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k but whatever you do don’t think about iwa just staring at oikawa and being like “i want to fuck up your hair” and oikawa’s like ??? is this a sex thing or??? 

but no, iwa just sits down with a bunch of bobby pins and rubber bands and makes oikawa’s hair look utterly ridiculous and he’s fucking giggling the whole time too and oikawa’s just sitting there like ???? what is going on ???? and at the end iwa just stops and stares at him with the goopiest smile

and he’s like, fake sighing and like “i was hoping if you didn’t have all that nice hair you’d finally look as dumb as your personality, but…” and he squishes oikawa’s face into the weirdest face while shaking his head very seriously “… you’re cute whatever i do”

and then he bursts out laughing and kisses oikawa’s nose gently

oikawa is still so bewildered but he’s like “this is the cutest thing that’s ever happened to me” and lets iwa take a picture of him looking like a dipshit with his hair in shambles

Headcanon: If the SLBP guys accidentally time travelled to the future (part 1)

A.N: A imagine from me XD I admit I am beyond bored in my class 😂😂😂

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• You thought he would freak out

• seeing that he was in a wholly, different, weird, alienic world than his

• But

• “I demand you to show me this fortress of yours now.”

• Not only he is not freaking out; he has a smug look on

• “Excuse me?”

• “Is my orders that difficult to grasp you insolent woman?”

• “No, I meant why in hell should I even show you every corner of my house!” You snapped back

• “What, you dare defy my orders?”

• You groaned

• well you should show him who’s the big shot or that big head of his is going to get bigger

• “Yes, so?”

• Nobunaga widened his eyes.

• Did she, a lowly misbehaved insolent idiotic woman just spoke back at him?

• “Now, Mister Oda Nobunaga, three things you should know is-” You cleared your throat “First, I am the person who brought you in after you crashed on my roof so you have no right in hell to get rude at me. Second, you shall not call me INSOLENT. Third, I am the boss here and I make the rules. You overcross them, out. UNDERSTOOD?”

• Okay maybe he’d underestimated the people in this world.

• they sure had a short fused temper.

• “…understood.”

• Well he would go along for this once

• plainly because he isn’t familiar with this place.

• When he is

• You are going to get it from him.

• “So” you handed a broom, a mop and a bucket to him and he looked at you, puzzled.

• “Why are you giving me this-”

• “Did you expect me to clean the mess you made?” You gestured at the pile of debris from the broken roof.

• He glared at you

• “Woman, do you even know who I a-”

• “Oda Nobunaga, yes. So go clean up.”

• He stared at you

• and you gave him the finger before strutting away to your room in all your glory

• leaving him with a mop

• a broom

• a bucket

• a pile of debris

• and a raging feel to strangle you on sight.

• Forget about the whole get-it-from-him part

• he is going to kill you


• “What is this?”

• “Uh… a toaster?”

• He looked at you quizzically, finger still pointing at the recently identified object known as toaster.

• “What is it used for…?”

• “Uh…” you pondered “…for toasting bread..?”

• The question mime isn’t finished yet, though.

• “…may I ask how to operate it-”

Thought you’d never ask… you smirked to yourself.

• You eagerly grabbed two slices of bread and showed him how to use the toaster

• “See… when you hear a ‘ding’, it means the bread is already uh…. suitable for eating.”

• “Really? But…” He pointed at the pieces of brownish deliciously looking toast. “…they don’t look edible to me…”

• “Huh?” You looked at him mouth gaping and he gave you a apologetic look

• “It has…. quite a unpleasant colour… Mmph-!”

• You stuffed a slice of the ‘unpleasantly coloured’ bread into his mouth before he even get to finish his sentence and he gave you a look of shell shocked hesitation. You cheshire grinned up at him

• “Don’t knock it until you try it~~~”

• You winked at him playfully, and with a sigh

• *chomps*

• he bit into the crunchy brownish roasted grain and

• “!!!”

• Wow

• You thought to yourself

• this is the first time you saw a person, a real one, looking so… sparkly eyed by eating a toasted piece of plain bread

• His eyes could outshone a billion stars and power up every solar panel in Japan with their blinding realization of the taste of

• the legendary toast

• Yes

• That’s gotta be it

• “May I… have another piece?” He shyly (not shyly) raised his empty but crumb-filled hand in eagerness and embarrassment.

• You smiled at him and grabbed a loaf off the dining table

• “Sure!” You squeaked and he smiled back

• Moral value of the story

• no one could ever resist toast

• not even the legendary perfect af Mitsuhide.

• *evil cackle*


• “G-gaah….”

