIGHT!!!!! As a man, it is my responsibility to protect you!”

• “But- ”

• “I won’t hear any of this! I’ll just tag along and you do your thing!” Yukimura straightened his back confidently


• …just like that

• but now you are not that certain who is the protector

• Who would know that Yukimura would be so terrified of women in skimpy miniskirts?

• “W-why do they… wear so… thin…”

• You looked at Yukimura who is turning pale-ish with scarlet tints to the ears

• …looks like you gotta get him outta here or the poor boy is going to combust

• “Yukimura, come here” You tugged on his arm forcefully, intending to lead him to a nearby department

• “GAH!!”

• You looked back at him, a huge question mark forming on your head

• “I- I can walk on my.. own…” Yukimura said, face darkened into a more prominent shade of scarlet than you thought possible, prying his arm away from yours and walked awkwardly towards a store.

• “Yukimura,”

• He almost jumped at the mention of his name

• “Y-yes!”

• “The clothing department’s this way”

• “O-oh… ok.”

• You almost laughed but you pinched yourself to hide it

• what a flustered cinnamon he is


• “….little lady…”

• “What is it Saizo” you called out, hands fumbling over some stray pins and rubber bands on your hair

• “Your device is singing”

• Saizo spoke, monotone as always

• “Just ignore it” You said, holding a pin with your mouth due to your already full hands “-oh wait, can you tell me the words on my phone?”

• Saizo glanced at the black device that had just sprinted bright with life and music “Mom.”

• “Ogh mom..” You mumbled, hairpin still between your teeth when it dawned on you

• “WAIT MOM?!!!”

• There was a violent thud, some crashing


• You sprinted towards Saizo, grabbed the phone from his hands and received the call

• “Hello? Mom??” you tucked a hand in your disheveled hair

• Saizo looked at you indifferently, watching your face gradually becoming pale

• “NO….! MOM NO…! Don’t come please I am not ready how many times had I told you I DONT HAVE A BOYFRIEND IT IS TRUE THAN THE FACT YOU ARE MY MOTHER”

• well Saizo had a hunch that things are going to be entertaining in a sense

• “MOM…! NO-” you paused your yelling, and stared in disbelief at your phone

• She had hung up on you

• she is coming

• right now

• and

• You looked at Saizo


• as expected, Saizo merely shrugged

• “Why should I?”

• You groaned

• “Please…. HELP… or if she sees you you and me are going to die”

• He raised a eyebrow, clearly amused “and why is that?”

• You almost pulled out your hair

• “Saizo, I AM SERIOUS. If she sees you… then… you are going to…”

• “What?”

• “become… my… boyfriend… or let’s just say… fiance… because my mom came to keep an eye on me and… she is kinda… anxious in marrying me to any guy…”

• Now it was his turn to look at you

• “No.”


• “I don’t-” Saizo’s speech was interrupted by a roar that suspiciously sounded like a engine from your lawn and you spotted a suspiciously familiar looking car just outside….

• “I DONT CARE ANYMORE YOU ARE GOING WITH ME!” you screamed, grabbed his hand

• pushed him in a closet, and locked it

• The door popped open and out came your mom

• “DARLINGGGG how are you lately!!!”

•You sweatdropped at the sight of her imposing image and Saizo’s attempts to get out of the locked closet

• “Uh… just fine mom!” you piped up when you hear a loud thump from the closet behind you

• “Um sweetie what was that?”

• You gave a good kick to the closet beside you


Merovingian Gold Sword Pommel with Garnets, 5th-6th Century AD

A hollow-formed gold sword pommel cap of ‘cocked-hat’ profile with four vertical tubes to the narrow ends to accept mounting pins; band of rectangular garnet cloisons to the upper face, beaded wire borders to the decorative motifs comprising on each face two half-ovals and a disc with gold walls to the cells; to one face the disc with central roundel and quadrants, to the other face D-shaped plaques and a cross; the underside closed with a rectangular plate. 27 grams, 49mm (2").

Bought Sounds Good Feels Good ✔️ Bought tickets to Sounds Live Feels Live ✔️ Pre-ordered How Did We End Up Here ✔️ Pre-ordered Safety Pin Varsity Jacket ✔️ Realised I spent way too much money on this band but don’t give a fuck and will continue to do so✔️