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A spell for cutting off toxic friends and making amazing friends! 🔮

I decided to combine some asks I had about spells for friendships!! Make sure you move on from bad friends as you deserve better.

You’ll need:

🌙 A black candle and a yellow candle

🌙 Rosemary

🌙 A jar/sachet

🌙 A pen and paper

🌙 A nail or safety pin

🌙 Rose quartz

🌙 Jasmine incense


🌙 Start by meditating and drawing your circle! Call on any deities you like.

🌙 Now, light the yellow candle, the black candle and the jasmine incense.

🌙 Write on the paper all the traits you would like in a friend. Remember to be specific! You could also draw the rune for wunjo (below) on the back of the paper.

🌙 Pass the rose quartz, rosemary, and paper through the incense smoke and place them in the jar/sachet. Pass the nail through but instead keep it out.

🌙 Now take the nail or safety pin. If using a sachet, thread it through the top and dip the sharp side in the black candle wax. If using a jar, you could either tape it on the bottom of the lid after dipping it in the wax, or push it through the cork depending on the type of jar you used. This will act as a barrier against toxic friendships.

🌙 If you used a jar, you can seal the top with the yellow wax. Otherwise just leave the sachet as it is. Feel free to pass the whole thing through the incense again.

🌙 You’re done! With the sachet, you can carry it around or put it under your pillow. Same with a tiny jar. If a big jar, place it under or next to your bed or even in your bag. Expect new, better friendships!

Some tips!!

🌙 You can’t make new friends if you keep your old, shitty ones. Take your chance to leave them and don’t look back no matter what, even if it’s tempting!

🌙 Also, if the gemstones are too big for a small jar, I’ve totally hit mine with a shovel in my garden to make them fit lmao.

For those of you considering picking up a hobby, here is my personal experience with various crafty hobbies I’ve tried and their assorted costs:

Drawing ink/pencil: highly variable $-$$$. To start out with it can be quite cheap, if you’re just starting with school supplies and notebook paper. I’ve found even the higher-end paper products aren’t nearly the biggest drain, however, as when you start using the specifically artistic pens and pencils. I’d recommend sticking with basic supplies while you’re still developing your drawing skills, including using sharpies when you’re doing sketches (although these are getting a bit more expensive, too, they last quite a while even with heavy use). I also got a lot of use out of the 6-pack of varying sized Micron pens. For pencils, wooden is much preferred over mechanical, and if you can’t afford a full pack, I’ve personally gotten by fairly well just with 2B and 6B. As for colored pencils, quite honestly I’ve seen little difference in quality between expensive and cheap beyond color-choice. For charcoal, the charcoal pencils have struck me as something of a gimmick–you can do about as well just with a stick. Also, don’t neglect white charcoal; it really makes a difference and gives you a lot more options with your drawings. This is a pretty approachable craft to learn, however, even if you’re broke to begin with.

Drawing digital: highly variable $-$$$. Tablets aren’t nearly as expensive as they used to be, and there are a lot of free programs online. My experience here has been limited by my own funds, but I will say this is still an accessible hobby. For the most part, because my digital equipment is lower-end (also just due to talent), I’ve found it most useful for touching up my hand-drawn artwork after the fact by cleaning up the digital image, fixing mistakes I didn’t notice before, etc. It’s also a medium in its own right, but you’d have to get better advice elsewhere on what products would really be worth it.

Sewing: high cost $$$. Sewing machines themselves are a costly investment and pretty necessary if you’re actually making a garment, but even hand-sewing racks up, quickly. Thread, pins, and needles are fairly low-cost, but the fabric is getting ever more expensive. A proper pair of scissors can also be a bit costly; kitchen scissors are all right and will get the job done, but you will weary of their ineffectiveness. I also recommend a seam-ripper. I’ve gotten by without any of those special measuring mats or rotary cutters, but each project has its unique costs (snaps, buttons, zippers, batting, etc.). This craft is also a bit difficult to learn by yourself. Youtube tutorials can go a ways, but it’s really better to learn from someone else. If you have access to a sewing machine and a teacher already, this is a pretty useful skill to learn if you can take the time.

