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I have seen several posts of people saying drinking water has not helped their acne. Some people are lucky enough where a  water only routine keeps their skin clear. Others are unfortunate (like me) where a water only routine will not keep their skin clear.

I’m a firm believer in drinking a gallon of water a day.  Water is key to life and to beautiful skin. Since taking my water intake seriously, I have seen a change in my skin. My skin is more moisturized and looks more healthy.  Water has done wonders for my skin, but it is not my only way of keeping my skin clear of acne. I have developed a routine of toning, moisturizing, and exfoliating my skin.

If you drink lots of water and your skin is still breaking out, you might have to try different ways of fighting acne in addition to drinking water.

One gallon per day

Okay so I know that drinking water is the most reiterated thing ever and also one whole gallon per day sounds like a ton, but here is how/why I do it and why you might also benefit.

One gallon seems like a shit ton of water to drink, but it’s really not hard. I use the big mason jars that hold 4 cups and all I do is drink 4 in a day (4x4: 16 cups). I always drink with a straw because you actually drink more naturally when you have a straw, idk why. It’s just easier and I can honestly finish a whole quart really quickly because of it.

Anyway, once you start with a gallon a day, there are two main benefits that I have been loving (and I’m sure there are more).

1) bloating/weight loss: often, people think they are hungry but are just dehydrated. If you’re trying to lose weight or just be healthy in general, drinking water will help curb appetite and stop cravings. I’m no expert, but in my personal experience, it had helped me lose a couple pounds without doing anything differently.

2) skin: particularly, those annoying red bumps on your face that aren’t full-on whiteheads so you can’t pop them, but no matter how hard you try, they are always there. You know what I’m talking about. As soon as I started a gallon per day, they DISAPPEARED. I’ve always had decent skin, but this made it even better.

So there ya go. Go forth and glow

In-Depth Skin Care Guide

Hey everyone! Since I have some extra time I thought I’d put together a list of some of the products and tricks I’ve learned over the past few years dealing with my less-than-perfect skin. I’ve had it all, from hormonal cysts to stubborn blackheads to painful nodules. I’ve tried all kinds of products, most of them to no avail, but recently I’ve woken up on more than one occasion and actually smiled at myself in the mirror because of how clear and healthy I thought my skin looked. So without further ado, here’s a crash course in what I’ve found to work and what doesn’t. Keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different, so results may vary! 

Prescription Medications 

-Antibiotics (Doxycycline, Minocycline): didn’t do anything for me honestly. Takes a long time to see results, if any. Topicals seem more effective.

-Topical Antibiotics: Benzaclin has been a life saver for me. It’s cleared up most of my hormonal acne and helps reduce redness/swelling on new pimples. Onexton is very similar with slightly less clindamycin; it’s also a much more expensive prescription to fill. Try to stick with Benzaclin if your doc says it’s fine. Aczone didn’t do much for me, although it was a lot less irritating than Benzaclin. Great if you have sensitive skin. 

-Retinoids: Tazorac has been another life saver. At the 0.1% strength, this stuff is potent, and your skin will turn pretty red and you’ll peel a lot. There’s about a three week “worse before it’s better” period, but trust me, it’s so worth it. It cleared the red and swollen bumps from my forehead and gave me a more even complexion. It’s also fantastic for acne scars! If you struggle with blackheads/clogged pores, this one’s great. Retin-A and Differin work to a similar effect. I saw better results with Tazorac than Retin-A but haven’t tried Differin. Remember to apply retinoids 20 minutes after you apply your moisturizer and avoid the corners of your nostrils and the creases around your mouth (it might itch like crazy).

-Accutane: I never went on Accutane myself, but it’s a serious drug that gives you serious results. The inital breakout is supposed to be pretty bad, and most doctors don’t like handing out prescriptions for this one, but if you think you might be a candidate for it, by all means ask! You’ll have to do routine bloodwork but I’ve heard that the results are well worth it. This one’s saved for people with pretty severe and painful cystic acne. 


-Cleanser: Normal Cetaphil or CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser are both great. Use Neutrogena’s Body Clear Body Wash with 2% salicylic acid (or another salicylic acid wash) every couple days to unclog your pores and give your skin a deep clean. Exfoliate gently either with a sugar scrub or microdermabrasion crystals (check out Skin Resource MD, their creme is great). 

-Moisturizer: CeraVe’s Moisturizing lotion is all I need. Lightweight, non-comedogenic, and non-greasy. I occasionally supplement by routine with pure, organic aloe vera gel, which definitely helps reduce redness and oiliness. If you don’t have dry/flaky skin, you can probably get away with just using aloe vera.

