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Hey guys!

So this month I’m going to be trying out Curology (formerly known as pocket derm). Have you heard of it? There are ads all over Facebook advertising how good this shit is. The reviews are great too!

So basically you get a prescription topical acne solution specifically formulated your skin type! When you sign up, they ask you all these questions regarding your medical history, skin history, skin type, products you’re currently using, any medications you’re currently taking, acne solutions you’ve used in the past, etc., and then you upload pictures of your skin.

You’ll then get matched up with an online dermatologist who’ll formulate your custom prescription, you can send him or her messages regarding your prescription or any questions/concerns you may have. You can also change your formula anytime you want. Did I mention this is only $20 a month? The first month is free so if you’ve literally tried everything including Accutane and your acne came back, I encourage you to give this a try.

I’m super excited to try mine out. I don’t have too many expectations. I’m just hoping it works!

My formula includes:
Zinc pyrithione 0.25%
Clindamycin 1%
Niacinamide 4%

They’re starting me off on a gentler formula. Eventually I’d like to add tretinoin to it to help with my scarring.

By the way, I’m not just doing this. I’m cleaning out my diet, I’m going to order specific skin clearing vitamins, and let my birth control take effect as I’ve only been on the current one I’m using 4 months.

I’ll keep you updated! :)

Fingers crossed 🤞


We break down the science of pimples and the future of potential cures. 


fans asked him not to diet anymore… He said he’s 63.x kg right now but he diets only when he feels that his face is gaining fat… And also for health. he refrained from eating at night 4 to 5 hrs before sleep cuz it is not good for your health to have the food undigested in your body and it may cause pimples too (?! really?! 😱) he said his pimples were cured cuz he stopped eating at night and drinks organic green tea to detox toxins… (He also suddenly complimented himself on his good Chinese later on hahahaha)

He also mentioned later that stretching in the morning is very important to prevent toxins in your blood streams (?)… 😅😅 i feel so unhealthy after listening to him and I think I dun need to worry abt his health at all cuz hes so much healthier than all of us lol 😅😅 @jacksonwang852g7 ❤️

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