Oil painting: moderate to high cost $$-$$$. The costs can be fairly low if you stick with acrylics, but I don’t think much of that medium outside when you’re initially learning how to paint at all. Oil paints are pretty expensive, and you’ll need several base colors–I wouldn’t recommend trying to mix any yourself just from basic red, yellow, blue. When I started out it was in a class, and we were given 2 shades of red, 2 shades of blue, a green, 2 shades of yellow, a brown, and a violet, and even with this, getting just the right shade for the subject was a little tricky (although admittedly this was a beginner’s course). Brushes are also something you’ll want to invest in, and you’ll need several sizes. Turpentine is needed to clean the brushes, and you’ll want Gesso to prime your canvases, too. You’ll also need a flat palette, and then a razor to clean your palette. If at all possible, I recommend taking a class to learn how to do a proper oil painting and care for your equipment, and get some of your initial supplies from there.

Crocheting: low to moderate cost $-$$. I never got into knitting, but I imagine it’s much the same cost-wise. You basically only need yarn and a hook for this. Hooks come in plastic, and you can make a single size work for several weights of yarn in a pinch. The yarn is where the variability comes in. Simple acrylics won’t feel nearly as nice, but they do come pretty cheap. It’s also a very forgiving craft that you can undo and try again, over and over, so you don’t waste much. There’s plenty of online tutorials and forums, too, to help you get started.

Cross-stitch/embroidery: low cost $. Floss is fairly cheap, you can get a very wide selection of colors, and it goes quite a long way. Aida cloth is also fairly inexpensive, particularly given how long a project can take. You don’t need a frame, but they do help, and they run pretty cheap if you just get a plastic one. In terms of learning how, it’s very easy to pick up. There are also free online resources to make your own patterns. If you start adding beads and such the costs may stack up, but for the most part this is a pretty inexpensive craft.

Perler beads: moderate cost $$. You wouldn’t think plastic melting beads would cost much, but you’d be wrong. The color assortments are such that you rarely have enough to complete a project unless you buy each color you need individually, and even then you’ll want to stock up on black. Pegboards aren’t too expensive, but you’ll likely need a few even for a fairly small project. You’ll also need an iron (if you don’t have one already), masking tape, tweezers, and a needle. This is a project you can learn alone with little guidance once you learn the basics, but keeping up with the hobby will mean buying a lot of those beads, which gets expensive before very long.


Bharatanatyam traditional dancer’s set of clothes and jewelry for EID female commission. Vintage sari silks & brocades, a lots of beads and findings are used for this costume.

I had a lot of issues making it: first of all, I had to wait nearly 3 months to get all the beads from Ebay because several parcels got lost and I had to request refunds.

Yhe pleating part was tricky, as the metallic border is springy and holds its shape in a certain way, so it’s impossible to gather the pleats very cosely. Traditional Bharatanatyam clothes are all attached with threads, pins and God knows what else while I tried hard to make the doll’s dressing process as easy as possible. So the scarf is attached to the skirt, as well as the gathered apron. The head jewelry is attached with a series of thin black stretchy cords that shouldn’t be visible on the black wig.

Luckily for me, one of the fellow hobbyists borrowed me Iplehouse EID body so I could fit the clothes perfectly. Otherwise I had a hard time fitting the choli shirt, as it should be sewn very close to the body.

The choli has an intricated embroidery done with beads and metal findings. It matches the jewelry, that is also adorned with a numerous beads.

That’s the kind of costume I wouldn’t repeat, if you know what I mean ^_^

“COMFORT” Haechan X reader

Group; Nct

Genre; absolutely fluff,


Words; 1101

Notes; thank you so much for requesting! It really makes me happy!! Hope you enjoy! Also, I am shamelessly promoting the use of essential oils.



Summary; Haechan is sick, and clingy.


The wind that blew across your face was dry and cool, the atmosphere in the fall was always gray and orange. While the leaves changed and the Sky darkened, the clouds were fluffy and fat, and autumn was truly beautiful.

You were awoken from your pleasant sleep with your notifications going crazy. After rushing to get ready and nearly falling down the stairs, you were on your way to your friend’s house, where your sick boyfriend resided. You grinned as you recalled the exact messages.

“Haechan is sick the world is ending.”

