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Completed in 2015, Del Mar Coastal Contemporary masterpiece redefines ultimate style and luxury. Extraordinary architecture, design and high quality materials matched with the finest technology to embrace modern living.

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The live session for White Feathers is here! Written by SLOWOLF and Kimbra 🌟💫🌟


After Dan’s liveshow, his fans were dropped off to a different person’s liveshow. Last night, these two girls got us and they were so cool and funny– the perfect prey for the phandom. The chat was full of “bye dan!"s and "wait ur not danyul"s which was hilarious. The girl on the left was so overwhelmed and her cousin (the one on the right) entered and they began making it clear that they were not Dan Howell, whoever he was.

So the phandom then started describing who Dan Howell was to the two girls. Of course, starting with sexuality (got conflicting views about this one). We found out that they were cool with gay people so we said that they should search danisnotonfire on YouTube and they did (the girl on the right even subbed!). Then naturally, we also told them about Philly (and she subbed again!).

We didn’t stop there! We talked about The ___ Fics and almost corrupted them. They were about to read the milk fic but we scared them away. Phew! We made them watch the PINOFs but they didn’t finish the first PINOF (which is against the phandom law: Thou shall always finish a PINOF video if you’ve started watching it). They finished PINOF6 and 5 and they seemed to like our boys. They even ship it now <3

We also discussed other youtubers like Pewds, Shane Dawson, Joey Graceffa (found out that they’re Shoey fans!! Yay!) and Troye Sivan but unfortunately, I had to sleep so I didn’t get to finish their liveshow. They were so adorable and funny and I’d love to watch them again, but we’re twelve hours away so whenever they’re awake (and possibly streaming), I’m asleep T-T