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Battle Of The Nations 2 is finally over. It’s been almost two months since Round 1 and many teams have fallen. People have predicted that Romania, Germany or another European country could have won the tournament, but Cambodia came out the champion! Congratuations to Lil Limit on winning Battle Of The Nations 3-0-1 against Supah (USA) and Deimoz (Chile).


wow i miss my old walk.. i miss cwalking.




Hey guys, it’s been a minute. I just wanted to blog about something personal & really important to me.
So, when I was first introduced to cwalking in 2007, I was on PMW. For those of you new generation cwalkers, PMW (Pimp My Walk) was one of the top two cwalk sites. PMW was your basic cwalk forum with video tutorials, help threads, competitions, and a whole bunch of other threads ranging from what kind of shoes were the best for cwalking to random miscellaneous life questions. Although cwalking was the main focus, all styles of dance were promoted. PMW was an amazing website it had really great dancing resources, but what made it stand out was the community. The community/user base was always really helpful but not only that, they were genuinely friendly. When newbies would introduce themselves in a new post in the newbies section there was always at least one person reaching out and greeting them.
For me, PMW was more than just a cwalking website, I’ve made a numerous amount of friends because of the website. Some of these people I’ve met are better friends than the ones I have in real life. Without PMW, I would have never met the main Bay Area cwalk crew (founding member status, bitch). It was a place I could go online and be weird without being judged. I gained new friends and respect for dancers because of PMW.
It’s just kind of weird to think that PMW has been gone for a while now. There are times where I just want to hop on the site and reminisce, only to be reminded that it’s not even a thing anymore.

Farewell for now loves!

TL;DR- Dance & friendship game was strong on a now forever lost website.


I still wonder how many of my followers know i dance and make youtube videos lol. (1st guy is me) was a bad vid on my part, i know i can do better :l