“He’s being so difficult.”

“He says he wants you.”

“HE’s HITTinG mE!!”

After your mini panic about your boyfriend, you casually agreed to help, as you were pretty sure the boys had no idea what to do. So here you are, walking down the broken sidewalk, a balloon in hand that said “get better soon!”, as you strode along the white and orange trees, the sun would poke through the clouds a few times, illuminating the earth below before it would disappear again. You walked up the stone steps of your destination, and knocked softly as you waited for chaos.

The door swung open as you jumped back in surprise, staring wide eyed at the blue haired boy as he sighed, dramatically, in relief.

“Thank the lord you’re here!” Jisung dragged you inside, wasting no time and instantly throwing you into the living room as he ran back up stairs, sharing with you that’s where everyone else was, because it wasn’t infected like downstairs. You scoffed at their immaturity, hearing a final sentence from Jisung before he disappeared upstairs;


your rolled your eyes as you turned towards Haechan. Your heart immediately swelled as you came to face a huddled up figure on the couch. He was breathing heavily as he was being smothered by blankets, as his laborer breath reached your ears.

You tugged your bag off your shoulder and onto the floor as you padded softly towards Haechan, kneeling down into a sitting position in front of him as you pulled the covers back so you could see him.

You came face to face with a red nosed Haechan, so red it almost matched his hair. He was wearing a face mask, while his eyes were only half closed, he had dark bags under his eyes and his hair was all over the place. You smiled lightly as you rubbed his cheek with your thumb. He jumped slightly, but you shushed him.

“We’re you bullying your friends, Donghyuck?” You questioned, laying your head down unto the couch next to him, as he placed his hand over yours.

“A little bit….” He rasped, voice coming out hoarse. His eyes were misty, and he seemed extremely tired, your eyes softened, and you brushed his hair out of his face.

“Do you wanna take a nap?”

“Yes I do, but my throat is so sore!”

“Here, let me get you some water,” you offered as you began to get up, but Haechan only sprung forwards, putting his arms around your neck as he protested, speaking into your neck as you placed your hands on his waist.

“Please stay.” He squeaked, squeezing your neck gently as he pulled you back down. You sat on the floor once again, and giggled, rubbing his back as you nuzzled his neck, kissing his temple.

“Okay, okay, I’m staying. Don’t worry.”

After awhile of just sitting there, comforting the poor boy as he cuddled into you. You tried to move as you assumed he fell asleep, but he only whispered out a small “no!” As he held on tighter. You groaned;

“Haechan, my legs are asleep, I know you’re comfortable, but I need to get my defuser!”

“The boys already got me one!”

“I highly doubt that. I will cuddle you again after I get it, but for now, I want you to sip some water and take it easy, okay.” Haechan let your neck go as he stared at you sadly, his lip jutting out as he tried to coax you to stay, but you only patted his cheek and stood up.

You walked to your bag slowly as pins threaded throughout your legs, bending down as you shuffled through your big bag, looking for your oils and defuser.

“Why don’t you just use normal medicine?”

“Because oils work better.” You answered, putting the defuser onto the coffee table next to Haechan, getting water from the kitchen and mixing it into the defuser along with oils. You turned it on as Haechan complained for you to sit back down, once you did, he put his face into your neck, and lazily wrapped an arm around your shoulder, as you continued to rub his back.

“I can’t smell anything.” This time, you noticed how snuffed up he was, his pitch extra high as his tone came out cute. You giggled gently, amused by the state of his voice.

“I know, you poor baby,” your other hand come up and ran it through his hair, knowing it would definitely knock him out as you stayed there, sitting on his living room floor, soothing him through his sickness.

He suddenly nudged you after a couple minutes, running his fingers over your back soothingly as he spoke in a quiet voice.

“Can you sing for me?”

“Excuse me?”

“I love your voice, y/n! I’m sick and in agony! Please sing for me.” He whined, wincing as his voice became a little too loud and probably made his head throb. You sighed, already knowing you wouldn’t win this battle.

After hesitating and asking Haechan if he really wanted you to sing; you quietly began to hum a random tune, your cheek blushing in embarrassment. Haechan chuckled.

“I meant words.”

