“I know in the pimp game, which I study in my free time, via funemployment, a ho is free to “choose up” on another pimp, but in order to do so she has to pay the new pimp a substantial “choosing fee” in order to join his stable, which is designed to keep a ho from becoming a Choosy Suzy, i.e. a ho who tries to continually move from one pimp to another. A ho signals to a pimp that she’s trying to choose up on him by looking him in the eye. Therefore, hoes are encouraged to only look at the ground, especially in the presence of another pimp. To do otherwise is known as “reckless eyeballing” and could result in a pimp having to put his shoe on a ho.

When a ho chooses up on a pimp, it’s customary for the pimp to “serve” the ho’s former pimp. This might take the form of making a grand entrance in a sketchy night club, like Eve After Dark, wearing a floor-length fur coat not unlike the one Pimp C wore that time he pulled a gun out on a woman in a mall, and informing the hoo-er’s erstwhile pimp that “your ho chose me.” At that point, he might stab you or he might just accept the fact that he’s lost one of his hoes and “step his game up.” It’s considered bad form to get upset with another pimp for “knocking” one of your hoes, but I’d still feel nervous putting a pimp on notice in this way. These are, after all, pimps. At any rate, this is the origin of the phrase “you got served,” which is now the title of a series of dance films for children

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