-Blotting sheets: Clean & Clear will do the trick. Perfect for the 11 AM shine. 

-Toner: Dickinson’s witch hazel toner is great. It reduces the appearance of your pores and helps keep oil production down.

-Spot Treatment: Tea tree oil is great to dab on emerging pimples and whiteheads. It reduces inflammation and helps keep the pain down while simultaneously lowering the amount of time that the blemish sticks around. Be warned, it can burn if you apply it straight out of the bottle, so you might want to mix it with olive oil or another carrier oil before applying it. 

Face Masks

Lush face masks are one of my favorite things to buy. Not only is Lush a great company to support, but their products are pretty fantastic too! From my experience, these are the best face masks for acne.

-Mask of Magnaminty: Gives a great deep clean while hydrating skin with honey and reducing redness with vanilla. The aduki beans are great for exfoliation. Use once or twice a week as general maintenance.

-Don’t Look at Me: My all time favorite mask. Perfect for clearing out your pores and lightening acne scars. Plus, the pastel blue color is just super fun to have on your face. This mask is great if you have oily skin and clogged pores. Warning, this one can be a bit too harsh for sensitive skin!

-Cosmetic Warrior: The smell is a little off-putting, but this mask is packed with ingredients to fight active, painful acne. This one’s better for swollen whiteheads and hormonal acne. 

-Catastrophe Cosmetic: Great for soothing sensitive skin. This one’s also more of a maintenance mask (like magnaminty) but it’s also good when it comes to reducing active pimple redness and inflammation. The texture can be a little hard to work with, but adding a tiny bit of olive oil or water helps loosen it up. 

Supplements and General Advice 

-Take Zinc! Good n’ Natural makes great Zinc tablets with Vitamins A, B6, C, and E to help speed up your skin’s recovery rate and shrink pimples. I recommend alternating between 25 and 50 mg amounts every other day. 

-Drink water. Yeah, it’s Tumblr, you’ve heard this a million times, but there’s a reason for that! Hydrated skin looks fuller and retains its elasticity better, so try to get eight glasses a day. 

-Avoid pore strips. They’re a super temporary solution to a long term problem. You’ll end up wasting a lot of money on results that won’t last.

-Cut back on the greasy/fatty foods. Fries, burgers, chips, etc along with dairy should be cut out almost entirely from your diet. It’s totally okay to splurge every now and then, but if these foods are a part of your daily diet, you’ll see much greater improvements with your skin if you kick them to the curb.

-If you can afford it, get some microdermabrasion treatments. They’re awesome for revealing new layers of healthy skin and reducing hyperpigmentation and the appearance of acne scars. You’ll see results after one visit, but it’s best to be consistent and go every few weeks. Keep in mind that these treatments range from about $80-$120 each time!

-Definitely get a metal comedone extractor. You risk infecting open skin if you use your fingers to pop your pimples, so instead get a comedone extractor that you can disinfect and use again and again. They’re a life saver when it comes to blackheads and much more reliable than your fingers for getting every bit out. 

-Wear sunscreen! Again, this has probably been drilled into your heads a lot, but wearing sunscreen will reduce your skin’s redness and it’s also a necessity if you’re using topical treatments, especially retinoids. Plus, do you really want your skin to look any more saggy and mottled when you’re old?

I hope you were able to find some helpful products/tips in this post! I know that every day is an uphill battle when it comes to your skin, but through this whole process I’ve learned that you’re absolutely your harshest critic! Noone else cares about the pimple on your chin the way you do, and ultimately, you deserve to love the skin you’re in. Don’t let yourself get too down because of a bad skin day (or a bad skin month!); just remember that there are so many parts of you that make you beautiful besides your skin. 

When clear skinned people talk about accutane

here’s the thing. being clear skinned doesn’t really give you the right to judge an individual on their choices in acne treatments. it’s not you, its not your skin, so just let it be. My best friend always says to me “why are you doing this to yourself, why do you insist on putting  your body through this torture, with all these side effects that are putting you through even more pain?" 

and I simply say: because its worth every second of the pain for the result you get. because not only does it take away the physical symptoms of your acne, but it builds up your confidence, self-esteem and general opinion of yourself. this stuff practically changes your life. 

you’re no longer afraid to wake up and look in the mirror. people compliment you on your beautiful skin and you start to feel comfortable in it. 

people don’t see your acne, they see you, for who you are, and the relief of not having to hide anymore brings the biggest smile to your face. 

we don’t make this choice lightly, its not something a doctor would prescribe unless they thought we needed it, so how about you keep your close-minded opinions to yourself? thanks. 