“Shut up…”

You begrudgingly began to sing, your voice coming out weak and slow, quietly creating a little tune throughout the room, Haechan sighed contently, as he fell asleep to your voice.

You already knew you’d became sick too, but oh well, you’d just make the other boys take care of you while cuddling Haechan. You smirked evilly, as you snuggled your sleeping, sick boyfriend.

Sometimes, your boyfriend was a real defiant pain, especially when he was sick, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. Eventually the other boys came down and gave you their thanks for taking care of him, and eventually you had to go. But not before kissing your boyfriend’s head, and giving hugs to the others as goodbyes.

And you just knew you’d be back tomorrow.

A Moment (Part Three)

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Pairing: Reader (Y/N) & Suho/Junmyeon
You are a fashion designer and your newest campaign models are none other than EXO, and somehow, you have attracted the attention of their leader. Can you keep it professional?

A/N: So I started writing this literally months ago, and then never finished it. But decided to resurrect it for @eradikeats-writes - and anyone else, let me know if this is worth continuing!

You drummed your hands against your desk, chewing you lip before sneaking another glance at your watch: 7pm.

You let out a sigh, bobbing your leg nervously under your desk. Was he even really coming? Maybe you had misheard him? 

You stood up abruptly and paced slightly across your office slightly, running a hand through your hair before shaking yourself, coming to a standstill. 

‘God!’ you said to yourself, ‘Get a grip! Stop it!’

You took a deep breath in, and strode out of your office and across the shared work space before you reached another door. Your company was now empty; in your panic you had sent your employees home even earlier, feigning that you wanted to treat them after all their hard word (which was partly true, but in reality you couldn’t deal with Yuna sneaking glances at you, which a wide grin on her face after Suho had left).

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What about Antonio x lovino mpreg and merman smut just like gerita merman .

Lovino sighed as he viewed the endless ocean, his breath came out in lonely bubbles, looking back at his father and mother who were together making dinner.

“Baby,” papa mumbled, setting the bowl of mushed fish on the table and swimming over, he pressed a loving kiss to Lovino’s hair line and smiled against his forehead, “there is always another mating season. You have all year to find your mate.”

Huffing, the disgruntle teen scratched against the window frame and sunk down in the hoodie he put on to mope, “Feliciano found his mate.”

“And you will too,” Mama put a hand on his head and shook his curls, “now come sit down, dinner is done, and stop your moping, it won’t get you anywhere!”

He sat down for the meal, his purple and blue tail that shimmered in the upperland’s light, sad bubbles still floating from his gills and a frown permeant across his young face.

That night, when Papa and Mama wished him goodnight with a kiss on the forehead, he pulled out a knapsack he was hiding under his bed. Inside was a change of clothing and lots of food that he secretly had been collecting.

Everyone knew if you missed mating season in your town, you will never find a mate. Almost all the merfolk had mates now and he was left with being the majority that was left to sit around and be sad forever.

Lovino wasn’t one to sit and wallow. Those sitting and wallowing moments were his thinking his face. As a child he never got crushes on the boys in his pod. Feliciano was lucky when he found Ludwig, but he was left with a disgust for all those white merboys who liked to do this ridiculous OAR where you’d pretend to row. Even Ludwig did the OAR and Lovino had cringed every time seeing his brother-in-law being so childish.

Opening up his window, he gave one last goodbye to his room and swam outside. Somehow he felt free, twirling around and even bracing the surface where the moon shined a blue light across his freckled face and kissed his cheeks.

Ducking back down to breath in the ocean, he swam forward, not looking back.


It’s been about twelve moons, Lovino wasn’t sure where he was, but he knew he was far away from home. By now he was low on food supplies and his clothing smelled like fish. He was afraid of passing through towns, in fear of someone recognizing him, but now he was desperate.

This town was different than his. The town he was born in had huge buildings and shops filled with beautiful displays, while this one was built out of rocks and what scared him the most was instead of having fish tails, they had shark tails.

Shark hybrid merfolk were more self-reserved by nature, but it was common for them to find mates outside of their breed such as octopus hybrids and seahorse hybrids. Noticing Lovino was easy, he was a new fish, scared, and his tail practically glittered.