• You deadpanned

• “Yukimura… for God’s sake please stop staring at those girls they’d probably think you are a pervert-”

• “Bu-but… they… woman… dressed… legs…. GAH!!!!!” He shrieked hyper high pitched after blubbering a mess of jumbled words into a full (or maybe half) sentence to you, face redder than chillies

• You sighed

• maybe it was a bad idea bringing him with you

• But you just wanted to buy some clothes for him at the nearest shopping centre - he couldn’t go full on cosplay 24/7, absolutely no

• and

• he did said that…

*30 minutes ago*

• “I REFUSE TO LET A WOMAN WANDER ON THE STREETS ALONE AT NIGHT!!!!! As a man, it is my responsibility to protect you!”

• “But- ”

• “I won’t hear any of this! I’ll just tag along and you do your thing!” Yukimura straightened his back confidently


• …just like that

• but now you are not that certain who is the protector

• Who would know that Yukimura would be so terrified of women in skimpy miniskirts?

• “W-why do they… wear so… thin…”

• You looked at Yukimura who is turning pale-ish with scarlet tints to the ears

• …looks like you gotta get him outta here or the poor boy is going to combust

• “Yukimura, come here” You tugged on his arm forcefully, intending to lead him to a nearby department

• “GAH!!”

• You looked back at him, a huge question mark forming on your head

• “I- I can walk on my.. own…” Yukimura said, face darkened into a more prominent shade of scarlet than you thought possible, prying his arm away from yours and walked awkwardly towards a store.

• “Yukimura,”

• He almost jumped at the mention of his name

• “Y-yes!”

• “The clothing department’s this way”

• “O-oh… ok.”

• You almost laughed but you pinched yourself to hide it

• what a flustered cinnamon he is


• “….little lady…”

• “What is it Saizo” you called out, hands fumbling over some stray pins and rubber bands on your hair

• “Your device is singing”

• Saizo spoke, monotone as always

• “Just ignore it” You said, holding a pin with your mouth due to your already full hands “-oh wait, can you tell me the words on my phone?”

• Saizo glanced at the black device that had just sprinted bright with life and music “Mom.”

• “Ogh mom..” You mumbled, hairpin still between your teeth when it dawned on you

• “WAIT MOM?!!!”

• There was a violent thud, some crashing


• You sprinted towards Saizo, grabbed the phone from his hands and received the call

• “Hello? Mom??” you tucked a hand in your disheveled hair

• Saizo looked at you indifferently, watching your face gradually becoming pale

• “NO….! MOM NO…! Don’t come please I am not ready how many times had I told you I DONT HAVE A BOYFRIEND IT IS TRUE THAN THE FACT YOU ARE MY MOTHER”

• well Saizo had a hunch that things are going to be entertaining in a sense

• “MOM…! NO-” you paused your yelling, and stared in disbelief at your phone

• She had hung up on you

• she is coming

• right now

• and

• You looked at Saizo


• as expected, Saizo merely shrugged

• “Why should I?”

• You groaned

• “Please…. HELP… or if she sees you you and me are going to die”

• He raised a eyebrow, clearly amused “and why is that?”

• You almost pulled out your hair

• “Saizo, I AM SERIOUS. If she sees you… then… you are going to…”

• “What?”

• “become… my… boyfriend… or let’s just say… fiance… because my mom came to keep an eye on me and… she is kinda… anxious in marrying me to any guy…”

• Now it was his turn to look at you

• “No.”


• “I don’t-” Saizo’s speech was interrupted by a roar that suspiciously sounded like a engine from your lawn and you spotted a suspiciously familiar looking car just outside….

• “I DONT CARE ANYMORE YOU ARE GOING WITH ME!” you screamed, grabbed his hand

• pushed him in a closet, and locked it

• The door popped open and out came your mom

• “DARLINGGGG how are you lately!!!”

•You sweatdropped at the sight of her imposing image and Saizo’s attempts to get out of the locked closet

• “Uh… just fine mom!” you piped up when you hear a loud thump from the closet behind you

• “Um sweetie what was that?”

• You gave a good kick to the closet beside you


Anon: hmmmm… prompt: the next starfall, nesta and cassian make eye contact and bOOM THEY KNOW

Cassian knew he looked good. But he spent the extra five minutes just making sure. He straightened his jacket. He rarely wore clothing this nice, but tonight was a special night. Starfall.

Her first.

He heaved a huge sigh and tried to let all his anxious energy go. When that didn’t work, he resorted to running his hands through his hair. He knew she liked the mussed look anyway.

He couldn’t decide whether he should knock on her door or wait at the bottom of the stairs. Would knocking on her door be too forward? Too informal? Would waiting at the end of the stairs be too formal? Was that a thing around Nesta? He went up to her door, still debating the options, but heard her rustling around and bolted down the stairs. He would wait like a gentleman. He could be a gentleman for a night.

