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My acne solution

Some of you might have known or seen that I have a problem with acne, like serious ones that bloats up like 10x more than normal acne/pimples.
So recently, I asked one of my classmate who has the most flawless skin I’ve seen, how she does that?
Her reply was simple,
“I stopped drying my face with my bath towel”
After hearing that, I stopped drying my face with my towel for a month, and instead I only use tissue papers exclusively to dry my face and let it dry on its own.
And let me tell you, IT WORKED, my pimples/acnes ware GONE. (Except for some scars that are left behind previously)
Come to think of it, it actually make sense that towels are repeatedly washed. Therefore bacterial will still be on the towels even after washings. Took my 4 years to realize this. Sigh.

So I wanna share with yal one of the solutions that I think are worth giving it a shot and actually works. Hope this information helps you! :)

anonymous asked:

sonya what are your best treatments for acne, and what's your skin type? <3

Honestly I think hormones and genetics play the largest factor. And age. I used to have acne all over my face when I was 15/16, not cystic by any means, but little bumps/pimples everywhere that just went away after I turned 20-ish. Sun exposure- honestly avoid it. Wear SPF. Use a clarisonic with the large pore brush head. Drink WAAAATTTTER. Don’t be afraid to use a moisturizer that is water or gel based. Use an exfoliator a few times a week! My favorite is Ole Henriksen walnut scrub. And - of course, a mask. I like clay masks, and the Blue Tansy mask by Herbivore Botanicals. Sunday Riley UFO clarifying gel is good. Kate Sommerville has a little pot of pink pimple drying solution. Works well if you have a breakout, not so much if your skin has breakouts everywhere. Kate also has a pink acne face wash with salysilic acid which is amazing. And get a facial or see a cosmetologist if you can- maybe you’d be a good candidate for something like laser genisis or micro needling. Also- blue light LED therapy works well.

I have combination skin. Rosacea prone in the winter- and can get really dry, and I have conjested pores in the summer.