A young girl swam up, her hair short and breast tiny, “hello there!” She chimed waving an excited hand, “are you visiting! We don’t see many fish people around here!”

Lovino nodded with a welcoming look, “yeah, your town is very pretty, I’ve never seen a town made out of rock.”

“It’s very solid!” She joked turning around and clapping her hands together.

Her name was Cella and she lead Lovino around the small town, introducing him to most of the people who were surprised he even existed. That was until she lead him into a shell shop for repairs, there was a man with dark skin and a long pale and grey tail, a little chip off his fin.

“Hola Cella!” He greeted with a enthusiastic hug and turned to Lovino, hugging him in the same meaning, but lingering just to get the intoxicating smell of the carrier, “who is this beautiful little carrier,” he took the freckled hand and pressed a gentle kiss to the knuckles.

The girl rolled her eyes, pushing the boy away with her hand, “stop drooling you jelly fish brain! He’s a carrier not a stinging toy!”

Bowing like a gentleman he smiled, “sorry, I was just caught looking at your round and beautiful butt, I am Antonio.”

“And they say chivalry is dead,” Lovino joked swimming a little further. Cella could sense when two fish were gonna mate, it was sort of an instinct. So she excused herself with a smile and disappeared outside.

“What was that about?” Antonio asked and Lovino shrugged. They viewed the hybrid fleeing down the road, a silence filling the air. “So, what’s your story?”

“My story?”

“Yeah, no pretty fish leaves their village, they always have something going on.”

He told Antonio about not finding a mate and the man sympathized, “if it makes you feel any better, I think your really pretty, I would mate you.”

Smiling shyly the younger fish looked up, “I want you too.”

That sent the shark into a frenzy, he disappeared behind the desk and shoved a closing sign, before grabbing Lovino and they swam frantically towards a rock den. Inside it was furnished quite lovely and Lovino complimented his decorating.

“Thanks, but I really just want to make you mine.”

Closing the space between them, Lovino could feel the sharp teeth of the shark’s and the growing penis from his stomach. Scratch that. Two penises and they were fucking big.

He reached a hand down between them and started stroking the top one another hand doing the same at the bottom. Antonio was putty in his hands, biting at his neck and purring this mating call that was driving him up the wall.

“Little fish have tiny pussies,” Antonio joked kissing Lovino’s head. Slowly going down his stomach, throwing off the sweatshirt he viewed the small vagina that was practically throbbing where his belly button would be. The shark smiled a row of sharp knives and dived into the meal.

Lovino’s fin curved as pleasure shot up his pin. His hands threaded in the brown curls as he was throughly eaten out by the larger shark.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard,” he whispered picking up Lovino’s limp arm and was able to throw him over his shoulder.

Breeding with a shark was so rough, but Lovino was in a bliss. Being thrown on the bed, he presented himself to his mate and spread around the vagina with his fingers.

Antonio paced around the room, before nudging Lovino’s arm with his nose and clamped down just as he slammed in. Usually one fish was good enough, but Lovino was being drilled in by two penises while his hair was being pulled and butt was onslaught with spanks.

With a grunt the fish came deep inside him, letting go of the wounded arm and licking at it apologetically. Sharks were good mates, but they only laid about one egg per life time, so Lovino was implanted with a large egg that size of a normal sea child. The shark pulled him close, pressing kisses to his neck and hugging him ever close.

A clear substance leaked from the vagina, “I told you, fish vaginas were teeny.”

“But you like them teeny.”

“Just so I can ruin them.”

A wink and a flirty kiss, this shark was gonna be the death of him.

Tips for college freshmen

- Clean your room. Don’t be the messy roommate. Take out the trash. Clean the bathroom. Don’t be inconsiderate towards your roommate. Do it without having to be asked. It’s common curtesy. Same goes for the bathroom.

- Know your school’s printing policy before deciding whether or not to bring a printer. Some schools give you a certain number of free prints, some charge you. My school charges for printing in the library but the computer labs let you print for free but you provide your own paper.

- Look to see what kind of meal plans your school offers. Does one of the meal plans allow certain meals for the dining hall and a certain amount of dollars to be used at on-campus restaurants?