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Hey people of tumblr! :) so if you follow my skin care blog you’d know that I struggled with acne for years. My acne was at its worst around 14-16 years. My jaw line and t zone were filled with disgusting blackheads and deep ugly looking scares. It was not a pretty sight to see. So today I want to introduce to you a product that worked wonders on my skin. It’s my own little miracle called Asepxia. Asepxia is just basically a bar soap that originated in Mexico. I had already heard tons of shit about this magical acne fighting soap on reddit and other acne forums, that when it hit the American market I thought why not give it a try. It only cost me something like 7 dollars so I really had nothing to lose. Once I started using this stuff I was truly shocked how well it actually worked. The first few days were like magic. My Blackheads I had had for months began to shrink, and the painful new ones literally stopped in their tracks and retreated back to wherever pimples go. It also made every small pimple on my face look non-existant. My pores began to look noticeably smaller after 2 weeks, and NO NEW BREAKOUTS formed at all! I’ve even went through 4 periods using asepxia and no breakouts! What also surprised me is how soft and beautiful my skin looks and feels after using it. It has a very healthy glow that lasts for a few hours. One thing I should mention though, it can make your skin extremely dry. I highly suggest using it with a quality moisturizer like cetaphil or something that will help the dryness. Anyways my English is a little scattered considering it isn’t my first language, but if you’re interested i’ve made a video talking about my experience with the mexican sulfur soap which is above you lol. If you got any questions obviously comment, i’m here to help. I hope asepxia might help someone who has tried eerrything for their acne, stay beautiful tumblr peoples! :)


New Video! My top tips for clear skin and preventing pimples, breakouts and acne :) 

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9MMzkLwbN8)  - Watch in HD 

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Five things I like about me

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- The thing I love most about myself is that I’ve learned to love every single part of myself and not get influenced by society’s shit thinking. Got stretch marks? Who cares I have a tiger booty. Got pimples? Who cares they look like stars that you can connect. Got hip dips? Who caaaares, not everyone has them, I’m unique ✨

- I love the personality that I’ve developed for myself, some people don’t understand or like it, some do, I don’t care, I love it.

- I love my taste in music lmao, probably everyone thinks the same about their taste in music, but I damn love mine.

- I love how good I am at pretending to be oblivious, trust me honey, I probably know more about you than you think.

- I love how I always have motivation. I’ll never take constant compliments as a way to success, a lot of criticism is success’ best friend.

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Fantastic biological insight from @asapscience, in support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. #superpowerforgood


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I’m thankful to those who believe in me and the Hailangs who love me the most~ 6AM tomorrow, a new beginning, a new starting point. Let’s do it~ this intro was made before the concert… in the middle of the song are the words i want to say, a lot of people probably hasn’t listened to it yet, hope you all like it~ goodnight everyone ❤️ Please forgive me for not having editing pictures skill………….

UGH sorry about my shitty front camera and this light and filter didn’t help much either but aNYWAY i realized i never post myself anymore (duh that’s what instagram is for) but i liked how these came out they’re like 3 weeks old tho but i had nice hair and a nice dress and i was feeling super good and the only purporse of this is saying HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to you my lovely friends!!!!!!! oKAY I KNOW IT’S NOT EVEN 14TH YET but i’ll spend it woking my ass off (at home sob) and all by myself of course but i hope you have a good one!!!!!!! kiss kiss fall in love in my place pls!!! <3 

ALSO there’s a little surprise at the end of these post so keep reading and you’ll find out!!!

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the signs and pimples


taurus: they hide them with makeup or bangs or however they can

gemini: when no one is looking they have their secret pimple time

cancer: they would pop them but the thing is looking at their pimples fills them with self-loathing

leo: they dont give a shit about they pimples mmmhhmmmm

virgo: makeup experts, and half the time they dont even have any

libra: they could care less actually

scorpio: they pop all pimples and pores and everything and get pissed at their red, irritated face and go to bed feeling unfulfilled

sagittarius: its fun to pop pimples so they do it fuck the haters

capricorn: no one knows…

aquarius: they have flawless skin and everyone hates them so much, so whenever they get a pimple they become the laughingstock of the world

pisces: probably dont even notice that they have pimples and wouldnt care anyways