Nesta’s gods-damned hair was refusing to cooperate. As usual. For some reason, the braid was rejecting any and every attempt to stay put atop her head. And once it would sit right, some piece of hair would suddenly appear out of the damned thing and she’d have to start all over again. Thank the Cauldron she had already put her dress on or she’d barely have had time. As she put the finishing touches on what she thought would be the perfect updo…a piece of her sleeve tangled in the braid and lodged yet another strand from the braid free. That was it. With a grunt of frustration she took out all the pins and bands, simply letting her hair hang loose. This would have to do.

As she was stomping towards the door, just wanting to open it and get the night started already, it hit her what tonight really was. Starfall. An important night in Velaris. An important night to this Court of Dreams. She wondered what could be so wonderful, and let a small sliver of hope and excitement soften her anger. Before she opened the door she smoothed her dress and composed herself. When she opened the door and looked to the bottom of the stairs, her eyes lit up. 

There he was.

Holy gods. He didn’t think he had ever seen anyone as beautiful. Anything as beautiful. With her hair down, she somehow looked carefree. But he still caught the fire that burned in her eyes. 

He wondered if he would be able to keep his eyes on the sky that night.

Nesta almost whistled. Cassian in formal attire was…wow. Her mouth began watering. His hair was all mussed up, and it brushed past his jaw. Wow. That jaw. She almost forgot how delicious he looked when he acted so unbearably annoying. And so she walk toward him and descended the stairs.

“You clean up well,” Nesta said to Cassian, trying to keep the desire out of her voice.

He could’ve sworn he heard a twinge of lust in her voice at the compliment. He smirked. “You look stunning.” He watched as she rolled her eyes. How can she not see?

She knew she did not look stunning. Such superfluous language from this bat. She couldn’t help the eyeroll. But she was startled when he grasped her chin and forced her to look into his eyes. 

“You look amazing. Breathtaking. Beautiful. You do.” He regarded her with such intensity that she couldn’t help but to believe him. Almost believe him. He let her chin go. “You’re magnificent,” she heard him whisper. She leaned into him and got up on her tip-toes to whisper in his ear. 

“You’re not too bad yourself.” 

Her breathy voice against his ear nearly sent him over the edge. He clenched his jaw to try to maintain some semblance of control. He looked to her and offered his arm.

“Let’s go,” he said with a grin. She smiled back.

Once outside, Nesta could practically taste the eagerness and anticipation in the air of Velaris. She guessed the entirety of the city was outside, mingling, dancing, eating, drinking. There was music playing, a beat that hummed in her bones. Though she didn’t love parties, she felt she could quite enjoy herself. Maybe.

Cassian glanced down at Nesta nervously. Hopefully she was as excited as he was. As the whole city was, for that matter. Her eyes seemed to be taking in and absorbing the lights of the city. Her eyes were shining. And he felt his grin mirror that glow.

“Come on, it’s about to start.” He pulled at her arm on his bicep.

“What do you mean, isn’t this it?” Nesta looked up at him, slightly confused.

Cassian chuckled. Newcomer. “This is nothing. Come on, I have a special spot.” 

“Oh? A special spot?” Nesta raised an eyebrow at him, trying to keep up with his pace. “For all your females?”

“I’ve never brought anyone up here, Nes.” Suddenly, before she could react, he scooper her up and flapped his wings up, up, up. She shrieked and smacked his shoulder.

Once they landed on the roof he had launched them to, Nesta huffed.

“A little warning next time would be nice,” she said, magnifying the contempt she felt.

“My apologies, Emissary,” he said with a laugh in his voice.He loved it when she got mad at him. He loved…

Suddenly the city went quiet. It was starting.

Somehow, as if she knew what was to happen, Nesta looked up. And gasped. She had never seen anything so beautiful. So…pure. Streaks of dazzling, glowing, sparkling white flew across the dark sky. “Glorious,” she breathed.

Cassian couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He had never seen such a look of amazement on her. It took his breath away. Her face was the most dazzling thing he had ever seen. As if she sensed his awed gaze, Nesta slowly brought her eyes to his.

He felt a snap.

She felt something click into place.



Starling, veteran yard-sale decorator, stood in the center of the room and turned slowly around. Fredrica had done a pretty good job with what she had. There were curtains of flowered chintz. Judging from the piped edges, she had recycled some slipcovers to make the curtains.

There was a bulletin board with a sash pinned to it. BHS BAND was printed on the sash in glitter. A poster of the performer Madonna was on the wall, and another of Deborah Harry and Blondie. On a shelf above the desk, Starling could see a roll of the bright self-adhesive wallpaper Fredrica had used to cover her walls. It was not a great job of papering; but better than her own first effort, Starling thought.

In an average home, Fredrica’s room would have been cheerful. In this bleak house it was shrill; there was an echo of desperation in it

Thomas Harris - The Silence of the Lambs