- Take a Tide pen with you wherever you go. It’s easier to treat a stain right away rather than waiting until your able to do your laundry.

- Bring a bunch of Command Hooks and other adhesives to hang up your posters and other decorations.

- When you fix meals in your room bring things like salt and pepper and other seasonings. Stores usually have something like a 2 for $3 deal for the spice aisle.

- Stock up on plastic bags. You can use them as trash bags.

- Buy a Brita water bottle. Sometimes the water on campus can taste weird and you’ll want to be able to drink nice water.

- Buy things like Mio or other single serving drink packets.

- Loft your bed if you’re able to. It’ll save space.

- If you aren’t able to loft your bed adjust your bed to the highest setting and buy plastic container drawers and put them under your bed. It’ll save space and an easy access to your things.

- The dollar store has things like Tupperware containers and chip clips. Also get a can opener.

- Buy a gripped jar opener. You don’t know how many times I closed a bottle and had trouble opening it back up.

- Take your charger with you everywhere. You don’t know how long you’ll be away from your room.

- If the professor puts the notes/power points online and you’re able to download them you better download them. You can get a quick look about what the next section will be and you can prepare yourself for studying.

- Get a backpack that is big enough to hold your laptop. It’ll be easier than carrying it in your arms, especially if you’ll be walking around campus all day with it.

- Buy an extra long phone charger. You might not know where the nearest outlet may be to your bed or desk.

- If you have a mini fridge that has a freezer get an ice tray.

- Buy a mini sewing kit. It has needles, pins, and basic colored thread and sometimes extra buttons. You never know when you’ll have to fix a tear in a shirt or sew a button back on.

- Get the medicine cabinet staples. Like band-aids, antibacterial cream for cuts and scrapes, and ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Also get cold medicine like DayQuil in pill form. I got sick during February and got these to help with my cough and stuffy nose. Also get cough drops.

- Stock up on toilet paper, paper towels, and tissue paper.

Please feel free to add what you think is important as well.
Florida/Miami Gothic

- You slap a mosquito on your arm. When you lift your hand, the tiny bite seeps a long trickle of blood. You wipe it away with your hand but the blood keeps coming. You begin to feel lightheaded as you search for a paper towel.

- You sit with your family in the living room, watching the evening news. The weatherman pretends to wipe sweat off his brow with the back of his hand. “It’s a real scorcher out there folks!” 

“IT’S A REAL SCORCHER OUT THERE FOLKS,” your whole family echoes in the living room. 

“Have a great night and don’t forget to stay cool!” the weatherman says and then stands motionless for several seconds, smiling into the camera as your family repeats, “STAY COOL!” 

His eyes dart to something off camera a split-second before the broadcast cuts to a car dealership commercial. Though the smile never leaves his face, you’re certain his eyes flashed with panic.

- As a child, you spend a bright day at the beach with your little sister. You set out to impress her by leading her several hundred feet from the shore to a sandbar, “a magic island,” you tell her, where the water is only ankle-deep. You sit and play as she slowly sinks beneath the gentle current while you remain in just a few inches of water. You turn your head to scan the shore for your parents and when you look back, she has vanished. You swim back to alert them but seem to forget what you were going to say before you reach them. They never mention her.

- You take the same road home every night on your way home from work. One night, you swerve just in time to avoid an enormous iguana thrashing on the pavement. You stop at the next light, wondering if it was injured and if you could have done anything to help. The next night, the same thing happens. And the night after that. You never stop. After the fourth night, wracked with guilt, you promise yourself you will, but as you slow down near the spot where you always find the lizard, the urge to flee floods your veins like hot, black oil. You blow through five red lights before you reach home. When your work week starts anew, you take a different road home.

- Every year, falling mangoes seem to get harder and heavier. The first year, it’s a tragic rash of family pets being killed. Each year after, the human death toll increases until crews are dispatched to cut all the mango trees down. The trees respond by raining mangoes down on the workers, stopping only when they are all dead. From then on, people are required to wear helmets outdoors during mango season and local news channels run stories about the spike in home and auto insurance claims and ER visits for broken bones in between commercials for impact-resistant carports and personal injury attorneys.

- A loud boom followed by darkness jars you awake from an afternoon nap. A transformer must have exploded, you guess, trying to steady your heart. You recall just minutes ago, watching the skies darken through the kitchen window as you washed the dishes. You peer through the gap in the curtains, blinking and trying to adjust your eyes but there’s only pitch blackness and the cacophony of car alarms.  

- You reluctantly stop to pump gas in a rough neighborhood that’s been in the news recently for a bizarre, cannibalistic attack attributed to some new street drug you’ve never heard of. You notice a homeless man watching you from the sidewalk as you go inside to pay. He smiles, revealing a row of sharp, yellow teeth. The woman behind you in line drops her bag, spilling its contents. You help her gather her things and without a word, she fixes a gold safety pin threaded with two beads, one black, one red, to your left shirt pocket before she hurries out the door. As the glass door closes. you hear a woman’s voice shouting in Creole followed by what sounds like dogs fighting but there isn’t a soul in sight when you rush outside. You decide to get gas somewhere else but when you start the car, the needle on your gas gauge swings up, just a hair past the “F.”

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Tell us your best story about someone not making it on stage, bonus points if it was you xx


When I was 16, I did my first community theater show. I was Louisa in the Sound of Music and it was my first “real” show. To this day, and it has now been 6 years, the Sound of Music had the most and the worst costume changes I have ever had in any show.

Every costume change was like a tornado. You had seven kids changing all at the same time, in roughly the same place. Even with a team of dressers (which we didn’t have), it would be chaotic. If memory serves correct, we had two flat out quick changes that had to be done in under a minute, but we still had to move pretty fast with the other changes. The older Von Trapp kids (myself included) were tasked with helping the younger ones when needed. Miriam, one of the producers (who made the costumes), was also there to help, and was like a backstage superhero. She had a little over the shoulder purse filled with pins, buttons, thread, scissors, etc., anything that could be needed to fix a costume.

Between the wedding scene and the final concert scene towards the end of the show, we had the worst quick change in the show. We barely made it every night. The girls had to throw on the next dress (more on this later) on top of the  previous costume to even have a prayer of making it on time. The boys had an unavoidable full change. At one point my friend Brian (who was playing Friedrich) said “At this point, fuck Austria,” because it was damn near impossible to get into liederhosen in 30 seconds.

Now, allow me to explain the dresses that the girls had to change into. They were real, traditional, German dirndls. They looked something like this:

The shirts from the previous costumes were meant to go under the dirndls, and let me tell you, the tops of these dresses were TIGHT. On top of that, as I mentioned before, we were wearing them on top of the previous costume. Every night when I came out of the stage door, the first thing I would do was unzip the front of the dress (had a shirt on underneath like I said so it was fine). One false move, and the zipper would break, and oh did those zippers break.

We had to rocket launch ourselves into these things in the dark every night in under a minute. The first casualty was Jessica (Maria’s) zipper. Her quick change was slightly later during the scene, and even quicker. If memory serves correct, she only had 8 lines to get into the thing. Myself and Annice (Liesl) would wait there with the costume in our hands, ready to toss Jessica into it. One night (I think during dress rehearsal?) Jessica pulled up the zipper and she must have done it too fast or something because while the zipper itself was fine, the zipper pull flew off, and hit the set with enough force that everybody heard it.

The next casualty was Annice’s zipper. During the quickchange, her zipper broke. Miriam flew in like a superhero to come up with an on the spot fix, but the pit had already been vamping for a suspicious amount of time, so it was decided that the rest of the kids would go onstage, and Annice would improv her way on in a little bit. What wound up happening was that Joe (Uncle Max) adlibbed something like “I’m gonna go look for Liesl” and then went offstage and the kids were left to improvise. We came up with something and it was fine but my 16 year old inexperienced self was straight terrified during that whole thing. I’m pretty sure this is also the night where my entire family was in the front row.

The last casualty was my zipper. While I later found out that it hadn’t broken, it just skipped a link and popped open, in the moment I was like SHIIIIIIIIIT. Miriam came to the rescue once again, and pinned my dress closed as best as she could. I made it onstage by the skin of my teeth that night. For the rest of the show, I had to be really careful because my dress was only being held shut by a couple safety pins and my apron. Again, I had a shirt on underneath, so I was never in any danger of flashing anything, but if I leaned forward really at all, it would become obvious that my dress was broken. Coincidentally, in “So Long, Farewell,” part of my choreography was to bow. I think I cautiously put my hand on my stomach and bowed in the “gentlemenly” way if that makes any sense. 

That quick change y'all. That. Quick. Change.

Needle and Floss Rehairing Method

Have you always wanted to customize your own ponies but been completely stumped on how to rehair? Then look no further! My method involves no glue and puts the hair very firmly into the pony’s head. You can style, comb, and tug at it with no fear of pulling it all out. Go grab your bait pony, your hair, and let’s get started.

First up, the supplies. You will need:

  1. Bait Pony
  2. New Hair
  3. Push Pin
  4. Dental Floss or thread
  5. Tapestry needle
  6. Bowl of water
  7. Scissors

Now, thread the dental floss through the needle, making sure to leave a loop. You can use a needle threader to help with this if needed.

Next, stick the push pin in the plug the needle will go through. This will temporarily expand the size of the hole, allowing the needle, floss, and eventual hair to pass through more easily. If the plastic is cold and stiff, hit it with a blow dryer to warm it up. Another option is to boil the head before starting. While the plastic is more prone to tearing when warm, it is softer and much easier to work with.

Push the needle down through the top of the head and through the neck hole at the bottom.

Pull the needle and most of the floss through. Be sure to leave the two loose ends sticking out so you have something to grab onto. The looped end should be sticking out the neck.

Repeat the process with the hair plug directly across from the first. You will end up with two loops sticking out the neck.

Separate a small bit of hair from your hank for the plug. You don’t want it to be too thick; it will either tear the plastic or stick up funny when completed. If it’s too thin, your pony will look like it’s balding. Usually, you can lightly tap the hank of hair and a plug the right size will separate. You can always keep a fully haired pony nearby for reference on how thick to make the plug if needed.

Cut it off to a little more than twice the length you want the mane to be. Remember, you can always trim the mane down later, but you can’t make it longer without having to rehair yet again.

This step is totally optional, but I find it extremely helpful. Lightly wet the hair in your bowl of water. This helps keep the strands together tightly and slide through the plug easier.

Tie a knot in the middle of the hair. Tie another knot in the same place to make sure it’s sizable enough not to pull through the plug.

Thread the knotted hair through your looped dental floss. Make sure to keep the knot in the middle and the loops to either side of it.

Gently tug on the dental floss, pulling the hair through the plug. Again, be sure to keep the knot in the middle of the loops.

You can either pull both sides through at once or do one side at a time. Doing one side at a time is probably easier; it keeps the floss from slipping over the knot and pulling the plug through on the wrong side.

Pull the hair all the way through and repeat for the other side.

Congratulations, you have just started re-hairing your pony. Now that the first plug is done, you only have 26 more to go. Take your time. The process can be frustrating, but very rewarding. After the first few plugs, you’ll fall into a rhythm and finish that hair in a snap.

But wait, you can’t just stick a new mane in there and call it done. Your pony needs a tail too!

Being an eco-friendly pony, I like to reuse as much as possible. You can use a zip tie to help create the tail, but I like to use the dental floss that I used with rehairing the mane.

First off, separate out half the thickness you want the tail to be. It will be folded in half, creating the full thickness.

Using your dental floss (or zip tie), tie a knot in the middle of how long you want the tail to be. I will often tie a knot, loop the floss around and tie one on the opposite side a couple of times, just to make sure it’s firmly secured.

Fold your hair in half and cut the appropriate length from the hank.

Using the tail of the floss, loop it around the top of the tail and tie it in a knot. The best way to explain this is that you wrap the floss down, around the tail, and through itself at the top. Do this a few times. Or, you can always use a second zip tie.

Do this a few times to make sure everything is nice and tight.

Using your other remaining piece of dental floss, create another loop and feed it through the tail hole.

Stick the newly created tail through that loop.

Pull through, just like the mane.

Voila! Pony tail! Glue everything back together and you’ve got your pony done.

If you have any questions or need clarification, feel free to drop me a message! I will do my absolute best to help.

Happy Customizing!